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A clean sweep

Submitted by Andie

Do you ever get fed up with your dust pan and brush getting dirty when you are cleaning something particularly dirty. Well next time put your brush in a plastic bag and your pan in a plastic bag. When you have finished throw the plastic bags away with the mess inside them.

Visitors comments

Clean brush and dustpan Comments By: Kaylene on 2004-08-11
Excellent idea: Especially for fireplaces.
Rubber bands used to hold vegetables together work great for holding the plastic bags in place.

it worked thank you You+me=thank you thanks Comments By: I love Harry Potter on 2009-05-30
it actually works!! thank you. i did it and it worked.now my Mom does it. thanks
You+me=thank you that really did help thanks Comments By: I love Harry Potter on 2009-05-30
it did actually work. i even did it and it worked. now my Mom's doing it.
Have you thought? Comments By: Irames on 2009-07-02
Whilst in essence the idea is good, how about the repercussion it will have on the environment? Plastic bags are not good, it would be much kinder to simply wash both after use if too dirty, and probably takes the same amount of time as covering and securing the bags in the first place!

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