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Remove chewing gum

Chewing gum is not my favorite type of candy or sweet thing but the kids sure love it. If you ever look down at a pavement you can see where people have spat out their chewing gum for you to step in. It is a terrible problem for local authorities who are in charge of cleaning it up, as soon as they remove it, someone will replace it.

I have gathered a multitude of ways that you can remove chewing gum from your hair, clothes and carpets. So read on if you are looking to remove some chewing gum.

Egg White.
The white of an egg will remove chewing gum from most things, including your hair. Put the white of an egg on the gum and leave for a couple of minutes. Then work the gum out with your fingers little by little.

Freeze it out.
If the chewing gum is on an item of clothing, put the item in the freezer. The chewing gum will go hard and all you need to do is crack it off. You can also use the freezing technique on larger items, such as a car seat or carpet, by using ice cubes. Place an ice cube onto the gum and slowly rub it around. The gum will harden and you will be able to crack it off in big pieces.

This technique will work great if you have chewing gum in your clothes or hair. Melt some chocolate and rub some of the melted chocolate into the gum. The chocolate dissolves the chewing gum's stickiness - so it can be brushed or combed out instead of having to cut it out. 

Mayonnaise will also remove chewing gum. Simply apply and work it in, gum softens and comes off easily.

Saturate the area that has the gum on it with vinegar. The gum will actually dissolve. If the vinegar is heated first the process will work faster.

Peanut Butter.
Simply apply peanut butter to the offending gum and work it in. The gum comes right off.

Lemon Juice.
Chewing gum can be removed from clothes if the gum is first soaked in lemon juice and then the clothes are washed as normal.

WD40/Penetrating Oil.
Very similar to the other chewing gum remover tips. Simply spray the sticky gum with WD40 and work it into the gum. The gum will come out easily.

Visitors comments

removal by mayonnaise Comments By: Jude Foote on 2004-09-04
Thanks so much I tried mayonnaise like you say and hey presto the gum is gone from my trousers
Well done a great tip!!!

brillinat Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-16
THANKYOU soo much!your tips really helped i had my jeans in the freezer for weeks and the gum wouldnt budge but thnaks to your vingegar tip my jeans are gum free!thanks a lot!
Remove Gum With Mayonnaise Comments By: Malcolm Smith on 2004-09-26
Worked a treat.
oil & vinegar combo Comments By: Kelly on 2004-09-28
first I put in vinegar and let it break down then I added olive oil to comb through my four year olds hair
Gum gone in seconds with VINEGAR!!! Comments By: t. marquardt on 2005-01-07
I removed gum from a pair of jeans in seconds with the vinegar method. I heated the vinegar up in the microwave and applied it to the gum on the jeans. The vinegar immediately softens the gum so I took a old toothbrush and brushed in circles and the gum balled up for easy removal. Literally took less than 30 seconds.
freezing didn't work WD40 did Comments By: Jim on 2005-02-06
Vinegar !!! Comments By: Jim in Los Angeles on 2005-02-21
Some lowly, disgusting #%@**#% at the gym put gum in the bottom of the cup-holder in the cardio machine, where someone would certainly put a water bottle. I use a fabric bottle holder with a shoulder strap and the gum adhered right onto the bottom.

Freezer had no effect on this type of gum.

After removing the main chunk of gum with a dull knife, I dipped the whole area with the gum into warm vinegar. The gum started to melt. Rubbed in a circular motion with a toothbrush and cleaned the gum off the toothbrush with paper towels. Complete success. Washed the entire bottle-holder with dish soap afterwards to remove vinegar scent.

I wonder how many gum-remover products are just re-packaged vinegar?

ice, vinegar & mayo! Comments By: Sandy on 2005-03-21
My daughter got gum on her terry cloth shirt and I figured there wasn't much hope. The ice got a chunk out, but I was afraid it would damage the material. The vinegar softened it...but it was still messy. The mayo did it. I guess different gum and different material react differently or maybe it just needed the combination on solutions. My daughter looks great! Too bad she smells like a salad. Only kidding.
chewing gum & mayo Comments By: anon on 2005-04-12
Brilliant, mayonaise removed chewing gum from my dogs fur. Don't have a clue how it got there, but my son is now banned from chewing it!
Heated Vinegar Works ! Comments By: Tracy on 2005-05-23
I discovered a piece of gum had stuck in my car's driver's side car mat and tried the Vinegar removing method. I heated up about 1/4 cup of Cider Vinegar for 30 seconds in the microwave. I applied the area,(the size of a quater)with the heated vinegar, scrubbed it with a butter knife, picked out the gum residue, and scrubbbed the area again with a vegitable scrubber, it worked Great !
Ultimate gum removal - works on anything! Comments By: Angelica Blanco on 2005-06-15
G'day! here in Australia, we use good old fashioned Eucalyptus Oil - that's right. Cheap, easy to apply and remove, with a strong but pleasant lingering odour.

eg. in hair, carpet, car upholsery, clothes (if you sat on it), or off any surface shiny/poreous/soft/hard, great for concrete and pavers. Avoid using on
anything that you cannot wash or wipe down afterwards eg. books, paper lamp shades, delicate materials eg plain white silk or satin. I've never tested on these. The basic rule is to use it on anything that won't be damaged by the oil itself.

Method: take a cloth, rag, towel, or an old t-shirt if need be, pour a small amount of eucalyptus oil onto it and rub directly onto the chewing gum. It will dissintegrate before your very eyes - LIKE MAJIC! :)

Caution: Don't touch your face (especially your eyes) whilst using this product. It's pretty strong and should be kept well away from little children as it can be toxic if swallowed.

