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Seven Methods to Cut Out Garbage!

There are many homes through out the world that are charge by how many bags of garbage that they throw away.  Have you ever looked out the window to see your family of five living next door has just two bags of garbage a week, while your family of four has at least five bags of garbage every week?  It is time that you learned to cut back on garbage and recycle more.  Here we are going to discuss the many ways that you can cut back on garbage without having to cut back on those things that you enjoy in life so much!

One of the most expensive but simplest solutions that you can use in your home to lessen the amount of garbage that you have is to buy a trash compactor.  While a trash compactor is going to smush everything together so that you have less garbage it can also be quite messy or smelling if you don�t keep up with cleaning it every once in a while.  A trash compactor not only saves you space for lowering your garbage bill, but it is also going to save you in space needed to store your garbage.

Do you have a wood burner, coal furnace, or a burning barrel on your property?  Much of what is actually thrown into the garbage is burnable.  If you have a fire place out doors, a burning barrel, or a wood burner you can burn all of your paper and cardboard which will really cut back on the amount of garbage that you have.

Speaking of paper and cardboard � both of these items are recyclable.  The only parts of these items that are not recyclable are the glossy color ad inserts that come with your papers.  Taking staples or plastic tape off of your cardboard boxes will allow you to bend and store boxes easily.  Most often in town you will find large recycle bins that you can put these items in on your way to work or on the weekends.  Some garbage haulers even have special days that recyclable papers and cardboards can be pick up from your curb.  Call and inquire with them � this is a free service.

Cutting back on your garbage is fairly easy when you recycle. Clear and brown glass is recyclable.  These are jars or containers that you buy food in from the grocery store. All you have to do is throw away the lid, rinse out the jar and take off the label if there is one on it.  Put this in a bag and save it for recycle day for the garbage man or you can take it to you local recycle collection center yourself.  When you recycle you will be amazed at the amount that you are going to cut down on your garbage.

Other items that you can recycle include aluminum cans.  Many clubs and organizations to save money collect aluminum cans.  Aluminum cans are also worth a few bucks to you as well.  Taking your aluminum cans to the local recycler you will get about a dollar a bag for a garbage bag full of cans, which can add up to be quite a bit over a years time!  The local recycle bins most definitely will have aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, and glass centers where you can deposit your items.

Instead of throwing all of your leftovers into the garbage, you can cut back on your garbage and start your own composting pile!  There are a few items that can�t go in the compost pile that is the left over red meats but all your vegetables, breads and even papers can go into the compost pile.  Left over the winter your compost pile will turn into a nutrient rich pile for your gardens.

To cut back on the amount of garbage that you are throwing away, learning to recycle while making yourself a few bucks at the same time.  Large amounts of glass are worth a few dollars, large amounts of aluminum are worth a few dollars as well � but if you have old clothes or furniture you can donate them!  Donating old furniture and clothing to homeless shelters and to thrift store that resell them to the under privileged in your area is going to allow someone something �new� for their home plus you are going to cut back on the amount of garbage that you have going to the land fill!

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