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Sleep right for avaoiding cramp

I don't doubt the tip about potassium in bananas being good for leg cramps , but the great majority of cramps in the calves are caused by sleeping on your back with your heels beyond the mattress. Lie down and try it and you'll see how it cramps up those muscles.

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Eureka Comments By: Pauline on 2004-08-19
I have been suffering from what I thought were mystery leg cramps but reading your comment I think that this is exactly what is causing mine - the weather has been hot and sticky and I've been sticking my feet out over the end of the bed to cool down.

I will report back with the results in a week - thanks for the really logical tip!

right sleeping Comments By: vikas on 2005-05-04
i just want to know the right position of sleeping in leg cramps(night one).
posturing is everything Comments By: Bruce on 2006-11-09
but for those of us with frequent cramps who sleep correctly already, we need some antidote!! I'm trying the apple cider/vinegar/honey solution and it seems to be working ok at the moment. I'm also taking Vit. C and either an aspirin or a small dose of ibuprofen. [liquid or chewable ibup...] I'll get back to you on that remedy.

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