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Clear nail polish for ringworm  new

This application is rather more controversial, and you need to be aware of any allergic reaction to the nail polish but the tip is as follows: Apply clear nail polish to the affected area on a daily basis. What you are doing is suffocating the fungus. Sounds strange but it works.

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This Really Works! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-09
I got a small case of ringworm and applyed clear polish once daily and it totally went away in 7 or 8 days!!
just wondering. Comments By: amanda on 2004-08-21
I tried this for the better part of a week. perhaps I gave up too quickly. Is it possible, though, that it may not work for some people?

TipKing Says: What works for some may not work for others.

It worked on Planter's Wart Comments By: lucky Mom on 2004-09-07
I tried this with my 12 year old daughter and after a week the warts were almost gone and then disappeared after 2.
what if Comments By: TeKay on 2004-12-30
what if you have more than one ring worm and its not just one rash but several.
Nail Polish on Ringworm Works! Comments By: tristan on 2005-01-18
After 17 months of carrying ringworm in my pubic area, I finally tried clear nail polish. And yes, it works. The key is to have a blacklight to see where the ringworm fungus is located. When using a blacklight the ringworm will be exposed, and will help you identify where to apply the nail polish. Expect the ringworm to show up as an electric apple green. It was both in my right hand and in my pubic area. I suggest to get an environmentally friendly clear nail polish at a health food store. I bought it from Whole Foods. It does not contain the fumes, and extra toxics like folmadehyde that the regular nail polish does. Apply the nail polish for one week and it should clear up. Also use the blacklight to identify clothes, or areas in your home that may have the ringworm spores laying around so that you can kill it with some clorox.
i don't know if it's working or not Comments By: Reshedha on 2005-06-21
i've been putting the clear nail polish o it but it seems to me that it is spreading could this be because i'm using the same nail brush??
Use A Q-Tip And Clear Nail Polish Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-11
When you have a ringworm, you should be very careful because anything that you rub against will be affected as well. Grab a Q-Tip and dip it in the nail polish. DO NOT DOUBLE DIP!! Apply it to your arm.. make sure you cover the ENTIRE infected area. It will burn at first but its worth it. After 5-6 days it will disappear.. if it is a very fresh ringworm and you apply the polish, it will dissapear within 2-3 days.
How to apply this stuff? Comments By: Jasper on 2006-10-21
I tried the clear nail polish trick but wonder how long you leave it on for and what is the best way to remove it? I tried using a diluted polish remover to take off but it burned too much so I soaked the polish with warm water and soap and peeled off which also was not too pleasant. I'm wondering how long you leave this on and what's the best way to remove? Also, what brand of polish is best? I think the one I used may have had too much "other stuff" that caused burning when applied. Also, the area was redder than before after I removed it so I cant tell if it's doing the trick. I've read that the clear nail polish works pretty good so I want to try it, but the right way to get rid of this nasty ringworm Ive managed to get on my neck! I've also tried bleach and sea salt which Ive read also work. Anyone have any luck with these?
See your Doctor Comments By: Cynthia Rogers on 2007-05-06
Ringworm needs to be treated from the inside out. Oral antibiotics, usually something like Keflex. My dog gets it every spring. Many do. I gave him hydrocortisone foam baths, applied Silvadine lotion from the pet section at walmart for the lesions, gave him some benedryl for the itching after speaking with my vet to make sure that it was ok, and got some Rx oral med for him. It is contagious to humans so I have to be careful not to let him roam through the house. I washed my hands alot and so far managed to keep it from getting on me. It takes a couple of weeks to get rid of it.
how do you take the nail polish off??got rip off by a doctor Comments By: ibflossing on 2007-09-12
I just graduated and broke! This can't happen at a better time. I have had a ring worm the size of a quarter on my right cheek. I'm very concern because it might spread to my eyes!! and they give me funny looks when I go on interviews. going to the dermatologist will cost me, but before i do that i want to try this nail polish thing. At the moment I've been using hydrogen peroxide and lamisil cream but i'm going to try nail polish tommorrow and see how that goes for a week.My question is HOW Do I taKe ThE NaIL POlisH OfF?????????? Thankyou in advance.
will it work on warts to Comments By: niylka on 2007-09-12
clear nail polish really work
does not work for all Comments By: anon on 2007-10-03
i tried the nail polish. not only does it hurt to get off, but it didn't do anything for me! for some reason, nothing seems to be working- and the doctor wouldn't give me the oral meds...
Wondering ? Comments By: Daysha on 2008-01-06
How long do you leave it on for?

