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Buttons. Tips for a loose button, lost button and button tips

Preventative measures

Often garments are not finished as well as they should be, the stitching of buttons these days is done by machine. That machine does not have a conscience and will not be worried when you are left in the embarrassing position of a button falling off.

If you have the time, always add a few extra stitches to the buttons of a new garment. It could save you problems in the future

Loose buttons

If your button is just about to fall off here is a quick tip to keep it in place. Put a little clear nail polish over the threads that are barely keeping a button on will prevent it from falling off when you can't fix it otherwise. This helps you get through that rough meeting that you need to be at!

Fallen off button

  • When a button falls off, stay you can keep your modesty with a safety pin hidden under the buttonhole until you can replace the button.

  • Fasten a pretty brooch or pin in place of a missing button on a blouse.

  • If you still have the button, fix the button to the fabric with the wire from a twist tie.

Permanent alternatives to a missing button

Just because you are missing a button from a garment there is no need to throw the item away. Have a read through these tips to help you rescue that button less item.

  • Use button-sized Velcro circles and squares. Position each piece with a pin, then stitch around the edges.

  • Cut 'buttons' any size you desire from iron-On Velcro tape. Follow the manufacturer's directions for attaching them to the fabric.

  • Buy press studs or hooks and eyes that are anchored to tapes. Cut off as many fasteners as you need; stitch the tape edges to the fabric.

  • Try grommets, or eyelets; they're sold in many finishes. Attach them with a grommeting tool or a hammer. 

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