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Remove marker pen marks

Permanent marker is easier to remove than you would first think. So read on for a few ways to remove permanent marker.

Permanent marker on hard surfaces.
You can either use simply a pencil eraser. This will remove the marker pen marks. It will not leave an eraser mark. Another method is toothpaste. Just rub the mark with toothpaste. Saves a lot of scrubbing and chemical smells.

Permanent marker on fabric.
Hairspray will remove permanent marker from fabric. Simply spray the mark with hairspray, when the mark starts to dissolve, rinse through with water. Rubbing alcohol will work in a similar manner.

Using these two methods as a guide can get some great results. I have had letters reporting success using a combination of both of these tips. Depending on the type of fabric you might want to try toothpaste, or even hairspray on a solid surface. As with all the tips on the TipKing website, these are guides giving you the information for a trial and error approach.

Visitors comments

eraser-nothing; toothpaste-miracle Comments By: Mike on 2005-07-20
The eraser did nothing but the toothpaste combined with a little muscle worked like a charm. THANKS!
Brilliant Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-15
I would never have thought to use toothpaste to remove black marker stains, but it worked like magic!
down with hairspray Comments By: The man with the dirty shirt on 2006-03-17
All I can add is that I tried to remove a small permanent marker mark from a shirt using hairspray. It wound up spreading into a HUGE mark. Absolutely ruined the shirt. Hopefully you'll be luckier - just beware.
wow who would have thunk it Comments By: Marcey on 2006-09-03
The eraser worked on my craft desk. No harsh fumes. Awesome!!!!
both worked awesome! Comments By: Sharon on 2006-11-28
My son got sharpie all over my pine kitchen table. I started with an eraser which worked but wore out quickly, then I tried the toothpaste (Crest Whitening) and that finished the job! You cant even tell. Now if I can get my son clean...
removed marker from my refrig Comments By: Donna on 2007-02-14
My daughter got a hold of a blue permanent marker and wrote all over my refrig. dishwasher, stove and one cabinet- the can work fast at 22 months! Toothpaste worked wonders and tooth it all away. I used Crest Whitening/
2 yr old turns kitchen into Sharpie mural Comments By: CaptainLysol on 2007-04-11
My 2 yr old got loose with a permanent marker (Sharpie) and the entire kitchen was her personal whiteboard. I tried several cleaners without much success. I guess that's why they are called "permanent markers". In desperation, I turned to the web looking for grandma's old tips and found this tip. The toothpaste (much to my surprise) was indeed the best. It worked on the walls, stove, fridge, dishwasher, kitchen table, cabinets. And yes, depending on the type of surface, a certain amount of elbow grease is required.
BRILLIANT! Comments By: niecie on 2007-04-16
My 2 year old sister wrote on the computer .the toothpast got the marker off and other particales of dirt.
thanks Comments By: James Rees on 2007-05-17
hi, im james i was drunk and scrawled all over the walls with whiteboard marker, needless to say my housemates were'nt best impressed. the toothpast and a bit of muscle work helped get it off, thankyou!
It didn't work Comments By: WJN on 2007-08-08
There's a marker stain on my shirt & it won't come off
Marker in shirt Comments By: Margieh on 2007-08-21
The hairspray tip worked for me on a rayon shirt that got marked with a black sharpie. took several sprays and scrubbing, but it came out.
Thank you. Comments By: Stephanie on 2007-09-28
I tried the eraser but it didn't work. I was losing hope fast.

Then I tried the tooth paste and it worked like magic. Thank God for you and google :]

Unbelievable! Comments By: Dee on 2007-10-06
I thought there'd be much more elbow grease required! Very easy absolutely delighted with this one thanks!
Worked a dream Comments By: Matt on 2007-10-07
toothpaste is a good one. i should have known about it already as i regularly use it to clean my underwater slates that I use when scuba diving. I wouldn't have thought it would have remove a large amount of blue scrawl from a concrete table though...but it did. Anyone got any tips for sore elbows?
Insect repellant Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-07
Insect repellant (I used Cutter) sprayed on Sharpie marks got it out of carpet and off the kitchen table. Use on inconspicuous spot first on furniture.
Toothpaste works! Comments By: Trish on 2007-12-02
Tried it on unvarnished battered old pine and it's coming up a treat - thank you!
Toothpaste v. felt tip pen on a toilet seat Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-18
The toothpaste won. A little elbow grease added in for measure and its all gone, thanks!
Lifesaver!!! Comments By: Leah on 2008-04-28
My 2 tear old got hold of a sharpie pen and drew all over his newly remodeled bedroom, and new wood flooring. The eraser worked wonders!!! Thank God for Google!
felt pen on counter top Comments By: anon on 2008-05-03
it work beautifully, i took a wet rag and spreaded toothpaste on the mark and it came right off.
try this instead of hairspray Comments By: april on 2008-05-04
Rubbing alchool works better than hair spray and put a paper towel under the stain to prevent it from spreading.
Lacquer thinner Comments By: Erik on 2008-07-21
Lacquer thinner removes permanent marker quickly. test before applying. it may damage some surfaces.
Toothpaste vs. Sharpie! Comments By: Bob on 2008-09-17
WOW! I had my doubts, but I rubbed toothpaste on to a 15 year old marker stain on an old Mac, a couple applications and some warm water, and it's gone! THANKS a TON!
What is with the Two Year Olds and Distruction??? Comments By: Taura on 2008-10-09
Thanks for the toothpaste. Worked on the wood chair, table. Thanks!!! Didnt have rubbing alcohol. tried toothpaste in the bedspread, didnt work so well.
felt pen showing through paint. Comments By: scrubs on 2008-10-31
I have tried to remove black felt pen by painting over it several times. Obviously it hasn`t worked. Will the toothpaste solution work now?
top tip Comments By: the scouter on 2008-12-07
great idea that toothpaste together with the eraser for moving stubborn marker stains from dining room tables saved us s
thanks Comments By: Peter on 2009-01-01
toothpaste method works..thanks for the tips..
OH MY GOD, THANK YOU! Comments By: thankful mom on 2009-01-24
Thi saved my hide. In our brand new remodeled house, my two year old got ahold of a sharpie and marked all over our WAY expesive mill work, with the WAY expensive paint job.... I about had a heart attack. I was able to google, find the tooth paste tip, fortunately had the Crest whitening on hand, and fix before hubby even came home to see...

