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Sewing patterns. Organizing and storing your sewing patterns

When storing your sewing patterns have you ever noticed that they can become wrinkled on the edges making them hard to use? Well, here is a simple solution for storing your sewing patterns to keep them fresh and crisp!

Here is what you can do: roll up the pattern papers, and store them in a empty card board roll like a paper towel roll or similar cardboard container. Make sure you label the roll so that you know exactly what is in there when you are searching through the rolls!

More ideas for storing your sewing patterns are as follows:

  • Keep your patterns organized using a filing cabinet putting each pattern in order according to size, or style as you prefer.

  • Keep patterns organized by putting them on hangers and labeling the hangers as to what they are.

  • Keep your patterns organized by using a peg board or cork board and tacking them all up on one large wall.

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