WOW - HOT VINEGAR DOES IT Comments By: Janet in St Albans on 2005-07-18
In March I was in the leisure centre for my senior citizen keep-fit class and sat down to put my trainers on. Of course you know what I sat on - I had to do the whole session with a big blob of chewing gum stuck to the bum of my tousers!! I kept putting off trying to shift it as I was afraid that your tips would not work! So it had dried on really hard by today 18 July - I used very warm wine vinegar, a toothbrush and a knife and lo! it is all gone. Took four minutes. Thanks a lot Tipking.
TRY THIS TOO Comments By: Bobbi--mom of 5 angels on 2005-11-14
I have not personally tried any of your ideas, but would like to offer one of my own. Shower gel--smells much better than some of the others offered, and washes out in the shower before normal shampooing. Just wet your hair, rub some shower gel onto the gum, and work out. I have one little girl and 4 boys, and can not tell you how many times this has saved my daughter's hair from being cut, which would have been more detrimental to me i am sure. Anyway, hope this helps!!
ice ice baby Comments By: diva on 2005-12-14
i had ice put onto my uniform for school and it workd a litle bit......right now i am freezing my hoodie in the freezer for pictures that are supposed to be taken friday for cheerleading. ! wish me luck.! peanut butter works too though.
Vinegar works a treat Comments By: Jon Rowe on 2005-12-20
On the off chance asked Jeeves what to do with our sons trousers after he had sat in some chewing gum. Heated some vinegar and it worked a treat. Shows how you can combine modern technology with traditional methods.
rubish Comments By: kezza on 2006-01-11
i liked the way u have sumthink for nearlly everythink but for chewing gun there is hardley anythink like it doent even say about the vinegar or nuthin i think u should add more
mayonnaise fantastic Comments By: dev on 2006-05-05
though I'd try mayo as it was the only thing of the list (apart from vinegar and I didn't fancy the smell).It worked,first time I haven't had to throw anything away.It came off poly/cotton trousers without any effort.Put a blob on the large patch and rubbed it in.Then washe dtrousers to remove mayo - fantastic
Mayo - fantastic Comments By: dev on 2006-05-05
Tried mayo as this was the only thing on the list in the house (apart from vinegar and I didn't fancy the smell) Put a blob on the gum,worked it in and hey presto no chewing gum.This was on poly/cotton trousers.Then washed to remove mayo.Fab tip thanks
ewww bubble gum in the car Comments By: jaxy68 on 2006-05-07
I was furious when my son sat on bubblegum in the car and smeared it into the seat and his shorts. Hot vinegar ..thank goodness....it actually worked. my son will live to see another year! Hehe.
AMAZING...MAYO REALLY, REALLY WORKS!! Comments By: Tina Cribby from Toronto on 2006-06-17
Thanks a million!! It saved my brand new sofa and my kids. I just put mayo on the blob of gum and rubbed it off lightly with a butter knife and it came right off and it didn't stain my sofa.
Balsamic vinegar + toothbrush = gold Comments By: dev on 2006-07-13
balsamic vinegar and toothbrush on my jeans worked a treat
hot vinegar - excellent Comments By: Heather on 2006-10-03
daughter sat on gum on a train - picked most of it off -tried hot vinegar for the residue - soaked it, rubbed it in and washed it - wouldn't even know it was ever there.
chewing gum removal Comments By: Cyndi on 2006-11-12
Thanks so much! I had green chewing gum on a brand new pair of black pants. I tried ice, but that didn't work. After reading your tip I warmed some vinegar in the microwave. The gum dissolved in a few minutes.
Eucalyptus Oil Works! Comments By: KathKiwi on 2006-11-19
Yes, must agree with the Aussie...being a Kiwi we do have the odd alliance! The Eucalyptus oil does work wonders. I tried this after sitting on bright green chewing gum on a bus :-( Make sure you use a lint free cloth though.
COMBINATION Comments By: Ashley Mora on 2006-12-17
I sat in gum at school the other day, while wearing my favorite pair of pants);I used a combination of mayo and vinegar. The surprising results were that it actually worked. I'm AMAZED by the wonders of food! Now my beautiful pants look as good as new, and I don't smell like vinegar, or winter fresh either.YAY!If you get stuck in a gooey situation, I recommend the COMBINATION.
IT REALLY WORKED Comments By: hilary duff on 2007-03-14
it worked a treat the gum was out in seconds!!!!!!!!!
hot vinegar and peanut butter Comments By: Penny on 2007-05-27
I washed the pants first thinking the gum would come out of the seat of my jeans. Well, they looked worse when I brought them out of the washer.
So, this time I tried vinegar but for some reason it didn't really touch the gum. Then I put peanut butter on it and took the back part of a butter knife to scrap the gum off. I washed them again and now I have to go to my van and try a similar method.
I didn't see anything on here about hair spray. I had heard that works, too.

egg white Comments By: anon on 2007-09-08
Tried the egg white tip for the removal of chewing gum - it works - really surprised but it did - i had tried the freezer but the gum would not go hard - thanks for your tips really useful
Holy shiz-nit!!! Comments By: Crystal Ritter on 2007-09-17
I bought a new pair of duckhead jeans last night then went 2 the movies and hadn't noticed 4 a while that I had done sat on gum!! Boy was i Pis**e* off It ruined the movie then I found this site and used the vinegar and warmed it up then rubbed it with a tooth brush and it came out!! Thank god 4 vinegar and you people on this site with your ideas thank u sooo much cause I was gonna have throw my jeans away!! Thank u!
Stuck at work with gum on your pants? Vinegar!! Comments By: PattyK on 2007-09-24
Black pants, white gum on the seat... what to do? Can't wash pants at work, but thankfully the office has a bottle of vinegar for the coffeemaker. Heated some up (45 sec) and off to the ladies room. Dabbed on the warm vinegar in a circular pattern using a pop-up soft cloth (Wet Ones-type)and the gum melted and came up into the cloth easily! Great idea!! Thanks.
Vinegar Fantastic Comments By: Laura on 2007-10-19
I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical, it seems too easy, but the warm vinegar and a toothbrush got the gum out of my favourite jeans. Thanks for the tip.
Mayo worked Right off Comments By: Kevster on 2007-11-18
thanks a lot it came right off!
Vinegar is AMAZING!! Comments By: Jordana, Fife on 2007-11-23
2 Smart price tooth brushes for 15p, a bottle of vinegar for 45p, half a cup of vinegar heated up in the microwave for a minute and in less than 30 seconds the 2 bits of chewing gum on my car seat were gone!!!

My mum had sat on chewing gum and without realising got into my car and got it on my seat.

Thank-you for the Vinegar tip it was brilliant! Called my mum to tell her to try the same on her trousers.


vinegar Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-05
i applied heated vinegar to the gum on a pair of jeans with a toothbrush. like magic, the gum just scraped right off (with the toothbrush)
Remove chewing gum with vinegar Comments By: Becca on 2008-01-13
Thank you so much - can't quite believe it worked but i poured hot vinegar on my brand new jeans that id somehow managed to get chewing gum stuck to on a night out (grrr) and it came off straight away! so glad i gave it a go or they would be in the bin now! thanks again!
remove with mayonaise Comments By: hugh on 2008-01-13
thanks for the tip! worked perfectly - and i got to eat the mayonaise afterwards!
It WORKED!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-23
In school, leaned on the radiator, gum melted and stuck to my skirt..walked round looking stupid all day it dried in really deep. Freezing didnt work but combo of warm vinegar and mayo worked a treat! Thanks!
vinnegar rox!!! Comments By: nate in Oshkosh WI on 2008-03-28
we used vinnegar on my jeans that used to sit outside in the snow that we tried the freeze method with but that failed horribly the blue gum came out very quickly the warm vinnegar is awsome.
Washing up liquid and salt Comments By: Julie on 2008-04-22
Tried freezing them and though the larger chunks came off the rest didn't but just with a bit of washing up liquid, salt and scrubbing it came off quickly and easily. Thanks for the simple yet very effective advice.
white wine vinegar Comments By: Gill on 2008-05-09
Used warm white wine vinegar on a cloth to remove chewing gum on red fabric car seat (beloved mini!). Removed fine and no colour loss. Great. Thanks.
vinegar worked on skirt and car seat Comments By: beckyalsbury on 2008-05-09
Hi tried vinegar as I didn't want to wait ages for skirt to freeze and mess about with ice - came off very easily - the scouring pad idea was very good as the butter knife didn't work at scraping off the gum.
Vinegar Comments By: tori on 2008-05-12
after a night of hardcore partying last saturday woke up with a bad hangover and chewy on my faverite dress which i paid 50 quid for. Ouch.

froze it didnt seem to work cos it spread itself out.

used vingar and a toothbrush came out well without damaging the fabric.

thanks for the tip.

Dirty wenches stop spitting chewy on chairs. thank you.

Using White Vinegar on Seemingly Fused Chewing Gum Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-03
Hi everyone. I recently went to a movie theater and came away with an extremely unpleasant surprise. I had sat in a very large wad of just expelled chewing gum during the entire feature. Oh was I mad! My mother suggested using nail polish remover on the gum which absolutely did not work. However, I just tried your vinegar method (I used cold white vinegar), and it worked like a charm! Now I can launder my jeans as I normally would and won't have to discard them. A thousand thank yous.
vinegar is the best Comments By: steph on 2008-06-27
i have never seen chewy go so quickly from clothing before. Heated up in microwave and applied with old toothbrush. Gone in matter of minutes.
Gum on Car Seat vs Mad Grandfather Comments By: Joe B. on 2008-07-12
Gum won round 1 when ice did not work. Grandfather scored a 15 second round 2 knockout with the aid of hot vinegar. THANKS YOU for the vinegar tip.
gum on face Comments By: Tracy on 2009-03-28
smear peanut butter on the gum and wipe off with a paper towel.
mayo Comments By: liam on 2008-07-19
mayo works a wonder got it on the top of my trainers dont ask how ! got the gum off in mins thanks ....
vinegar helps!!! Comments By: Shiney on 2008-07-21
the gum got rubbed way into my NEW jeans. we tried the freezer tip, that barely worked on the big chunks. then my mom found this great tip! we only had cider vinegar and that took a little bit longer than what some other people said. we had to work on it for about 2 minutes but every bit came out! thanx a lot!!!
thanks great tip Comments By: dee on 2008-07-21
i heated the vinegar in the microwave then put it on the jeans, used a nail brush to scrub and the chewing gum just rolled up and disapeared, thanks great tip.
Icely does it Comments By: Adrian on 2008-07-23
Ice. Fingers. 15 seconds. Done.