TipKing says: I would think that you leave it on for the whole day

For Face ? Comments By: jenny on 2008-02-10
I really want to try this idea but do You Think It Would work on my face, or would it leave a scar ? My skin is really sensitive aswell and im only young so i dont want a scar !
getting rid off the polisher Comments By: don on 2008-04-07
How do I get rid off the nail polisher? Do I have to renew it evryday? Oh I double dipped it.. If this is the cure, then how will it get infected? Reply ASAP PLs..
does this really work? Comments By: sarah on 2008-05-07
I have ringowrm on my pubic area. i just noticed it yesterday and i am trying to find somehing other then bleach to kill it. I tried the bleach and it burned terribly. I put nail polish on it last night and it seemed to work but then i peeled it off and took a shower and it seemed to have came back. How many times a day are you supose to do this before it goes away?
tried everything Comments By: carlesha on 2008-07-24
i had ringworm for almost three months now i tried bleach and it went away and came back and spread. i am now tryin the clear nail polish. wat i wana know is how long does it take to work?
No clear nail polish! Comments By: A Guest on 2008-07-31
After reading this article I searched around for some clear nail polish but I couldn't find any so I used a light pink instead (luckily the ringworm is under my arm) but will it still work?
Clear nail polish works Comments By: Emma on 2008-08-20
Yes it works - used it only one day and ringworm is nearly gone already but will keep using it over next couple of days just to make sure! It doesn't hurt to apply and simply flakes off when it dries up, which isn't sore either (and I do not have a high pain threshold!)
use tape! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-17
i let the nail polish dry up and just peel it off. if im having trouble, i use a piece of scotch tape and it removes the polish all at once!
clear nail polish really works Comments By: Rosie on 2008-10-17
I have had this ringworm for a good 4 mos and I've used 2 tubes of Lamisil, an antifungal cream, went to dermatologist and gave me samples, dried it but it just won't go away and at times it itches like crazy. I googled it last night what else to do as I don't want to pay another 80$ to the doctor,. I tried the clear nail polish last night, peeled it in the morning and what a big difference it made, it's smooth now unlike before was bumpy, the raised edges has disappeared and it looks significantly better and that is only for not even 24 hrs. I applied some more to see if it will totally eradicate it.
animals Comments By: anon on 2008-12-16
you can give it to your animals so be really careful around them.say you have it,give it to your dog,and get rid of it.you can get it again.
no it doesnt Comments By: anon on 2008-12-16
it doesnt leave a scar
how Comments By: anon on 2008-12-15
how do you know if your animals have it.i might of got it from them.

can i Comments By: anon on 2008-12-16
can i use french pink or do i have to use clear. i have it on my face.i tried french pink for not even 24 hours and it looks like its getting redder around it and it stings like crazy.is that good or bad?well are there any other solutions at all that work and dont burn like crazy.
More indepth instructions Comments By: Brianna on 2009-01-19
Brush a thin layer of athlete's foot powder onto the affected area of the skin. Apply a layer of clear nail polish over the coat of powder. While the polish is drying, lightly brush on more athlete's foot powder over top of it. Once the first coat of polish and powder has dried, paint a second coat of polish over top and let dry. Keep the area dry and clean. Repeat this procedure once per day for a week, or until the ringworm fungus has been taken care of.
Variations Comments By: Brianna on 2009-01-19
*any nail polish will work, not just clear
*the easiest way to remove the polish is to use nail-polish remover
*if this is too painful try pressing a damp, warm cloth against the polish for a few minutes. This should help loosen the nail polish away from the skin, allowing it to just be pealed away easily. You could also try freezing the nail polish off by holding an ice cube against it for a few minutes. This causes the nail polish to become brittle and it can now be flaked off easily.

Giving it a try Comments By: Corinne on 2009-01-13
But i only have bright red nailpolish at my desk. Ill let you know how i go but right now it looks like i have a serious wound on my side hahahaha
HOw do u get rid of a big one??! Comments By: Abby on 2009-03-25
mines really big now, its bigger thatn a quarter and would it work if i uses nail polish??, & how long will it take??
Not tried yet but Comments By: Ebru on 2009-04-05
I need some advice I have had this ringworm for nearly 3 months and I put a plaster on my arm to cover it because of my job. And it reacted I now have this really big ringworm going across my arm, any help. The cream I got from my doctor is rubbish
Skeptical Mom Confirms It Works!! Comments By: mlecho on 2009-04-28
My son had ring worm in two places and we were trying an antifungal cream with no changes. I was skeptical about the nail polish but was willing to try almost anything. I tried a test using antifungal cream on spot and clear nail polish with tea tree oil in it on the other. Both were treated twice a day then covered with a band aide. After two days, no changes with the antifungal cream but the one with nail polish was almost gone. I then used it on both spots with both being totally clear within 5 days!! I made sure to only use Q-tips for the application of the nail polish and made sure that it was dried before covering. I did not remove with nail polish but only reapplied over what had not worn off. Also, my son said that it burned a bit until the polish dried but it was worth the discomfort. 04/27/09
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Comments By: Ash on 2009-05-04
I'm going to try this on two tiny spots i have that I believe to be ringworm....Grrrr! Ok so I put it on it and now it kinda burns a bit but hey I DONT CARE! I just want this thing gone ASAP.
woooooow :D omg it works !!! Comments By: angel on 2009-05-22
i realised i have ring worm after thinking it was a spider bite lol. well had it for a week and for the last 2 days were trying antiseptic on it (didnt work) then i read about the nail polish thing...at first i was laughing at the fact people could be so stupid but then desperate measures came and i tried it. will im sitting nearly slapping myself due to the fact that it really DOES work..im so suprised its only been 3 hours and its reduced half the size.. however i did want to ask how do you decontaminate clothes, does just a regular wash clean off the spores from clothes? well guys thanks i owe you big time for all the advice :D:D:D
OMG Comments By: NENE on 2009-05-24