Toothpaste!!!!!????? Comments By: Ricardo on 2009-01-03
Marker pen on table. Methylated spirits wont work! Toothpaste does!!! What do they put in that stuff?? If i had know that sooner i never would have had to wrestle that tramp!
Tryed , and worked Comments By: Katherine Kat Stamper on 2009-01-13
I did the hairspray one , it worked :D , way better than that dryeal stuff i got the never drys XD
saved a vintage doll trunk Comments By: Sue on 2009-03-03
I purchased a doll trunk that had a price written with what look like a Sharpie. The eraser worked some it made the price lighter. Colgate Total worked great. I couldn't beleive someone would write with a marker on a beautiful white trunk like that.
Thank you so very much

Sharpie on Marble Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-24
None of the tips got it out completely UNTIL this:
I used a steam iron on the wall.
The heat combined with an electric toothbrush works

Luminous green highlight pen on white sweatshirt Comments By: Sue on 2009-04-08
The toothpaste tip really worked - it just took a bit of elbow grease with a toothbrush and the whole lot came out eventually. No smelly bleach or anything else needed.
Thanks a bunch

a humble eraser Comments By: amazed on 2009-04-10
Wow! I' tried everything to get a magic marker stain off a new whiteboard - An annoying scribble across the middle. I couldn't believe that a rubber would work but thought I'd give it ago and 'Hey presto' ! A brilliant result. Thanks.
was great help Comments By: jerry ford on 2009-04-16
my grandson took a black marker to my computer screen Oh Boy .my monitor computer company says clean with soft cloth and water only. I tried this for two hours with no help. then i knew I was facing buying a new monitor . I look up cleaning black markers. read about using toothpaste So I tried this first it did a great job in 15 min of cleaning thank you for your help
Toothpaste worked for me! Comments By: Jen on 2009-04-28
A child scribbled on a wall in rented accommodation with a felt tip pen, I tried alot of cleaning fluids for weeks then gave up.. well, my tennancy is up and I wanted to give it another try, (can u imagine how much of the bond they'd keep for scribbling on walls!!) I googled it and toothpaste came up.. I'm astonished! It came off pretty easily, its amazing.. thanks whoever invented this tip x
very good Comments By: diane on 2009-05-01
toothpaste worked very good i let it settle for about 1 minute then scrubbed not hard but hard enough so i knew it would come off i would recommend toothpaste
Toothpaste saved my couch!! Comments By: Michelle on 2009-05-09
I thought the toothpaste & toothbrush would only really work on a hard surface but i gave it a go on my couch anyway and the permanant marker came straight out!!
OMG!!!! Comments By: kenny on 2009-05-12
Stepson scribbled on computer monitor with a red pen. This idea is great!
help Comments By: missylou on 2009-06-11
my 2 yer old had great fun drawing her daddy a great big picture on our living room wallpaper how can i remove this please help
need help fast! Comments By: julie on 2009-07-03
does toothpaste work on leather?
Brilliant! Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-18
Thank you so much for whomever wrote this tip, total life saver! :D
Great Tip Comments By: Neil Sat-Tech on 2010-01-27
Toothpaste who would have thought it worked great on thick black marker!! but did need some serious elbow grease cheers..
Eraser worked on desk! Comments By: Tracy on 2010-02-22
Thank you so much. The eraser worked wonders on my expensive office desk to remove black perm marker.
Magic Toothpaste Comments By: George Wallace on 2010-03-11
I really was a sceptic about this suggestion, but it worked a treat