Use Mayonaise to remove chewing gum Comments By: Lauri on 2008-08-17
I had some chewing gum on my car and I used your tip to use Mayo to remove it.Awesome.It works great and saved my life. Thank you guys.
great suggestions. Comments By: Laura on 2008-08-19
But what about my grandson's face?
Please help.

warm vinegar is the best Comments By: stevetton on 2008-08-23
worked a treat on my daughters sheets, she fell asleep with gum in her hand and it went everywhere
gum on marble step Comments By: Dee on 2008-08-27
All advice is for clothes - my prob. is a front door
step on high street - just CANNOT remove it even
with sharp knife - do not believe mayo will work,
it is simply oil, egg, and vinegar. HELP ME!

Wow Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-04
i go to school and i got some gum on my trousers on the bus and i tried the warm vinegar and it worked really well. Thank you so much!!! xx
Removal with vinegar Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-17
I had put my jeans in the freezer fro ages and teh chewing gum still wouldn't come off. I tried warm vinegar and a nail brush and it was gone in a matter of seconds - a fantastic tip. Thank you!
Removal with vinegar Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-17
I had put my jeans in the freezer for ages and the chewing gum still wouldn't come off. I tried warm vinegar and a nail brush and it was gone in a matter of seconds - a fantastic tip. Thank you!
mayo Comments By: david on 2008-09-28
i was pretty sure this couldnt work but it did. thanks alot.
WD40 its magic Comments By: philip mckay on 2008-10-03
All I did was spry it onto the gum that was in the carpet then with a dry cloth rub it and it just dissapeared , its the best trick I have ever done.
3rd Time Lucky Comments By: Alex Waghorn on 2008-10-12
First I tried freezing it and that didn't work, then I used hot vinegar and that just made the room stink. But then I used peanut butter, and it worked really well!
Too bad I suddenly had a craving for it...

WD40 Rules! Comments By: Tim on 2008-10-26
It easily removed the gum I somehow got on the top of my shoes
blonde Hair Comments By: shona on 2008-11-18
When my daughter came to me with th chewing gum in my daughters blonde long hair i thought wow'i'm going to have to cut that out,until i found your web page and saw hot vinger would get it out. when i tried it ,it work straight away ,thank you so much...
OMG vinegar Comments By: Jenesse on 2008-11-27
I never heard of vinegar working on gum but it works so well. I came home, put on my housecoat, and sat down for some food. I got up and was stuck to the floor. There was a horrendous rip sound. I looked at the floor and saw gum on the carpet then I checked my but and did not find anything. I sat in the leather chair and got up with a rip and found more gum. Then I looked at my pants and it was on my pants. So now it�s in the carpet on the leather chair on my fluffy housecoat and on my good jeans. The hot vinegar and a cloth got it out of everything in seconds.
Are you kidding? Comments By: Kate on 2009-01-19
I am not convinced! Try something that doesn't leaving a sticky, smelly mess! I came across this neat product called GUM-OUT - a quick squirt under the gum with a plastic syringe and it lifts off half an hour later. A bit cleaner and easier than peanut butter and lemon juice don't you think?!! check out http://www.chewing-gum-removal.com
Warm vinegar & leather Comments By: Lora on 2009-01-19
After reading your comments, I took a clean rag and dipped in warm vinegar to wipe the gum off the back of my leather pants and bravo - It worked! My pants had been sitting in the closet for a month & I didn't want to try the ice. Thanks a million!
vinegae Comments By: Kamila on 2009-01-30
super, chewing gum is gone, jippie
vinegar for gum removel!! Comments By: Barb on 2009-01-06
I just removed old gum from black jeans IN SECONDS using the vinegar method!! I just used it straight from the bottle. I thought the jeans were ruined. Excellent tip!!!! :)
Wow! Vinegar worked in 30 seconds. Comments By: MRD on 2009-01-07
A big piece of dried on chewing gum on a wool poncho had me in dispair. Warm vinegar worked in less than 30 seconds. Thank you!
Egg White Worked Fantastic Comments By: Dr. T on 2009-01-07
Took gum out of leather seat in my car and also used to take out of my jeans.

Thanks for the tip.

Peanut butter Comments By: J Jones on 2009-01-15
What a great solution to remove gum from my daughters school pants . The gum vanished within minutes of rubbing in the peanut butter :)
help Comments By: julie ellis on 2009-02-25
my 7 yr old son has put chewing gum over his eyes, how do i remove it from his eyelashes and so on on warm water hasnt helped that much
Hot Vinegar & Toothbrush Comments By: sarellano on 2009-03-07
My son kneeled in gum at school while wearing his brand new jeans. I tried ice and that didn't work. I found this site and decided to try the hot vinegar and toothbrush idea. Heated the vinegar in the microwave and then poured it on my son's jeans. Used a toothbrush on the jeans and the gum instantly balled up. Took about 15 seconds to remove the gum. Thanks so much for posting this tip, it just saved his jeans.
good ole mayo! Comments By: Bernie on 2009-03-08
My 4 year old got some gum on the sofa which we did not see till a few days after..by this time it was a bit hard but because of the fabric, I didn't want to use vinegar or ice. We tried the mayo by applying a blob to each spot, left it for a minute, worked it in and left it for 2 minutes and it peeled off easily afterwards. After that a little upholstery cleaning foam and a vacuum cleaner and the sofa is as good as new!
WD40 is THE BEST solution. Comments By: James on 2009-03-11
WD40 just melts away the remaining chewing gum after pulling away most of it with your fingers. Be sure to rub/rinse with warm soapy water afterwards to removal the smell. This works much much better than warm vinegar, which didn't work on a suit and in fact pushed the gum further into the fabric before WD40 came to the rescue !
For eye lashes: OIL of any kind Comments By: Ivette on 2009-03-26
My grandson put gum on his eye, lashes and all. After the laughter, I put cooking oil on a towel and held it to where ever the gum was and the gum was dissolved very quickly.
YEAH! Comments By: David on 2009-03-28
Great, vinigar worked straight away, tryed the egg white - that sucked, dont try it! cheers for the tip.
Mayo Bravo Comments By: gumby on 2009-03-28
Mayo took out the Trident gum from the pocket of my favorite Eddy Bauer Polertec fleece jacket in less then a minute..

I am AmAzEd !

wool carpet Comments By: Y A on 2009-04-04
we found gum in our 100% wool rug but a mystery on how it got there. It was also on my husband trousers! Really didn't fancy using any of the methods but finally opted for the vinegar which we tried on my husbands trousers first. It worked so off to try it on the rug and that worked too!!! just got to work on getting the smell out of the rug now but theres plenty of ways to do that. Thanks for the tip! Thrown a carpet away because of gum before now but not anymore! Thanks you!
Vinegar amazing! Comments By: Lewis Kelly on 2009-04-16
I thought my jacket was wrecked, I tried ice and everything. Boiling vinegar took it off in a split second, great!
using vinegar on jeans Comments By: Scott on 2009-04-24
heating the vinegar up then soaking the jeans with it works a treat, after you've done that just rub in a circular motion with a tooth brush it comes right out.
Vinegar Comments By: Eric on 2009-04-25
I warmed up a quarter cup of white vinegar for 30 seconds. And I used a toothbrush for about 1 minute to remove the huge gum stain on my jeans. It worked magic.
Hurray to Vinegar! Comments By: Dina on 2009-04-27
I though I have ruined my fav jeans! Warm vinegar and the chewy was gone :))))
Thanks for the tip!!!

chewing gum removal Comments By: alan on 2009-05-08
after trying vinigar it worked perfect after only 30 seconds thanks it saved my trousers

