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Mustard for burns

I have been in the resteraunt industry for 10 years and the one thing I hate the most is getting burned. A good quick fix for releif is to spread mustard on the burn and let sit! Trust me it WORKS!

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Mustard really does work Comments By: painfully burned on 2004-10-03
I burned 7 of my ten fingers on a very hot casserole and the pain was immnense, I read this on the mustard and was willing to give it a try. Amazingly it works - thank you so much for the great tip.
mustard for burn Comments By: Willy on 2004-11-05
i burned my thumb on my spaghetti o's and i couldn't sleep and the mustard made the pain go away instantly.
thank you very much Comments By: Anonymous on 2004-11-06
i burned my hand lighting a firecracker and the pain was excrutiating. no one was home so i didnt know what to do so i looked for help on the internet. i found this advice very helpful and thank the person who found this out.
Painful at First but Very Effective Comments By: Anonymous on 2004-11-12
I was told this by my mom when I burned 3 fingers on an exhaust pipe. It is painful at first, but it draws all of the heat out and you do not blister. I could touch and use my fingers just a few hours after it happened.
works great Comments By: anon on 2004-12-14
i got hot grease on my face and didnt know what to do, found this tip on the internet and it works great...worst part is i gotta go out to dinner tonight and now i'm gonna have a burn mark on my face. doh
you saved my evening. Comments By: emily on 2005-01-05
i fprgot the utensil i was using to cook smore's with i had scaoched to clean the marshmellow off was scalding, i cleaned it off with my finger and thumb and was in agony. my sunt told me mustard, i lloked on the internet too and read your comment, the pain has gone down alot,thank you so much.
i'm a idiot Comments By: Shaky on 2005-01-22
I was kidding around and lighted a paper towel on fire on the way to the sink I burned my thumb trying to put it out mustard really made it feel better and i fell like a real jackass.
Eh, It was aight... Comments By: Abby on 2005-05-30
My friend burnt her finger on the rack of a stove and used the mustard remedy from this site, and only found the mustard relieving her pain temporarily...Anything else REALLY work?!?
Yeppers Comments By: Brita on 2005-12-28
When I was about 10 years old I was making a pizza and managed to drop the rack it was on , on my arm. Mom lathered me up with some mustard and weirdly enough it helped the pain and soothed the burn. No one seemed to believe me when i said it, glad to see it's on here!
i.m a dumb guitar player that grabs hot cast iron Comments By: ftbg on 2011-06-27
I have 2 rehearsals and a show this week. I LOOOOOVE MUSTARD!!!!

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