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Bags under your eyes How to get rid of eye bags

Submitted by Sima

Get a potatoe slice it into two peices leave int he fridge overnight ,place on eyes for 20 mins do this 4 2 weekz workz wunderz

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Spelling Comments By: spelmen on 2005-07-29
Some People need to learn how to spell correctly... i haven't actually tried this tip.
THANKS Comments By: Anon on 2006-05-13
Thanks for the tip. I will try this. Also, Spelmen needs to stop being so petty and just appreciate the tip the way I did!!
NOOOT Comments By: Jake Lober on 2006-07-04
This doesn't work. Get some sleep...
luv ur style! Comments By: $noopy on 2007-03-03
well i been lookin 4 sumthing 2 do bout tha bags n i hope this workz! well thx n dont mind wat ppl say bout ur spelling cuz i luv it!
Worth a shot Comments By: Tiberious on 2007-03-14
I have not tried this as of yet but willing to try.As for other peoples spelling who really cares as long as you understand what is being said.

GR8 Tip Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-18
This is a cool tip - my partner could carry luggage in his eye bags lol!!!

We'll give it a go.

Bags rock!! Comments By: kath on 2007-07-11
lol.... dont be ashamed how u look
Work Comments By: jannete on 2008-01-23
Does this really work
surgery's best Comments By: Sharon Kaur on 2008-10-08
Lower Eyelids Surgery
ooh cold Comments By: roxy on 2008-11-18
that will be really cold i hope it works though and who cares about the spelling lol
it better work!!!!!!!!!!

sad with bags Comments By: J S Mills on 2009-01-24
it is amazing that in our society we have so much time on our hands to be sitting and commenting on bags!!
Take it or Leave it Comments By: Jess on 2009-02-28
I would probably do this...ur spelling is ok
The spelling is stupid Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-05
The spelling is stupid. End of.
Good tip though...

Spoon to the rescue Comments By: redrose on 2009-06-02
Before you ask, yes I have indeded tried this methosd myself....

1)Run cold water on the front of the spoon(where you eat the spoon from, make sure you dont put it back in the drawers!)

2)After 2-4 minutes, place the front part of the spoon on your closed eyelids-while holding the spoon from the handle.

3) Move the spoon and notice the result!

Bad spelling Comments By: badspella on 2010-03-29
Spelman, if you are going to comment on people's spelling, then please capitalise your 'I'
Who cares Comments By: oggy2oggy on 2011-01-26
Who cares about the spelling, I just want rid of my eye bags, and came on here for tips, not a grammar lesson.

Get a life you grammatical freaks!


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