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Scuff marks and black marks on vinyl or linoleum

Scuff marks on linoleum or vinyl floors will vanish if rubbed with a little toothpaste on a damp cloth.

Baking soda is a favorite multipurpose household cleaner. Just sprinkle Baking Soda on a damp sponge, rub out the scuff mark and rinse. It works without scratching your surface! You can also use an eraser to erase the mark.

Another great time saver is to use an old tennis ball, with a hole drilled into, wedged onto the end of a broom stick. It's easy on your back because it keeps you from having to bend down, the tennis ball works magic on scuff marks without harming the floor. 

Visitors tips

  • Recently I moved from a rented house and had to clean it so i could receive my bond back. Luckily I had my mother helping me and a tip she gave me was if I had black scuff marks on the lino I was to get a steel wool that has a soap on it, dampen it and stand on it and rub.... disappeared they did.. it also saves you from getting dirty knees and sore arms.

  • You know that you can remove scuff marks on your tile or linoleum floor with an eraser. You can also use the toe of your tennis shoe. I even find myself erasing marks on floors in stores and in the halls when I go see my children at school, just a small gesture to help out the cleaning people while you stand around chatting before and after events.

Visitors comments

scuff marks Comments By: Kathklean on 2006-04-22
I've tried these and then some, I'm still waiting for one that works on a rubber dance floor. I"ve tried 50 more things and these. Someone give me an idea that works.
possible answer for your rubber dance floor scuffs Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-24
WD-40 is apprently useful for cleaning rubber objects without harming them. if it's any consolation, i was surprised at this too!

Testing one, two, three Comments By: Kalamity K on 2008-05-21
My kitchen floor was a mess after a 'hen' party from a variety of scuff marks.
Tried the eraser - worked like a charm on some, not on others.
Tried the toothpaste - worked pretty well on some more, but not on some of the thicker ones.
Tried the baking soda - magic! major scuff marks all gone :-)

wifeys way Comments By: steve on 2008-11-30
well wifey dragged a piece of furniture from one room to another across our linoleum floor and left what looks like two roads on a map. ha ha I'm tryin' baking soda for the first time tomorrow.
We'll see!

Baking soda is king! Comments By: MG on 2009-07-30
A worker tracked in black yucky streaks across my new, vinyl kitchen floor! I tried all the tips here and then some--tennis ball, WD-40, 3-in-1 oil, Windex, an eraser, tennis shoe cleaner--all with plenty of elbow grease! A damp kitchen scrubbing pad with good old Arm 'N Hammer Baking Soda did the trick. Hooray!
Baking Soda Rules Comments By: Nana on 2009-12-20
Thank you BG! Baking Soda is the only thing that worked to take after-party and after-grandchildren scuffs off of my Nafco tile without ruining the finish! It does need to be washed off well afterwards. Note: Others things tried did NOT work: Eraser, Mineral Spirits, WD-40, all floor cleaning products, and goo-gone.
Baking is Queen too! Comments By: Trina on 2010-10-06
I tried everything listed here plus vinegar & ammonia and nothing worked.the ammonia worked if i scrubbed but stripped the color too. Baking soda w/ a tennis ball (by hand) worked like a charm...THANKS!!

Help have tried everything to remove ugly dark marks from my linoleum floor Comments By: Kim on 2011-04-07
I have tried everything listed I recently moved into a house that has a very light colored textured linoleum kitchen floor it has ugly dark marks looks like someone dragged furniture or appliances across this floor Mr. clean eraser removed some as did baking soda both took a lot of elbow grease. However some spots are still there does anyone have any more ideas I AM DESPERATE

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