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This category contains a list of all the tips for sewing and mending. If you are an avid seamstress or just looking for easier ways to mend your clothes or other items around the home then you will find some help here.

 Cheap patterns for small appliance covers
 If you are wanting to make fabric covers for your appliances, do not ...

 Crocheting or knitting with two threads
 If you are crocheting or knitting with two threads or yards use this ...

 Dye straw hats or baskets with ease
 Dye straw hats or baskets with ease using this tip:

 Easily put cushion covers on
 Make your own pin cushions easy using this tip:

 Fix a blind or shade string
 Fix that broken shade string fast!

 Hemming net curtains
 When hemming net curtains it makes a better job and saves snagging by ...

 Hems or frayed edges
 If you have a hem that is falling out or that is a bit frayed you can ...

 Mending shoestrings shoe laces
 Are your shoestrings coming undone - fix them fast using this tip:

 Needle threading
 If you are having a bit of trouble threading your needle just spray a ...

 Needles. Keep sewing needles sharp
 Keep all of your sewing needles sharp!

 Old coats
 Creative uses for old coats and jackets:

 Organizing your sewing
 Here are some great organizing tips you can use in your home:

 Patchwork Quilts
 Making quilts is easy using this new tip:

 Quick fix a loose or lost button
 Fix that loose button when you are on the go or if you have lost a ...

 Re-string your pearls and beads
 Restring necklaces fast and easy with this tip:

 Reading Sewing Patterns
 Reading patterns while sewing is so much easier using this tip:

 Sewing Buttons
 Here is a great tip if you are always having to sew the same button ...

 Sewing dark fabrics
 Here is a tip to help when you are sewing dark colored fabric or ...

 Sewing hems
 Sewing hems
Another idea instead of sewing a hem is to use ...

 Sewing Machine Cleaning
 Cleaning Around the Sewing Machine Plate is Easy

 Sewing Patterns. Organizing & Storing Sewing Patterns
 Use this great tip to keep your sewing patterns organized

 Sharpen your scissors
 Here is an easy way to sharpen scissors

 Strengthen those rag rugs
 Neat way to strengthen those rag rugs -

 Stuffed Toys. Repair Stuffed toys
 Fix those ripped stuffed animals using this tip

 Taking out hems
 Take out hems fast and easy using this tip:

 Thread a Needle Easier
 Spray a little bit of hairspray on the end of a piece of thread. Let ...

 Tidy your spools of thread
 Here is a good tip to tidy your spools of thread for an easy work ...

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