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Save your knees when Cleaning

If you are cleaning the house and your knees are starting to hurt, just take a plastic bag and fill it with newspaper. Using this on the floor your knees will not hurt as bad when you are kneeling on the floor cleaning.

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Save your knees when cleaning Comments By: Nolin on 2005-05-15
Just place a piece of cardboard on floor, and change as needed then dispose or use for composting.
Too Much Pressure On Knees Is Bad Comments By: Ulie on 2006-01-30
If on the knees too long, because they get very easily irritated.. try not to put pressure on them for long time. Example... scrub the floor with a good grip scrubbing mop whilst standing up.. cardboard or paper may hurt.
That way You will also avoid the hassel of dark rough knees.

saving your knees Comments By: Kathklean on 2006-04-22
I clean every day, I try to do things quickly, though that tip sounds great...When looking for short cuts, try instead, take off the shoes you're wearing and place under your knees. That way it's not another thing to carry or do.Flip flops work best, but tennis shoes work too.

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