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Remove rust and hard water marks from stainless steel

If you find rust on your stainless steel items you can use lighter fluid to get rid of the rust fast.

Rubbing the rusted area with a bit of rubbing alcohol will remove those hard water stains that you hate as well.

If you have hard water stains on your stainless steel fixtures you can remove them with kerosene. Kerosene does have an odor but this will go away in just a few minutes when you let it air dry!

For a particular tough stain you can rub the stained area with a crumbled ball of aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is going to rub the metal surface so be careful not to do it too often or you could rub away all the plating on the fixture.

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Soft Scrub Comments By: Caitlin on 2004-08-30
I've always used Soft Scrub on my stainless steel kitchen cart surface. It polishes without scratching.

Recently, a wet towel was left on the surface overnight, and rust spots were left underneath. The softscrub took them right out.

Good, but not "great" tips... Comments By: BJ on 2004-10-08
I've tried everything suggested and the hard water marks on my stainless steel sink still aren't budging.

What's more - beware of the tinfoil "tip." While it's true that using the dull side of tinfoil is an AWESOME way to remove hard water stains from chrome fixtures (like faucets and handles, etc), it will turn your stainless steel sink BLACK! The black color will only wear away with time, and nothing can remove it!

removing rust spots from chrome, electric tea kettles etc. Comments By: Foxblossom on 2009-03-20
It might take a little elbow grease, but very fine 000 or 0000 steel wool with just water works great, and won't scratch like aluminum foil. Keep in mind that the 4-0 may take longer but scratch less--but if you don't care about the surface, use as coarse a grade wool as you like.
I have stains on the sides of my sink Comments By: Mike on 2010-07-09
what do hard water stains look like in a aluminum sink? I have stains on the sides of my sink, they're kinda tan or brown looking but they're only on the sides of my sink, lower sides of sink.

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