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Remove milk spot stains

Milk spots on furniture. Make a mix of vinegar and warm water to a thick paste. Then take a cloth and wet it with the mix and set it on the spot for just a minute or so. Then using a clean wash cloth wipe it. and the spot should come up easily, and wipe till dried.

Mix one teaspoon of a mild detergent (a mild non alkaline non bleaching detergent) with a cup of lukewarm water
Blot the affected area
Mix one tablespoon of household ammonia with a half cup of water
Blot the effected area
Repeat step one and then, sponge with clean water
Blot dry.
No more spoiled milk stains!

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Milk Spot Removal -- Say What? Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-05
How does one make a thick paste of vinegar and water?

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