WD40?! Who wouldda thought it! Comments By: Vish on 2009-05-11
I'm AMAZED thast it actully work! I sprayed it and it didn't seem to make a difference, and after I had put the WD40 on the shelf i tried again and it came right off!!! HAHA! Thanks man it was on my police uniform, could you imagine walking around with that on your butt all day!
no go =[ Comments By: jess on 2009-05-13
I tried vinegar and lemon juice neither worked on my wooden jumper =[
IT WORKED Comments By: Tammy on 2009-05-13
OMG ... Boiling the vinegar worked on getting gum out of my daughter's pants...
When all else fails! Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-15
If you find that the stain is still persisting then you may need to call in a professional to assist. Please feel free to call Chem-Dry Blossom on 0844 5611447 or visit our website at www.chemdryblossom.co.uk
"WD40" Comments By: Margo on 2009-05-22
Who would have thought it. I'd like to shake the hand of the first person that tried using WD40 to remove gum from the carpet and let others know how good it was
try clearasil pads Comments By: Bill on 2009-05-25
went to a bar & sat on a big piece of bubble gum. Tried freezing but that didnt work. I picked off what I could by hand & then used a clearasil pad. Worked great. I rubbed the pad in circles the gum balled up and lost all of its stickiness and came right off.
Vinegar - brilliant Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-27
Tried on washable wool suit... gum residue was well-ingrained into the fabric... vinegar got the gum out straight away - fantastic!
Vinigar really works!!! Comments By: Pav on 2009-05-31
my trousers had a big chewing gum stain on them from where i sat in the stuff, and the vinigar removal tip really did work!!! thanks!!!
Eucalytus Oil - The Aussie is right. MAGIC Comments By: Mohamed Khan on 2009-06-02
I tried Eucalyptus oil on my son's new school blazer which had a 1 inch by 2 inch patch of chewing gum on it. It was off in about 3 minutes. Absolutely like magic. Thanks to the Aussie who posted this advice.
MAYO! Comments By: JAYNE on 2009-06-08
Peanut Butter did the trick - gum in hair Comments By: Cathy from Australia on 2009-06-09
About 10 mins before bed my 10yr old daughter with gorgeous called me to her room she had chewy in her hair - i thought i'd give the PB a try & whalla out it slid saved alot of tears for the both of us thnx for the great tip
orange oil works too Comments By: Chris on 2009-06-11
orange oil got old ingrained chewing gum out of my suit pants. now i just need to work out how to remove the orange oil!
HOT WATER WORKS BEST! Comments By: Ivan on 2009-06-16
Freezer didn't work on my cotton/linen pants.
HOT WATER works perfectly!
spill hot water on the gum, and then pick it up with the other gum! that's it.

Amayonazed!!! Comments By: spen on 2009-07-06
woke to find gum welded to my light beige leather sofa after a party, lots of mayonnase and a bit of elbow greese, sofa as good as new after no more than 20 mins.


FANTASTIC! Removed the gum with vinegar. Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-06
First heated a small ammount of vinegar in the microwave.Applied the heated vinegar to gum on jeans, rubbed the surface of the jeans together and the gum quickley disolved and lifted from jeans. Thanks, best tip ever!!
WD40 works Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-07
On an old stain I tried vinegar without much luck, but it seemed to dissolve away using WD40. Very helpful page, many thanks
10/10 Comments By: Jaye on 2009-07-16
Tried first of all with just warm vingar. Took a bit out, then I added a small dollop of mayo and the gum came completly out. Excellant, thanks
chewing gum out of my staffy's hair Comments By: the realist on 2009-07-22
the mayonaise worked brilliant after my staffy sat in chewing gum out side the shop,it was a real mess but i worked the mayo in and most of it came away the rest just combed out easily with a fine tooth combe thanks!
Vinegar Is The BEST!!!!!!!! Comments By: kjane22 on 2009-07-23
Vinegar worked a treat for me! I always use vinegar for cleaning and I'm amazed what it can do!! Go Vinegar :)
Getting chewing gum out of the carpet. Comments By: Terrie Lewis on 2009-07-31
I have had gum in gray-looped carpeting for a couple of weeks. I tried an ice cube on it, but it still adhered to the carpet. I used Goo Gone on it and pulled at it with a paper towel. The gum got gummy again and pulled loose and I applied Goo Gone three times and pulled loose the gum. No fibers were pulled out of the carpet. I then washed the spot with dishwashing liquid dissolved in water and rinsed it twice. The gum is out and the carpet is not damaged.
WD40 TO THE RESCUE Comments By: DARRYL on 2009-08-29
Peanut butter Comments By: Sarah on 2009-09-03
Out in seconds. Brilliant.
Life Saver!!! Comments By: Clare Morris on 2009-09-12
Washing Up Liquid and salt made into a paste and brush on clothing with a toothbrush - works. Took some time as it has gone into the fibres, but it came out eventually. Even used on the back of the Leather shoes, and worked even quicker. Brilliant Tip - thank you, the trousers were brand new for school
Vinegar Comments By: Louise on 2009-09-12
Brilliant, took 3 or 4 tries for some particularly stubborn gum so give it time and use quite warm.

MAYO trick on leather sofa Comments By: RD on 2009-09-20
Leather sofa messed up with a gum after a party. I used the mayo trick, let it sit fow a few minutes, then worked it in with a paper towel, wiped clean with a cloth. my gosh, disappeared right before my eyes, amazing!!
chewing gum Comments By: elaine baker on 2009-09-23
i put a big blob of mayonaise on my daughters school trousers and went round and round in cicles with an old toothbrush and hey presto it all cum off. thanks jeeves it worked a treat. much better than putting them in the freezer which didnt work at all.
WD40 IS THE GREATEST Comments By: TOM on 2009-10-02

Chocolate worked for me Comments By: Florin_RO on 2009-10-09
I had gum on my backpack ad it was looking like bird shit. I followed your advice I used chocolate and now the gum is gone TKS ;)
girlfriends like bubblegum stuck on my butt Comments By: Kim on 2009-10-19
A few years ago I use to go to an all girl catherlic high school and my friend always stick a sticky and goowy bubblegum on my seat so one day its first period I went to sit down at my asigned seat and saw bubblegum stuck on my seat.I tried to take it off with my fingers but it is stuck on my seat so I just sat down on it.It was 45 minutes later I went to get up to leave the classroom and felt my butt stuck in my seat.I had the hole day walking around with bubblegum stuck on my butt by the time I got home it is hard and really really really stuck in my skirt and it would not come off so I just walk around with old bubblegum stuck on my butt for the next two years of school.
Vinigar and Scourer Comments By: Tony O'Hara on 2009-10-24
I tried Ice blocks to remove gum from velour car seat, not very easy to do or successful.
What I did was to use warm vinegar and a plastic dish washing scourer. This was a fantastic success, which I then used on my jeans with the same success.
The toothbrush idea may have worked, but the plastic dish washing scourer was a bit more aggressive, without damaging the seat. Thanks again, next time I will look where I sit in case I pick more up.
I disposed of the scourer of course, my wife would not let it in the house again

Vinger Comments By: kate on 2009-10-27
Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!heat it eith a little bit of lemon juice and its so quick!
Vinegar Works great on Wool!!! Comments By: Aisling! on 2009-11-04
I was in school and me being the clutz i am leaned against the radiator on a cold day and put my arm in the middle off it there was a massive lump of chewing gum in the middle of the radiator!
I was mortified i hid it all day and when i got home looked this up!
Tried vinegar!
And it worked!
Took a good 5 mins off scrubbing with an old toothbrush! But it was SO worth it! It is fine now!
Try it it works!

