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Toothpaste for burns

Apply a small amount of toothpaste. This works great and will make the feel of the burn go away.

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Thought I only knew that Comments By: Donad on 2007-07-23
Gives a feeling of relief and a slight burning sensation that makes you no longer feel the burning sensation of the original burn. Lol@ above comment though.
Lies all lies Comments By: T on 2008-07-06
don't do it - oww oww oww
so stupid Comments By: Fuckin Scientist Man on 2008-08-26
First of all, any toothpaste on a burn right away TRAPS the heat and burning in the tissue, dumb asses. So run your burn under cold water for at LEAST 15 minutes.. THEN do whatever bullshit treatment you wish.

Those who say that toothpaste works, IT ONLY FEELS LIKE A COOLING SENSATION BECAUSE THATS WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO IN YOUR MOUTH. to others its not even a cooling sensation its a burning hot feeling which makes it worse. Ive tried it before.. right when i got a burn.. IT BLISTERED UP AFTER PUTTING TOOTHPASTE ON IT...

it works really Comments By: anna on 2009-01-04
it works depending on the kind of burn you've got. different burns need different treatments. cold work best among all burns because of the obvious tempurature reduction.
on minor closed burns from say touching something hot, toothpaste works fine. obviously more serious burns, like grease burns or 2nd degree you need something else.

Great! Comments By: Ketchupqueen_404 on 2009-01-14
Worked fantastic! Was burning horribly before and after I applied toothpaste the burning pain went away. Like every other burn was still sensitive to touch as it will if you add any substance.
IT TOTALLY WORKS SO STFU! Comments By: Lauren on 2009-02-20
After i burnt my finger i put in under cold water for a while. A few hours later it still hurt so a friend told me to put toothpaste on it so i did. it totally worked and it made the sting of the burn go away. when i felt the burn coming back a couple hours later i washed off the old toothpaste and put a new coating on. It helped a lot for the sting and it even reduced the blistering. I highly recommend doing it, even my doctor told me that it is a good thnig to do.
it works! Comments By: richard on 2009-02-21
i burnt myself my thumb trying to get a piece of stuck bread out the toaster. i tried ice at first, but like most people have already mentioned as soon as you take the ice off it starts to sting again. so i tried toothpaste, and IT WORKS!!! it takes a few mins to kick in but once it does its really good.
Crest Toothpaste! Comments By: Lindsay on 2009-04-20
I burnt my middle finger and ring finger on a steamer, i first just ran cold water on it, then tried the yellow mustard, which just made my fingers cold, then i tried toothpaste. I guess scientifically, it's bad for burns. But it did take away the pain for about 10 minutes. Now, i'm soaking my fingers in a bowl of cold milk. It feels better. Ha, so i recomend milk!
Might depend on brand formulation Comments By: rob on 2009-07-08
After cold water treatment, "fancy" toothpaste worked initially, but releif faded, then became annoying. Perhaps some toothpastes may work, while others will not. See raw potato remedy; potatoes are all the same.
Might depend on brand formulation Comments By: rob on 2009-07-08
After cold water treatment, "fancy" toothpaste worked initially, but releif faded, then became annoying. Perhaps some toothpastes may work, while others will not. See raw potato remedy; potatoes are all the same.
I have to admit it works Comments By: Todd Lorenze on 2009-10-04
Ok, this is real people, I just burned my fingers on my smoker, im smoking ribs. anyway i burnt my fingers, all 4 of them on my hand, and i was putting my hand in ice water, my wife said put Colgate on it, i said no way thats not gonna work, but i tried anyway, in less than 5 seconds the burn feeling went away mostly. i still feel it a little bit, but no where near how bad i felt it 10 minutes ago. I am very supprised its working. im even typing with that hand. Do i still feel the burn, yes but its bearable, where as before it hurt a lot more.
Comments By: aman on 2009-11-01
it works gr8...apply paste in large amount for quick relief
nothing works Comments By: mia on 2009-12-31
It's been 3 hours. I am in so much frakin' pain right now.
HI Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-09
Everybody is really clumsy. Stand with the pain. Not trying this just in case. who knows>?
NEVER DO THIS! Comments By: Jesse on 2010-05-17
My girlfriend recommended I try this tip after burning my finger on a frying pan.... I was hesitant to try it, but I gave it a shot. It made the burning so much worse! Needless to say, it's the LAST time I listen to her....
In a word, bullshit Comments By: Rory on 2010-07-01
Don't think it did any harm, but really no improvement. If you think this works, look up 'placebo effect'. It's nothing more.
NO! Comments By: Noppi on 2010-09-14
I used to believe it's true because I burnt my figer a little while playing with candle. A while ago, I burnt my ear while curling my hair (not funny ok). Instead of giving it a cooling sensation, I feel thumping, and even worse burning sensation.
it's better to use egg white :)

dont use it Comments By: anon on 2010-12-04
plz.... dont use it it leaves marks on your skin which seems to be very bad
NO NO NO Comments By: Helper on 2010-12-22
Last night i used crest toothpaste and i left it over night and i took the band aid off and i had a burn use neosporin it will be ok you will not get a scar and it only lasts a week also alo vera works to good luck

toothpaste for burn on finger really works Comments By: Redberry on 2011-07-07
I had my sis google a home remedy for a birn because I burned my finger on a poy while cooking. I ran it under cold water but as soon as I moved it from under the water it burned like I dont know what. She said toothpaste so I immediately ran into the bathroom and put it on. I definitely worked immediately!!!
The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown... Comments By: Gigi on 2011-08-10
I was recently burned by oven. At first I ran my hand under some water, and wrapped it in a moist paper towel that I periodically wrapped in ice. After that I used the toothpaste (non-Colgate) and it did have a marginal soothing for about 5 min. Then it started irritating again, so I used Colgate...AND IT SUCKED!!! It immediately started to burn worse. I think it could help, but only with certain brands and only for a small period of time. I recommend running cold water.

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