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Bananas for cramp

I would also like to add a remedy for leg cramps for those who wake up with them. I used to be waken up 3-4 times a week. Now I eat a banana each day. Have not had 1 since. Secret is potassium. Try it for 1 week, you will not be woken with leg cramps again.

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I so agree!! Comments By: Niketa on 2007-11-21
I have been eating them religiously before bedtime- and have not suffered. the one nite i didnt have a banana i awoke with the most awful cramp!
Me Too! Comments By: Banana Eater on 2007-12-17
It works! When I was first told about this I honestly thought I was having my leg pulled.

But . . . a banana a day does keep the cramps away :)


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