Totally inspired! Comments By: Helen on 2009-11-05
Seemed a really wacky routine, but after reading previous comments, I opted for the warm vinegar followed by mayonnaise, if required, to get gum out of my son's treasured sports shorts. Wow!! Really impressed. Brilliant site. Will put a tip on if I ever have one to share!!
vinegar Comments By: danny on 2009-11-12
Vinegar - who knew Comments By: Connie on 2009-11-15
My son got chewing gum on his jeans and they went through the washer and dryer before I saw it!! I tried the hot vinegar and a toothbrush and within seconds the gum melted away. Thanks for the great tip
MAYO IS MAGNIFICENT Comments By: Anne D on 2009-11-16
Many previous comments were jeans. I had a cream dress and sat in grey coloured chewing gum. The dress is now perfect. Special THX to this column and contributors and thx Hellmans.
sat down in bubblegum at work Comments By: Kim on 2009-11-18
I a waitress at TGIF restaraunt and lucky me sat my butt in someones bubblegum and it is really stuck on my butt.You would think a 22 year old girl would be use to gum stuck on my clothe and know how to get it off my butt.I use peanut butter and did take some gum off my black skirt and I have went to work with that skirt 2 times if you look at my butt you can see some bubblegum still stuck under my left rear pocket.I think like what Kim said girl are worst then the guys.Girl love to get other girl stuck in bubblegum to get them embarrassed while working all day
how girls love putting bubblegum on other girls seats Comments By: Kim on 2009-11-18
I work at TGIF restaraunt and Im STUCK as a host sometime and I like to waitress but either way one of the girls always gets me STUCK to a wad of bubblegum while Im working.I go home and use peanut butter to try to take it off my BUTT some is still STUCK on my BUTT.I still go to work with bubblegum STUCK on my BUTT.Like Kim said girls love sticking bubblegum on other girls.
Thank you! Hot Vinegar!!! Comments By: Luke on 2009-11-22
Gave my niece and 2 friends a lift from home from their graduation ceremony. Arrived home and found GUM STUCK TO THE CAR BACK SEAT. ARGGH. I googled: "how to remove gum" and found this site. Went straight away and warmed up some cheapo Tesco brown vinegar and used the scouring side of a regular washing-up sponge. IT WORKED. THANK YOU.
Vinegar/WD40 Comments By: Dan on 2009-11-25
My niece apparently likes gum, my sister-in-law tried washing it out in our new washer/dryer, but all that happened was it melted to the drums . . .the dryer was the worst. We didn't discover it until my wife washed a lace tablecloth. She is working on it with mayo, we tried vinegar, but no dice (it is baked in). WD-40 with some elbow grease helped the washer and dryer. Looks like the mayo will work, just going to soak it for a long time. . . thanks for the info ! ! !
Vinegar method Comments By: Claire on 2009-11-26
Warm vinegar and a toothbrush! Gone in seconds! Amazing
confused =/ Comments By: clara on 2009-11-26
ive got chewing gum stuck all over the back of a deep purple silk dress so im nervous wat i should put over it as it could wreck it more..any suggestions?
confused =/ Comments By: clara on 2009-11-26
ive got chewing gum stuck all over the back of a deep purple silk dress so im nervous wat i should put over it as it could wreck it more..any suggestions on what would be the least harsh on it?
Removing Chewing gum from Wood and Stone Comments By: Zorana on 2009-12-12
I need to remove old and new chewing gums off Wooden and Stone floor, without damaging it!

I tried most of the tricks, they either don�t work, or still leave a stain. I work in a bar, we have so many that chemical removers are not cost efective.

Any advices?

Warm Vinegar Worked! Comments By: Cathy on 2009-12-19
A black polyester dress with heaps of chewing gum on it.
Freezing didnt work but scrubbing with a toothbrush and the warm/hot vinegar worked perfectly.

White Distilled Vinegar Comments By: Jake Elwood on 2009-12-28
White distilled vinegar, just cold straight out of the bottle, took the chewing gum off a poly cotton sheet in about 3 mins - I couldn't budge it for days before I read these tips...Thanks a million!
white vinegar and toothbrush Comments By: britto on 2009-12-29
found a massive blob of chewing gum on the back of the car seat, i thought it would never come off. . . warm vinegar, toothbrush & 5 mins of scrubbing gone!
also paper bag and iron work too!

Vinegar does the job!!! Comments By: AG on 2010-01-01
How screwed up is it when u r drunk and ur mate drives ur car n also adds gum to your seat??? Its annoying, i LOVE MY CAR... Vinegar, heated up for 45sec n use a brush to scrap the gum off the seat.. Thts it, its a good job done at home at barely no cost.. :) Thnx 4 the tip
Bubble gum science fair project Comments By: Bubbles.. lol on 2010-01-03
Hey! This website was extremely helpful. Its my FIRST year doing science fair and my objective is the best was to remove bubble gum off of your clothing. This website gave me some pretty cool and crazy procedures. Thanks so much tipking and i would advise everyone to check out your website if needed tip/help. Thx
Vinegar Works. FACT Comments By: Tristan Gordon on 2010-01-22
Found chewing gum on a black pair of jeans, microwaved vinegar for 20 seconds, poured it on, rubbed it off. Thanks Alot. and Vinegar works, FACT.
I'm a believer.... Comments By: AbbyandAndysmommy on 2010-01-22
I never thought that melted, sugary gummy snakes would come out my car upholstery. Hallelujah! No more having to cover it up with a towel. Warm vinegar is my new "go to" multipurpose cleaner!
Hot malt vinegar = great success! Comments By: Steve Goossens on 2010-01-26
Like many, I have tried the freezer method in the past with varying amounts of failure, and even if it does work, it takes AGES to freeze and then pick pick pick out the gum. Decided to look on the internet for some sort of easy remedy, and WOW, hot vinegar is the future!
I noticed I had some gum stuck on the hem of my jeans, and it had seeped into the fabric, making it impossible to pull off. Hot malt vinegar turned it into the consistency of caramel, and it came off in seconds! The only downside is the hot vinegar fumes gave me a surprise in my nose, hahahaha! Thanks for this great collection of tips! :)

vinager Comments By: Tash's mom on 2010-01-27
Vineager worked perfectly. I removed 4 gum spots from my daughter's pants and the vinager allowed me to scrape it off easily.
WD40 Worked For Me Comments By: Kevin Leith on 2010-01-30
Great tip. My Daughter managed to get chewing gum on to my Blue leather couch. Tried the soapy suds that didnt work then i tried the warm vineger that didnt work for me either. Then i decided to give the WD40 a go which you like me probably think is quite dodgy for a leather couch but it worked great removing the gum & not leaving a stain or bleaching the colour.
Vinegar Comments By: Hannah Rodgers-Moriarty on 2010-02-21
it works,i am completely amazed! :) thank you so much everyone, you saved me �30 for a new pair of work trousers after sitting on chewing gum on a train!
Egg white wonder! Comments By: Hilda on 2010-02-25
Thanks for the tips. My son got chewing gum stuck to his backside on his favourite pair of jeans.It was all stuck around the edges of the pocket too. He was sure they were ready for the bin after we tried picking it off but it was really smeared in. I checked out your tips and tried the egg white, with not much hope I must admit, and slowly but surely it all came off! Really pleased, I'll try the vinegar next time.
Yipeee Comments By: Lou-lou on 2010-03-22
I warmed up some vinigar and wow like magic it dissolved from the inside of my shoes!!!
Just Use Hot Water Comments By: Joe on 2010-03-04
Just Use Hot Water. You'll damage your hair.
Gum Remover Comments By: Marym1216 on 2010-03-07
Just tried this and it works. Alcohol swab rubbed on takes gum off back packs
yayyy! Comments By: fiona on 2010-03-11
hot vinegar and mayo did it forme, now to get the smell of vinegar out the kitchen...
WD40 gets my thumbs up! Comments By: MrWaves on 2010-04-11
Brilliant, had cheming gum embedded into my fleece, and cold treatment only removed the excess. Quick squirt with WD40 and it soon rubbed off. Brilliant.
hot vinegar and toothbrush Comments By: sparklybite on 2010-04-16
I am beyond stoked! The gum had smudged right into the seat of my jeans at the movies so the freezer trick wouldn't do it. hot vinegar and a toothbrush worked instantly
does it leave a smell? Comments By: Susan on 2010-04-23
I have some chewing gum on the carpet in my 2 day old car!!! unbelievable! I am a bit worried that if i try any of these methods it could make it worse, or could leave a horrible smell of vinegar. could this happen?
vineger worked Comments By: anon on 2010-04-29
awesome vineger worked great thanks for the help
Hey Presto!!! Comments By: Biggie on 2010-05-01
i tried freezing my levis, no joy! But warm White wine vineger and a toothbrush and Hey presto! gum has gone, as easy as that. thanks alot for tip.
Heated Vinegar Comments By: delbert on 2010-05-13
Caked gum on car carpet came off with heated vinegar but only with rough work with scrubbing brush. Anyone know how to get rid of the smell of vinegar?
ban chewing gum Comments By: annoyed parent on 2010-05-12
my daughter came home with chewing gum on her school uniform yet again tried the lemon juice suggestion it worked great.
many thanks you saved me lots of money buying more school uniform