thank you

BRILLIANT!!! Comments By: Beth on 2010-04-23
Thanks loads the toothpaste was really useful it was like mahic one minuite its there next its gone HA HA !!
Toothpaste???? Comments By: Lee on 2010-04-28
If it can do this what the hell is it doing to my teeth???
hairspray's my hero! Comments By: Lynn on 2010-05-01
My husband got a green mark on our bedsheet. Got it out by spraying (more like soaking) it with hairspray, then work it out with hot water. Can't notice a thing now! Thanks a lot!!
Nail polish remover Comments By: Fraz on 2010-07-03
Thanks for the advice. My two year old tried colouring in my computer monitor with a Sharpie permanent pen. Decided to follow the tip about using alcohol and used nail polish remover. Screen was clean in seconds - am assuming (& hoping)there will be no side effects. Thanks all.
stained limestone floor Comments By: neve lloyd on 2010-07-06
Toothpaste worked a treat! brilliant super fantastic amazing cool flash quick
Hairspray worked a treat Comments By: Anne on 2010-07-29
Green felt pen on a white polo shirt. Sprayed it with hairspray and scrubbed it with a toothbrush. it broke the stain up and spread it out but easily blotted with kitchen roll. RESULT: no stain, yippee
hairspray doesnt remove permanent marker pen Comments By: sandy on 2010-08-01
hairspray doesnt work, it just sealed the stain! i used oven cleaner, that got it out!
AMAZING Comments By: paul on 2010-08-07
Tooth paste was the best! My daughter colored the dishwasher with a black permanent marker. We tried household cleaners with no results. Then I read about toothpaste. All you need to do is smear toothpaste on top and use a cloth, but apply ALOT of elbow grease. It completely took out the markder.
Toothpaste is fantastic!! Comments By: B Licious on 2010-08-09
The toothpaste worked wonders getting the permanent marker off furniture!
colgate saved the day Comments By: sharron on 2010-08-20
My 2 yr old daughter decided to draw on my new ( only had them 6 days ) set of drawers real beech not cheap either i was really upset thought they were ruined , went on google found this site and tried toothpaste, cant believe it , it came off easily, thank you so much
amazing!! who knew?? Comments By: david on 2010-08-30
i am AMAZED (and very grateful)! as other commenters have noted, the eraser did not work for us (neither on a wooden table nor on a laminate surface), but the toothpaste did! no trace!! many, many thanks!!
Hairspray- Miracle!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-06
My 2yr old took a marker pen to a Collector's Item Teddy Bear. I did the hairspray thing and rubbed with a warm, wet cloth- WOW!! You can't see a mark!!Thanks
Gold pen on leather sofa Comments By: John on 2010-09-11
Thanks to the person who said toothpaste to remove gold marker pen off my black leather sofa. It WORKS thank you
Marker on a computer monitor Comments By: Relieved Parent on 2010-09-18
My 2 year old took permanent marker to my LCD screen. The pencil eraser worked PERFECTLY!

Thank you SO much for the tip!!!

Remove permanent magic marker from under finger nails Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-23
I tried EVERYTHING and this was a miracle. I suggest paste, not gel
BEWARE Comments By: upset on 2011-01-08
my son used a washable flet tip on wax finish canora wood tv stand, I got most of the drawing of with soap and water, but in the heavily damaged areas this wouldn't work so used this tip after seeing it allover the internet, the stain has lighten a little after 1 and half hours trying this tip with tothbrush it dose not remove stain and really dose inscres the damage to wax and wood so much so I am planing on buy the same tv stand again.......all felts paints crayons and anything else of the sort will be locked away from now on,

also try hairspay,
wd 40
nothing seems to work!!!!!!

have follow many techinques e.g with toothbrush, sponge, circle motion, dabbing


toothpaste caution Comments By: richard on 2011-01-15
be careful using toothpaste on glazed ceramics - it removes meatllic glazing!
Nothing works Comments By: Diane on 2011-02-05
Tried alcohol, hairspray, toothpaste and even white spirit to remove a black
whiteboard marker stain from an orange polo shirt. None of the above worked, the stain is as strong as ever. Any suggestions anyone?

Toothpaste works on wood Comments By: weaver-woman on 2011-02-11
Bought a used wooden loom that had ugly black "magic marker" stains. Yes, through repeated applications and rubbing with Oxygene toothpaste, stains lightened considerably. I may try Crest Whitening tomorrow since others have had success with it.
brillent Comments By: fran on 2011-02-24
my 3 yearold took a perment magic marker to my sofas and to my window sills toothpast worked great gotta now get either hair spray or alchole to try on my sofas internet is such a life saver..
permanent marker on LCD screen Comments By: John on 2011-04-03
The toothpaste trick works on this to my surprise - I used an old toothbrush very gently and wiped away with a clean cloth - job done!
Nothing works Comments By: Teena on 2011-06-28
I have tried to remove marker pen and crayon from 3 white leather dining room chairs. Yes the dreaded two year old strikes again. I have tried Hairspray, toothpaste, nail varnish remover, graffiti remover, WD40, bleach. Any further suggestions before I call the upholsterer.

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