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Tape. Clean up pet hair with tape

Using a thick tape - masking, scotch or strapping type anything thick - wrap this around your hand inside out so the sticky side is out and rub the tape over your upholstery. Watch how the hair just clings to the tape and then you can throw it away!

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3m lint roller Comments By: HG on 2004-08-15
I find that using a lint roller to remove pet hair on furniture and clothes works real quick and efficient. I even carry an extra one in my car.
why produce more garbage? Comments By: Maren on 2010-03-14
Those lint rollers are crap, produce a lot of garbage and it takes 3 times more time to use them than just a furniture brush or sweeper made to remove pet hair. You can use this brush over and over. Just clean it every once in a while. You don't have to peel the tape off and be honest, how many rolls do you need for just one washing machine load? You sure do help their business!

The best sweeper so far is this one


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