Used WD40 gone in seconds Comments By: wrighty5 on 2010-05-23
Thanks for all the tips, I used WD40 on my brown leather sofa, and the gum was gone in seconds great tip.
warm vinegar - yes; ice - no Comments By: toxic on 2010-05-26
the title says it all! the warm vinegar disolved the leftover film of gum on my jeans that i couldn't pick off by hand. ice on the jeans & freezing my jeans didn't work at all. one word of caution: besides smelling like fish & chips, i think some of the blue jean dye may have also been removed, a small price to pay for allowing me to keep my jeans & not throw them out!, so wash ASAP when the gum is gone, even if you just rinse well in the sink.
HOT VINEGAR IS BEST!!! Comments By: C.D. on 2010-05-26
I removed the chewing gum initially with my fingernails, but still remains some very well stick to my blue jeans. I used hot vinegar, wait 20-30 seconds and then I used a toothbrush to remove the remaining gum. It worked like a charm.
Vinegar all the way! Comments By: Anon UK on 2010-06-02
had chewing gum ingrained into a favourite pair of jeans following a festival; tried the freezer trick to no avail - used your vinegar tip, heted it in the microwave and soaked for a couple of minutes - perfect result!! Thank you
hot vinegar works Comments By: cecil on 2010-06-05
hi there
Thank you very much for the vinegar tip. It worked immediately.

warm vinegar - does the job as it says on the tin Comments By: Rohit on 2010-06-06
I have a confession to make. I am one those guys who are sceptical about these kind of stuff but had no choice but to give it a go when I ruined my best loved Gap chino. It really worked like magic and I am overwhelmed with joy to the point of leaving this comment. I don�t do comments that often! True.
Fav Jeans R Saved :D Comments By: anon on 2010-06-07
FAB Tip, I used the warm (white wine vinegar as i didnt have any other) vinegar method and removed 3 patches of gum from my fav jeans which i thought i would have to throw away - Good as new and took less than 1 minute - Great, Many thanks
mayo did it !!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: sue on 2010-06-12
hi my son got gum on the seat of his school shorts tried freezing it that didnt work so was thinking of binning them when i found your site,tried the viniger no luck,then the mayo it took about 30 seconds and all the gum had gone,thanks a million
3 week old ground-in gum in jeans Comments By: The Chimichanga on 2010-06-14
On my spiffy new jeans' maiden voyage, I sat on some fluorescent minty gum. This was while on vacation over three weeks ago. I've been dreading dealing with it because I thought there'd be no way to get it out. This site gave me a measure of hope. Rubbed some mayo in while my vinegar heated up. Grabbed a toothbrush and started working the hot vinegar through. It took me a little while, but the gum literally dissolved and balled away. Put some dish liquid on the spot to dissolve the oil in the mayo and popped it into the wash. This is a brilliant website.
Vinegar! Comments By: Suzanne on 2010-06-14
Omg, I had chewing gum on my jeans for over 3 months. Never got around to actually do something about it (was away, travelling). Put them in the freezer, didn't help. Then I tried warming up (white) vinegar, put it on the gum and used a knife to scrape it off. It came off so easily! Amazing.
A Wonderful Gum Remover....That WD40!!!! Comments By: Roz on 2010-06-16
I just removed my gum off of my car mat with the wd40, it works great, it came right out....

Thanks for the tip...

REMOVING CHEWING GUM Comments By: Ange, Wales UK on 2010-06-17
My daughter came home off the school bus with gum on her polo top and black trousers. It was a hot day for once here in Wales UK and it was really sticky. I tried the mayonaise and as if magic it came off. Thanks for this fantastic tip. x
Peanut butter seems rediculous Comments By: Luke, Dorset on 2010-06-18
I had to read the water meter today and as i knelt on the pavement my knee got covered in gum, DOH. I looked at all the options and peanut butter seem'd rediculous, so me being me i did it and i laughted cos it worked, and rinsed it all off with washing up liquid under warm water all gone, result thanks
Peanut butter seems rediculous Comments By: Luke, Dorset UK on 2010-06-18
I had to read the water meter today and as i knelt on the pavement my knee got covered in gum, DOH. I looked at all the options and peanut butter seem'd rediculous, so me being me i did it and i laughted cos it worked, and rinsed it all off with washing up liquid under warm water all gone, result thanks
Leather couch removal with mayo Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-30
Worked a treat on
my couch.... Thanks

WD40 Comments By: Georgie on 2010-07-08
Got chewing gum on my school skirt today and had no clue what to do. Came across your site and tried the WD40 and it worked brilliantly. Thank you do much for your help.
The vinegar totally worked Comments By: Diane on 2010-07-02
I had old gum on a leather couch that was turning black from being on there so long. Well the vinegar worked. I let it soak for a couple of minutes. I did have to scrap it until it came off but it did. I tried olive oil previously and that did nothing! Thanks for the tip!
Dish Detergent Comments By: Steve on 2010-07-02
I have a black pair of jeans and using very hot water and dish soap and a used toothbrush it came out in seconds. Worked REALLY well
VINEGAR worked a treat!!! Comments By: Happy chappy on 2010-07-09
Smeared chewing gum on outdoor cushion. Warm vinegar worked right before my eyes. Used a toothbrush in circular motion & most of thegum balled up for easy removal. The residue I smeared with mayo then brushed with toothpaste expecting it to ball again but instead the residue dissolved completely. Very happy cushion as new again. Thank you for the awesome tips.
WD40 Comments By: Andy_P on 2010-07-14
This works amazingly well.
Even got the gum out of a pair of black tights, by just sparaying on and gently scraping over and over with a finger nail.

Slice of lemon Comments By: Ad on 2010-07-21
I had a whole wad of gum on a silk/cotton mix blouse - very delicate material. I rubbed a slice of lemon over it, and with a few gentle scrapes I had my blouse back to normal, and a lemon scented kitchen:)
hot vinegar woz fab Comments By: Roop on 2010-07-25
hot vinegar worked a treat in my daughter's hair - she had slept on a mountain of gum! The warmer the vinegar, the better the gum dissolves. We did 3 different lots of fresh vinegar - don't economise on the vinegar! Thanks for the tips.
Brilliant Thanks! Comments By: Beverley on 2010-07-27
I sat in chewing gum wearing my brand new denim shorts the other day :(
I'd heard about freezing them before so I tried that and it didn't work.
I found this site - tried mayo - no luck *sigh*
Then warmed some wine vinegar (the only kind I had) and it was off in minutes! Thanks so much.

