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Sewing hems, hem sewing loads of advice and tips

Sewing hems
Another idea instead of sewing a hem is to use iron on tape, available from most sewing outlets. You just place it in the fold and iron in place.

Instead of pinning up a hem use paper clips. They don't stab you and are easy to remove.

When sewing a hem have a thin piece of cardboard with a line on it. Slip it inside the crease and move it along as you sew. That way you will have the same distance all along the hem.

Kids trousers and skirts
Always letting down their hems on trousers and skirts? Well why not use Velcro instead. Have a few strips running vertical down the items. When you wash the item let out the Velcro so that there will be no nasty hem lines next time you let the garment down.

Hem lines
If you have let down an item and you are left with a nasty hem line then try the following. Sponge away the old hemline crease with equal parts of white wine vinegar and water. If the crease leaves a dark line, try a suitable stain remover. A white line is permanent and you will have to conceal it with some lace or trim.

Drooping hems
Drooping hems can be a pain, they always fall at the worst time. Next time you are sewing a hem tie it off every few inches so that if part of it was to fail then only a little will sag. If you do get short then hold it in place with some double sided sticky tape, or some other sticky tape.

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