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Ice cold vinegar for burns

For skin burns apply ice cold vinegar right away for fast relief. It will prevent burn blisters.

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pickle juice! Comments By: Burn Victim on 2007-05-23
I put my fingers in pickle juice and kept my hand held high. It didn't take away the pain completely, but it certainly helped!!!
vinegar and milk Comments By: jo on 2008-09-26
I burned my hand in grease and I soaked it in vinegar an milk. instantly it started getting better. Butter made it worse.
I guess it helped Comments By: CPO on 2008-12-17
I'm not sure if it was the vinegar and milk, but i tried it for a minor burn caused by some splashed hot oil. my skin is still red but the pain has subsided.
firecracker burns Comments By: jj on 2009-01-01
put ure hand in ice cold water for 15 minutes then put aloe lotion
fast fast fast Comments By: karen on 2009-02-18
within minutes the painh had subsided on my son"s arm. i will always use this remedy from now on.
vinegar heals and relieves the pain Comments By: jkat on 2009-04-11
We searched online to find something to help and I read the other remedies without much hope. Even tried a few with no luck. As soon as I saw vinegar on the list, I ran to the store to get some for mom who burned her fingers bad while cooking. The reason was because I remebered her giving us vinegar baths when we got sunburns as kids and I remeber it was the only thing that took away the pain. As soon as I got home, I gave a bowl of it to mom and she could not believe that the pain went away as soon as dipped her fingers in it. Another thing, it really cuts the down the blistering, even with sunburns,even if you already started blistering.
milk and vinegar Comments By: anon on 2009-07-16
i burnt my whole hand. one person said use milk someone else said use vinegar i did both and now the burn is just a tiny boil and not painful.
a pinch of vinegar today takes the pain away! Comments By: Nando Lalanski on 2009-11-03
after dipping my hand in ice (worst idea ever) I decided to use Vinegar (apple cider vinegar in this case) and it worked immediately. Hurray for no pain.
RELIEF AT LAST!!!!!!! Comments By: Jessica on 2009-12-20
I burnt all 5 of my fingers on my left hand up to the knuckle. It was more painful than child birth! I used snow from outside (no luck). I used a fan to blow on my hand while it was wet to cool it off(no luck). Then I read this. I mixed Apple Cider Vinegar with the milk and now i have absolutely no pain at all! Whoever came up with this, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Vinegar works! Comments By: Kim Obermeyer on 2010-07-22
I accidentally dumped boiling water down my leg 2 days ago. It covered from almost the top of my inner thigh all the way down my calf. I immediately grabbed some vinegar out of the cabinet and dumped it in a bowl and then got out some ice packs. I continually held vinegar soaked handtowels on my leg for about 30 - 45 minutes along with ice packs over the top of the towels to keep it cooler. When the towels got warm, I soaked them in vinegar again and replaced them on my leg. Vinegar works to cool off a burn better than anything I've ever used. Once I stopped this, I began putting aloe on the burn, reapplying as soon as it dried for several hours. After a couple of hours, the pain was mostly gone, about half of the burn was gone, and what was left looked like a sunburn. This happened Tuesday and today is Thursday. It looks like it will be completely healed within a couple of days with no scarring. I have been putting aloe and creams on my leg yesterday and today to continue the healing process but I credit the vinegar for cooling it off quickly and keeping it from becoming a second degree burn. This could've been very serious and landed me in the hospital but because of vinegar and a quick reaction, it was minor. I've seen people say not to use vinegar and I think that is crazy. If the skin is not broken, use vinegar immediately to cool the burn so it doesn't continue to burn. If your skin is broken, it is already second degree and vinegar would probably not be a good idea.
Vinegar and milk Comments By: Kathy Duncan on 2010-08-19
Ouch I cant believe I burned my hand. Wow the vinegar and milk really helped.
egg whites Comments By: K. Lueckemeyer on 2010-09-11
My 6 yr old touched the bbq pit (with both hands) @ a cousins party thinking he could beat the heat, he dashed inside the apt crying and I rushed out for a piece of aloe but my friend said to apply egg white. I was desperate, I tried it and after 30. min of dipping his hands in a bowl of egg whites, his hands are red and 1 small blister but his is in not so much pain and he even took his turn to strike the pinata at the party. Someone suggested butter but I know that it contains oil and that only cooks it so it makes it even more painful!

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