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Sharpen scissors the easy way

To sharpen your scissors, cut on a piece of foil a few times.


Cut sandpaper or glass paper with your scissors. It will sharpen them lovely

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Old fashioned scissor sharpening Comments By: Cristie on 2006-01-02
Thank you for providing advice on a do-it-yourself topic like sharpening your own scissors. I browsed the internet and found thousands of ads to buy sharpening tools.....You advice is so refreshing for which I thank you.......(wish everyone on the net wasn't just out for the almighty buck, and we would love to see it become an opportunity to be helpful to each other.......sharing knowledge, not money......like it was in the early 80's. Again, thank you......
but will it Comments By: audrey on 2006-03-05
i heard about this tip years ago but now id like to know if it works on pinking shears as well. id go ahead and try it but im not sure i want to in case it harms them. can anyone help?

TipKing Says: I do not think that either of these methods would sharpen pinking shears. Sorry!

Thanks Comments By: T on 2008-10-11
Thanks for the easy tip. I agree with the other comments - it shouldn't be expensive or require a trip to the hardware store to do something so conceptually simple.
Didn't ' CUT ' it for me Comments By: Kate on 2008-12-01
While the tips given may work well for some, i'm afraid it didn't make a bit of difference to my scissors .
5 inch blade scissors Comments By: Bryan on 2009-02-27
It worked really well on scissors with 5" blades. THANK YOU

Sand Paper sounds good... Comments By: ctuesday on 2010-01-31
I just purchased at 40% off at Jo-Anns a scissor sharpener works great for my 1 1/2" and my 3 1/2" scissors. Too small for my 4 1/2" scissors so I'm trying the Sand Paper; here goes...oops don't have any. I tried the tin foil...I can feel a difference but want to go get some sand paper.
scissors Comments By: MICHAEL STONE on 2010-03-12
It is also very important that the back of the scissors are flat, they may not be if you have dropped them. The cutting edge will only sharpen if the back is flat--- grind the back by hand on a whet stone this will help the edge

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