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Remove chewing gum

Chewing gum is not my favorite type of candy or sweet thing but the kids sure love it. If you ever look down at a pavement you can see where people have spat out their chewing gum for you to step in. It is a terrible problem for local authorities who are in charge of cleaning it up, as soon as they remove it, someone will replace it.

I have gathered a multitude of ways that you can remove chewing gum from your hair, clothes and carpets. So read on if you are looking to remove some chewing gum.

Egg White.
The white of an egg will remove chewing gum from most things, including your hair. Put the white of an egg on the gum and leave for a couple of minutes. Then work the gum out with your fingers little by little.

Freeze it out.
If the chewing gum is on an item of clothing, put the item in the freezer. The chewing gum will go hard and all you need to do is crack it off. You can also use the freezing technique on larger items, such as a car seat or carpet, by using ice cubes. Place an ice cube onto the gum and slowly rub it around. The gum will harden and you will be able to crack it off in big pieces.

This technique will work great if you have chewing gum in your clothes or hair. Melt some chocolate and rub some of the melted chocolate into the gum. The chocolate dissolves the chewing gum's stickiness - so it can be brushed or combed out instead of having to cut it out. 

Mayonnaise will also remove chewing gum. Simply apply and work it in, gum softens and comes off easily.

Saturate the area that has the gum on it with vinegar. The gum will actually dissolve. If the vinegar is heated first the process will work faster.

Peanut Butter.
Simply apply peanut butter to the offending gum and work it in. The gum comes right off.

Lemon Juice.
Chewing gum can be removed from clothes if the gum is first soaked in lemon juice and then the clothes are washed as normal.

WD40/Penetrating Oil.
Very similar to the other chewing gum remover tips. Simply spray the sticky gum with WD40 and work it into the gum. The gum will come out easily.

Visitors comments

Used WD40 gone in seconds Comments By: wrighty5 on 2010-05-23
Thanks for all the tips, I used WD40 on my brown leather sofa, and the gum was gone in seconds great tip.
warm vinegar - yes; ice - no Comments By: toxic on 2010-05-26
the title says it all! the warm vinegar disolved the leftover film of gum on my jeans that i couldn't pick off by hand. ice on the jeans & freezing my jeans didn't work at all. one word of caution: besides smelling like fish & chips, i think some of the blue jean dye may have also been removed, a small price to pay for allowing me to keep my jeans & not throw them out!, so wash ASAP when the gum is gone, even if you just rinse well in the sink.
HOT VINEGAR IS BEST!!! Comments By: C.D. on 2010-05-26
I removed the chewing gum initially with my fingernails, but still remains some very well stick to my blue jeans. I used hot vinegar, wait 20-30 seconds and then I used a toothbrush to remove the remaining gum. It worked like a charm.
Vinegar all the way! Comments By: Anon UK on 2010-06-02
had chewing gum ingrained into a favourite pair of jeans following a festival; tried the freezer trick to no avail - used your vinegar tip, heted it in the microwave and soaked for a couple of minutes - perfect result!! Thank you
hot vinegar works Comments By: cecil on 2010-06-05
hi there
Thank you very much for the vinegar tip. It worked immediately.

warm vinegar - does the job as it says on the tin Comments By: Rohit on 2010-06-06
I have a confession to make. I am one those guys who are sceptical about these kind of stuff but had no choice but to give it a go when I ruined my best loved Gap chino. It really worked like magic and I am overwhelmed with joy to the point of leaving this comment. I donít do comments that often! True.
Fav Jeans R Saved :D Comments By: anon on 2010-06-07
FAB Tip, I used the warm (white wine vinegar as i didnt have any other) vinegar method and removed 3 patches of gum from my fav jeans which i thought i would have to throw away - Good as new and took less than 1 minute - Great, Many thanks
mayo did it !!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: sue on 2010-06-12
hi my son got gum on the seat of his school shorts tried freezing it that didnt work so was thinking of binning them when i found your site,tried the viniger no luck,then the mayo it took about 30 seconds and all the gum had gone,thanks a million
3 week old ground-in gum in jeans Comments By: The Chimichanga on 2010-06-14
On my spiffy new jeans' maiden voyage, I sat on some fluorescent minty gum. This was while on vacation over three weeks ago. I've been dreading dealing with it because I thought there'd be no way to get it out. This site gave me a measure of hope. Rubbed some mayo in while my vinegar heated up. Grabbed a toothbrush and started working the hot vinegar through. It took me a little while, but the gum literally dissolved and balled away. Put some dish liquid on the spot to dissolve the oil in the mayo and popped it into the wash. This is a brilliant website.
Vinegar! Comments By: Suzanne on 2010-06-14
Omg, I had chewing gum on my jeans for over 3 months. Never got around to actually do something about it (was away, travelling). Put them in the freezer, didn't help. Then I tried warming up (white) vinegar, put it on the gum and used a knife to scrape it off. It came off so easily! Amazing.

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