Wonderful Mayannaise Comments By: stephanie on 2010-08-04
My son just back from an 18/30 holiday one of his best tee shirts ruined !!!! bits of chewing gum all over .Mother to the rescue (via this site )the mayonnaise worked a first class treat .Thanks very much son now very happy
GONE IN 60 SECONDS!!!! Comments By: ANON on 2010-08-08
Methylated Spirit is better at removing gum Comments By: Kim on 2010-08-18
I've always used Meths to remove chewing gum but saw this site & gave hot vinegar/toothbrush treatment on daughters 2 delicate items. It wasnt bad & made lots of gum balls which I then mostly picked off- but then I got fed up & got the meths/toothbrush out & within seconds all dissolved - even deep within the fluffy cardigan. so I wont be converting. But good to know - thanks
Vinegar I should have known Comments By: Sue White, Johanesburg, SA on 2010-08-23
My granddaughter had a lovely wide octopus shaped splatter on her black sheet. Vinegar the magic cleaner did the trick. Microwave for 30 seconds - just warm. Soak the patch for about 20 seconds and roll it off. The bits left on come off with a tooth brush.
Hot Vinegar Comments By: Englishman trapped in France on 2010-09-12
Microwave a small pot of vinegar and then using a toothbrush apply heated vinegar to brush and make circular movements and Hey presto...then wash the clothes or you will stink...this was 100% effective--- Jolly well Done to you
Vinegar and mayonnaise work Comments By: Margret on 2010-09-18
The vinegar method followed by mayonnaise works, but do be careful brushing too hard as you may fray the fabric a little (like I did), all in all though, these two methods worked well.
vinegar all the way!! :-) Comments By: Anton on 2010-09-27
I tried vinegar on the first attempt and it worked straight away! 30 seconds in the microwave, pour onto the area where the gum is and leave for a minute. Use an old toothbrush to go in circular movements and the gum turns into little balls u can brush off. Takes less than 5 mins :-D
Mayoo Comments By: Emma on 2010-10-01
just pure amazingg... thank youuu!
WD40 Comments By: ruth on 2010-10-01
brilliant! freezing didn't work - WD40 - wonderful! all this came out of a light green carpet in minutes!!!!
IRON Comments By: Lola Pandora on 2010-10-09
you guys, it's very easy. Iron the fabric where's that nasty gum but put paper between the iron and the fabric. For jeans it worked in seconds. The gum just faded.
vinegar a bomb Comments By: EVE on 2010-10-12
Hot Vinegar! Comments By: Tony from Dorking, England on 2010-10-23
Applied the hot vinegar with an old toothbrush onto black cords, and it worked like magic. Chewing gum curled up and died. Brilliant tip.
Vinegar works on Silk Top!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-24
I'd borrowed a friends gorgeous silk top for a night out only to find that it had gum stuck to it in the morning! Quickly searched for tips and after reading all the comments about vinegar thought I'd give it a go! And thank god I did!! I used white malt vinegar cos thats all we had, heated it for 30 seconds and applied to the gum with a cotton pad then peeled it off! Amazing tip!!
Lemon Juice on Chewing Gum Comments By: Dassa on 2010-10-30
I really didn't think this would work and it did. Thanks So Much for the tip
New Tip Comments By: Fatma on 2010-10-31
Nail polish remover also removes chewing gum from clothes
Hot vinegar does it Comments By: Zoki on 2010-11-05
Got a lot of gum on different parts of my coat. Threw a fit when I saw it! I got some vinegar in the microwave, got an old toothbrush, soaked it in the hot vinegar and rubbed on the gum. It worked - the gum started to come out. Very fast and effective.
thanks angelica blanco - eucalyptus oil -worked a treat Comments By: jan holley on 2010-11-11
Tried vinegar, warm and cold, didn't work. Tried freezing, worked a little bit. Mayo worked a bit, but thank you so much, the eucalyptus oil got the chewing gum out of our couch and son's trousers straight away!!!!
Vinegar - worked like magic! Comments By: anon on 2010-11-10
I was going to sell an expensive chair on ebay and then my daughter got gum on it! From thinking it was worth �200, I suddenly thought it might be impossible to sell. I tried the vinegar option and it worked immediately. I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you Tipking.
Vinegar - worked like magic! Comments By: anon on 2010-11-10
I was going to sell an expensive chair on ebay and then my daughter got gum on it! From thinking it was worth �200, I suddenly thought it might be impossible to sell. I tried the vinegar option and it worked immediately. I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you Tipking.
Science expirement Comments By: KM on 2010-11-13
I used this for my science expirement and tested all of the things you said and the vinigar worked the best it took 12sec!!!!
VINEGAR WOW! Comments By: vinegar my new bast frend on 2010-11-19
I had sum chewing gum trod into a new carpet i was fuming the kids had tried 2 hide it which just made it worse the top if the gum had turned black i heated sum malt vinegar in the microwave for a minuet and a half i poured it on and within a few seconds the gum started 2 disolve i used an old tooth brush and scrubed in circles which brought all the gum into a nice ball on the brush theres not even a mark left on the carpet amazing!!!1
Vinegar on silk Comments By: Amy on 2010-11-26
Vinegar worked amazingly well on my silk maxi dress. I used white vinegar, warmed it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then scrubbed off with a toothbrush.
I rinsed in cold water afterwards to ensure all the acidity was removed - otherwise it could wreck the silk. Thanks so much for the tips!!!

Gum in carpet :( Comments By: Graeme Whitton on 2010-12-14
I used vinegar to remove chewing gum from my carpet which I am pleased to say worked, although the carpet now smells like a chip shop!!! Thanks for the tips :)
AMAZING!!! Comments By: Dede on 2010-12-31
Well...I never expected to get a whole mess of gum off of my leather recliner but wow!!!! Mayonaise actually worked Just give it time and keep rubbin it in and then suddenly the gum begins to melt away!!! I would never have believed it. Thank you soooo much for such a valuable tip. My daughter's bottom thanx you too!
Amazing MAYONAISE!!!! Comments By: Bdawg on 2011-01-05
I blew a giant bubble it popped all over my face I put the mayo on boom it came off!!!!!!!!!!!!
mayonnaise definitely works Comments By: jan on 2011-01-15
used mayonnaise to remove chewing gum from my carpet great tip
Warm Vinegar works magic Comments By: Annie V. on 2011-01-15
I was at work and got a huge wad of gum on my favorite jeans. I thought they were ruined. I checked out this site. I tried freezing my jeans first, but that didn't work so well. I took white distilled vinegar and warmed it in microwave for 30 seconds. I saturated the area and used an old toothbrush to scrape off the gum. It came off in seconds!
Mayo Comments By: thebear on 2011-02-04
Brilliant, can't notice it was there
Brilliant Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-19
Used Rice vinegar and it dissolved immediately
by far its mayonaise!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: philip on 2011-02-19
it worked so darn easy with the mayo..........
Chewing gum on my scarf Comments By: Ckeen on 2011-02-27
It really works!I used the ice cubes and mayonnaise. Thanks for the tips.
Chewing gum removal edinburgh Comments By: KeithEd on 2011-02-28
Great ways to remove gum with other food - very unusual. ECO Pressure Clean provide chewing gum removal in Edinburgh for hard surfaces using steam and a bio agent to dissolve chewing gum. http://www.ECO-Pressure-Clean.co.uk
Absolutely brilliant Comments By: Harsha on 2011-03-04
Wow - absolutely brilliant - had chewing gum on car mat and tried the heated vinegar and scraping it off with knife and then finishing it off with a scrubbing brush and hey presto - all gone! Thank you xx
WD40! Comments By: Simon Barnard on 2011-03-05
Amazing. Chewing gum removed with WD40 and a toothbrush within 5 mins. Many thanks.
HOT VINEGAR WORKED! Comments By: Henri on 2011-03-11
Thought I'd never get my melted gum off my jeans! This site is a god send, Many Thanks
Vinegar Comments By: Domestic salvager on 2011-03-09
Hot vinegar did it for me! Jeans had already been washed several times before I had a go and the gum didn't respond to the freezer treatment. The vinegar softened the gum and all I had to do was scrape it off with a blunt knife. Thank you!
freezing Comments By: lydia on 2011-03-09
nothing seemed to work, but we used chewing gum on chewing gum it came right off!
mayo onj leather and vinegar on fabric Comments By: CarolV on 2011-03-16
fantgastic suggestions - I used mayo on the leather couch, but didnt want to use anything oil based on fabric as I was worried I might have an oil slick stain to worry about after - tried cold vinegar to no avail, but hot, white vinegar worked immediately, with the gum sponged off.
Vinegar- Brilliant! Comments By: raymc on 2011-03-18
Son's best jeans- sat on chewing gum at school. As advised, warmed vinegar in microwave for a few second, poured onto chewing gum and used an old toothbrush to remove the gum very quickly and effortlessly!

