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Warts Warts - NO PAIN, NO HASSLE

Submitted by Hannah

When my sister had to go to the doc to get her wart removed, I was told that I would have to do the same. So, how was I able to get rid of it without going to see the doctor? All I did was pick at it, like a sore, and about 2 weeks or more it was gone. It might take awhile, but it really DOES WORK! No scars at all even!

Visitors comments

Not so sure that works 100% Comments By: Krusty on 2006-04-20
I was changing a tyre on my old mini, the tyre is very close to the body of the car. Anyway basically my wart on my finger was completely ripped off. Great I thought (after I got over the pain/shock) but it grew back!
doen't work Comments By: fishy on 2008-04-21
I did this leaving and left me with a big hole in my finger which I thought was fine because I got rid of my wart but within a few weeks it had grown back.
doesn't work Comments By: jonny on 2008-08-24
have been picking mine for four years and there is no change.
Silly Idea Comments By: Poss on 2008-10-10
I have been picking at them for 6yrs and no change they just keep getting bigger and stronger.
Um, not true Comments By: rache on 2009-01-04
I've picked and dug at the blighters until there's nothing but a hole. They grow back! They're like friggin dracula.
It's all in the bananas, mates!

Hmm, Comments By: Victoria on 2009-04-13
When my daughter fell over it ripped off. She was so relieved but it grew back again because the root in the wart was so deep. So it just grew back.
Wart on lip Comments By: Microchip on 2009-05-11
I know someome who had a wart on their lip, and it was there for ages. The person got frustrated with it and ripped it off. By this time the wart was almost a centimetre wide so it bled a bit, however it did seem to work for them and the wart has not returned. I would say this can work for some people but there may be a risk of scarring.

I picked one of my warts and it was a lot smaller after the bleeding had gone. However as I had not picked the whole thing off it did grow back. That is just my story, I would say do this if you have the guts, for me it at least made it smaller and for my friend it did work. As for 'NO PAIN' I would say that is incorrect, as it does hurt (you are ripping something off/out of your skin!) but just not much, it could be worse.


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