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Sharpen needle. Keep your sewing needle sharp with this tip

You can keep sewing machine needles sharp for years no matter what you have been sewing using this quick tip: Sharpen the points of the needle by sewing a few inches on a fine grit grade of sand paper. Do this about one every six months if you use your sewing machine just once in a while, and sew a bit of sand paper every two or three months if you are an avid sewer!

Make your own pin cushion out of steel wool covered with your favorite fabric. When you put the needles in and out of the pin cushion they are going to sharpen themselves!

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steel wool pin cushion Comments By: jeannie on 2011-03-07
We are gathering items for sewing kits for a mission trip at our church. I wondered what I could use that wouldn't be heavy (SAND) to make a pin cushion from to help keep needles sharp. THANK YOU for this tip!

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