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Bags under your eyes Eye bags with T bags

Submitted by Carrie

Use used tea bags! leave on ur eyes for 10-15 minutes!

1. It feels rally relaxing and

2. It works really well!

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Camomile Comments By: eD on 2004-08-08
Try use Camomile teabags
hot or cold Comments By: terence on 2005-03-14
is it suppose to be cold or hot?

TipKing Says: Definatly cold!

dark circles Comments By: uz on 2005-04-10
are you talking about eye bags or dark circles under the eyes? do t-bags work for both? Please Help.

TipKing Says: This tip is for the puffiness I think!

puffy eyes Comments By: Julie on 2006-01-20
place slices of potatoes over the eyes, brilliant for taking puffyness away
question Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-28
are the teabags supposed to be wet

TipKing says: Yes! Moist anyway

Take the puffiness away Comments By: Nina on 2006-04-13
The correct way is to wet the tea bags and leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes . then place it on your eyes and leave it until the T bags start turning hot.
Huh? Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-16
Wat do u mean until it turns hot?
Y will the tea bags turn hot?

duh Comments By: Jenny on 2006-09-30
ya know...when they aren't cold anymore? Natural body temp is 98.6 degrees. That is considered 'hot', even if it isn't burning you. So, when it isn't cold anymore, and retains the heat from your body temp.
bags under the eyes Comments By: emma on 2007-07-24
what if yu have blak circle things under your eyes
do you know how 2 get rid of them ?

bags under eyes Comments By: paul on 2007-08-21
My bags are worst in mornings.Is that the correct time to use t bags?
Is this just a short term treatment?
If i do it every day will it last for any period of time?

body temp.. Comments By: bag man on 2008-02-23
body temp is 37 degrees actually, and try eye gels from pharmacies and tescos, they work for puffiness.
hi Comments By: tia on 2008-03-16
How long will this last and is there any other homade treatments that i can use for baggy eyes!?
not true Comments By: rosey on 2008-04-29
i tried it its fake
a big fake
cucumbers make your vison blury
i swear it does!!!!!
thats all i have to say!

Bags Comments By: Sam on 2008-05-15
i got black rings but its not puffy or so on. i just want to get rid of them
can it be Comments By: leo on 2008-07-21
do chamomile t bags work
Chamomile tea bags does it. Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-15
Leaving the tea bags over your eyes for 15 minutes in the morning and night also removes them. I use Chamomile or Green tea bags. I already see results in a week.
eyes look great Comments By: Richard on 2008-10-29
I was using green tea on my eyes for a week and they looked really nice.
bags under eyes Comments By: melissa on 2008-11-03
i dont have puffyness or dark circles just lines under my eyes there really annoying as i have fair skin and they really show up in the light is there any thing i can do about them i am only 11
works really well!!! Comments By: mandy on 2008-12-08
i completely soaked lipton green tea bags, and froze them. after 15 minutes of using them, my eyes looked fab! i think it's the caffein.
fake Comments By: hfdsjf on 2008-12-30
cucumbers are a fake they jus make your vison blury!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Body Temperature Comments By: Andreas Kelvin Jr. on 2009-03-29
Answering back to the body temperature question, if you're in the USA fahrenheit is the common measue for temperature, and the average common iinternal human body temperature is extimated to be 98.3 degree. Celsius which is the most common measure in the world, average body temperature would be 37 degrees.
Now if someones is going to go correcting someone on body temperature you should at least use Kelvin to compare, which in that case the average internal human body temperature would be 310.15 degrees.

garnier dark circle remedy Comments By: kiana on 2009-04-14
eh it works alright
but not the results i was hoping for
if youre a serious case then
that stuff is not for you.
if not so serious then maybe yeah.

re-used T bags Comments By: Thomas on 2009-06-13
Need to use new T bags each time, or I can re-used the previous ones. If yes, then how many more times.
eye bags Comments By: kamala on 2009-07-23
I've used t bags and sliced cucumber but it does not really works.
does it matter Comments By: britny on 2009-08-09
does it matter wat type of tea it is?
tea bagging Comments By: black eye on 2009-12-25
there is no caffene in green tea
sugar and milk too ? Comments By: fossy on 2010-01-04
seriously, if you have darkness around the eyes, the tea staining from the bags will definitely make them look twice as bad.
Tea leaves? Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-19
Will it work the same with tea leaves instead of teabags?

TipKing says: It will be a bit messy

Brown bags Comments By: Angela on 2010-03-25
I agree. Tea bags discolor the eye area. If I were you, I would stick to ice cubes or extremely cold water for about 10 or 15 minutes.
t bags Comments By: anon on 2010-08-04
don't do this I went to a & e with scolded retenas, and I never got to finish my cup of tea cos I was in so much pain
uhh? Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-26
OKay so should i do this or not ?
T-Bags for eye bgs Comments By: John D on 2011-04-06
Like you said baggy eyes can be hereditary my mother soaked her eyes w/tbags every morning and i do the same. It really works. Try it!

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