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Sewing. Organize your sewing with these tips

If you have a few empty prescription bottles or old 35mm holders you can use these containers to keep needles, snaps, buttons, needles and other small items in check.

Do you have a few old Christmas tins lying around the house? You can use these to keep large collections of buttons, pictures, zippers, tapes and so much more that you use when you are sewing.

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True, True, True... Comments By: ctuesday on 2010-01-31
I have a shop and a traveling kit and I use, 35mm film canisters for a sewing kit on the go. fill with a few needles, a bobbin of black, white and red thread and a few safety pins. I use Christmas tins, shoe boxes and small Tupperware. My shelves and workbox are so neat. The 35mm film canisters are filled will snaps, hooks and eyes, etc.

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