Great Tip, thank you!

what a fantastic tip Comments By: judith on 2011-04-07
its like a miracle ,food being used to remove a chewing gum.i did not believe it first but now is easy and cost me nothing ,i mean mayonnaise is the best .just try it.it will not be easy to stop using mayonnaise
Vinegar did it! Comments By: No longer miffed Mac on 2011-03-26
Wifey sat in chewing gum on the train then passed it onto the car seat. Was miffed, but followed others advice here. The warm vinegar and old toothbrush method worked a treat. Thanks V-much.
Hot vinegar Comments By: Leonie on 2011-04-02
Placed my poly/cotton pants in bag in freezer overnight. Made no difference at all. Heated some white wine vinegar and used that and stiff nail brush and that quickly got rid of the horrible green chewing gum.
JimH52 Comments By: Jim on 2011-04-02
We tried the warm vinegar and it didn't work. The WD-40 did it.
Chewy on Carpet Comments By: Jane on 2011-04-10
I just used a little warmed white vinegar (in microwave) to remove a small amount of chewing gum off my beautiful new carpet. It worked immediately. I blotted with a clean cloth after. If you see chewy on your carpet go straight for the warm vinegar, unfortunately I started picking the bulk of it off before reading about the vinegar and have damaged some fibers by rubbing and tearing chewy off.
Warm vinegar works a treat! Comments By: Joolz on 2011-04-11
Unfortunately I sat on a bench where someone had discarded their chewing gum so had gum all over my skinny jeans. Put them in the freezer overnight but still the gum wouldn't budge. Tried the warm vinegar and used a baby wipe to rub it in...worked a treat,came off in seconds!!!
Top Tip! Thanks a Mill! Comments By: John Easy on 2011-04-29
Vinegar worked as advised, immediately it was applied to chewing gum on my car seat, with a little bit of scrubbing with a towel. Thanks!
Warm Vinegar - but don't wash your clothing first Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-04
Warm vinegar and a brush worked a treat, 5-10 minutes scrubbing on a heavy cotton coat and it was gone. The gum just balls right up and gets stuck to the bristles in the brush. Magic, great tip!

The gum came from a cinema seat and washed right out of nylon trousers with regular washing detergent. On cotton, don't bother washing the item first, it's a waste of time; the gum doesnt come out and you only have to wash it again a second time to get rid of the smell of the vinegar!

Didn't affect the colour of the material either, though a little dye came out on the brush that's just from scrubbing.

Vinegar has 1000 uses!!! Thanks for the tip!

MAYO WORKS GREAT Comments By: Steven on 2011-05-07
I got gum on my favourite hoodie whilst on the tube.. mayo with a butter knife and its gone.. Thanks!
Mayo on silk Pyjamas! Comments By: Bridget on 2011-05-09
Found the combination of vinegar and mayo soaked then rinse with cold water, and then I use the corner edge of a dry towel to rub and the gum went into balls that were easy to pick off.
Heated vinegar worked great! Comments By: Sharon on 2011-06-22
This is a great tip that really works. Gum came right off my jeans and top.
Hot Vinegar is good but Mayonaisse is magic Comments By: Mick Robinson on 2011-06-24
Freezing didn't work. I softened up the bubble gum with hot vinegar but it was still there so I rubbed some mayo in - the offending mess completely diasappeared Thanks for the tip
Chewing Gum In Eyelashes Removal Comments By: Ann T in Georgia on 2011-07-12
I am not a fan of young children chewing gum...my kids con my hubby into giving it to them. My 4 yr old blew a bubble and it popped in her eye lashes. I used an eye make-up removal cleansing cloth, boo boo bunny (ice), followed by a warm wet wash cloth. Worked like a charm! No more gum!
White Vinegar Comments By: stuart on 2011-07-09
boiling hot. hotter the better
Mayonnaise removing chewing gum Comments By: sharon on 2011-07-14
Absolutely amazing. Thought my blue shorts were runied. Mayonnaise took it straight off. Thank you so much
Thank you! Comments By: Dace on 2011-08-18
Thank you! Thanks to ur advert I didnt loose my hair! Applying an Egg white on my hair really worked!
gum out of pants after being washed Comments By: Dave on 2011-08-19
I like everyones Idea,but most of thoes items are acidic and will leave fade spots....isnt there any thing I can use that wont fade the spot where the gum was?? i have a pair of police pants that were washed but not dried
Got the EW out of the CHEWING GUM Comments By: Sharon, Australia on 2011-07-22
My son came home from school with bright pink chewing gum stains on his new woollen trousers and jumper. As these are not cheap, I googled advice about removal methods and came across your website. I heated rice wine vinegar (I didn't have any other type of white vinegar) in the microwave for 30 secs. Poured this on the gum and the bulk of it dissolved before my eyes. I then used a butter knife to scrape up the residue. As the chewing gum had been there for some days (my son didn't tell me straight away about the mishap!) I then used mayonnaise to remove the left overs. The clothes were put in the washing machine straight away and voila - a gumless uniform. Thanks for your practical tips!
Mayonnaise works very fast Comments By: edward on 2011-07-24
Thanks so much. Works in second
the vinegar worked Comments By: Lottie on 2011-07-28
Brand new jeans, first outing, chewing gum.
Thank goodness I found this, the vinegar worked really well.

YOU ROCK Comments By: Boogaloo on 2011-08-03
WD 40 -YOU ROCK !!!!
Took 10 seconds

Chewed-off! Comments By: HG on 2011-08-29
Many thanks for the excellent tips - I used hot vinegar & then WD-40 to get a chunk of chewing gum off my car mat. Well happy!
viniger saved my $250 pair of jeans Comments By: adrian on 2011-09-17
tried the freezing method with little success. then tried the warn viniger method with great success thankyou very much :)
Vinegar Comments By: Gary on 2011-09-18
The hot vinegar tip did the trick getting chewing gum off the carpet in the car. It was a little worrying at first as it seemed to just create a mushy mess but some gentle scrubbing with a nail brush for a couple of minutes got rid of virtually all the gum.
Vinegar is a miracle condiment Comments By: Jen on 2011-09-19
I use vinager for everything, but it never occured to me to use it on the gum that has been stuck on my favorite jeans for two weeks. I have tried ice and peanut butter to no avail, i thought I might just have to throw away my jeans, but I just decided to give it one last go and vinager seemed like a great Idea and wouldnt you know it, it took 2 mins (maybe less) to work the gum out of my jeans. I'm impressed and will use this method again I'm sure.
the only way to chews Comments By: bubble yumm on 2011-10-23
the absolute and only way to get gum out of absolutely any material safely is to add to it what has already been removed . SUGAR . it will not stain and will wash out of washer or dry clean only .
VINEGAR: It's Not Just for Windows Anymore!!!! Comments By: Dropdeaddiva06 on 2011-10-25
I would NEVER have thought, in a million years, that vinegar would remove gum!! My mom is old school and she didn't even know about this. Her remedy was ice on the gum. I have a 5 year old son. We took him to a cousin's birthday party and AMAZINGLY he found the ONLY seat outside with gum on it!! LOL So, this happened on Sunday and here it is late Tuesday night and I stumble upon this site! You guys are LIFE SAVERS!!! The jeans that were inundated with the gum, were his favorite jeans. So, I tried the vinegar and old toothbrush method and voila!!! NO more gum!!! Now he can wear his jeans tomorrow with no worries!!!!! You guys rock!!! Thanks again!!!

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