Applied about 2 hours ago Comments By: Marc on 2009-05-28
Mine is small and I already had a ring worm before which took a great deal of my right cheek. I used sporomax which cost me quite a large sum of cash but it worked. Now today I realised I have another 1 on my chest after I mistook it for eczema. I applied the clear nail polish 2 hours ago and it already seems to be fading. Cheers! ^^
thanks to my kitten Comments By: smidget on 2009-06-11
My family and I rescued a stray kitten and with that everyone has ringworm. We have been using lotromin and medicated prescription cream from the doctor. My family and I have had it for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Very slowly they seem to disapear, but not fast enough. I am only 14 and have over 60 spots )': I am trying this nailpolish and I really hope it works.
CURE FOR RINGWORMS Comments By: eva on 2009-06-13
i use a jock itch cream for ringworm,it is amazing,if you have small worts by your ringworm apply clear nailpolish ,foor the ringworms use ointment,which you can get at and grocery store over the counter
It really works!! Comments By: christina on 2009-06-16
i really didnt think it would work but i did it last night and already you can harldly see them i have 4 little ones on my chin. Can u imagine how embarrising it was for me to be seen at work like this? Well i put a thin layer of athletes foot powder and a coat of clear nail polish and now its practically gone
I Have a Rinq Worm On My C H I N! Comments By: Devine on 2009-06-17
Question 1- How did it qet there?
2-How to qet rid of it.
3 Yes yes i Have already tried Bleach..but i got burnt.
Sooo....Any Tips?

PAPAYA SEEDS WORK better tham Lotramin AF Comments By: Mia on 2009-07-27
I've had ring worm in groin area for a month now and I'm so sick of the darn thing...plus I'm going through bath towels like crazy (don't use same towel teice or it'll spread to other body parts). I've tried Lotramin but it doesn't seem to help and doesn't prevent itching for more than 6 hrs or so I've found. So I've done some research and mustard seeds or papaya/papaya seeds are supposed to work.
I've tried papaya and it relieves itching really well and reduces redness and growth but i'm not all the way there yet.

Any nail polish works Comments By: Amanda on 2009-08-10
I started putting a white nail polish just last night on my self and my 3 kids and it is already looking way better the bumps are gone and it looks like its healing up fine.Lets hope it keeps up the kids start school in 2 weeks.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Comments By: Very Happy on 2009-09-03
I've have ringworm for so long on my arm and I was always so self concious about it - I tried creams - shampoos and anti fungal sprays - non of them worked until I tried the nail polish and... IT CLEARED RIGHT UP.

Thank you! Clear works best I noticed i felt a little stinging if I used the color ones. I just put it on after work and left it until the morning - cleaned if off and repeated the following day for four days and it was gone.


ringworm on my penis Comments By: johnathan on 2009-09-12
i have ringworm on my penis it isnt itchy or flaky jus slightly vissible and spreadin! tryed many antifungal creams but not working! shaal i try the nail polish remover? some help me
ueah it works Comments By: calvin on 2009-09-16
but how in the hell u got it around ur private area wat was u doing
GETTING MARRIED IN 10 DAYS & HAVE HORRIBLE RINGWORM!!! Comments By: Mrs. Ramirez on 2009-10-13
Well im getting married in 10 days and I just bought a stapless dress. Unfortunatley i have a cuarter sized ring worm on my back, and another dime sized one on my chest...I have tried different prescribed antifungal creams, Bleach and Lotrimin...NOTHING has worked...I just applied the clear nail polish and now im crossing my fingers and praying that these things go away!!!! I will let u know...Thanks!
Comments By: Julie on 2009-10-14
It's actually pretty common to have them in the genital area. It's called jock itch.
The nail polish works, here are the nuances I found for best results. Comments By: anon on 2009-12-01
I went to a dermatologist and had my case officially diagnosed. I had it for about 3 months before going to the doctor because I thought it was eczema and was therefore putting on eczema cream. MISTAKE! The cream for eczema that I had "fertilizes" the ringworm, it is called Fluocinonide. So my case was deeply embedded in my skin. (Great.) The doctor gave me a topical cream (Ertaczo and it's 50 bucks! no generic but I was desparate) and 2 weeks of lamisil tablets for systemic treatment. After 14 days things looked marginally better. Here is where I tried the clear nail polish. I used a Sally Hansen clear coat. It burned like #$@! but I kept coating about 3 times a day for 48 hours. I had a hard time keeping the paint on, it just kept flaking off. I used the same bottle and brush, no qtips and applied a generous coat. Then I tried washing my hands, drying them fully with my hair dryer on the cool setting as to not trap any moisture, spray on a thin coat of Lotrimin, then painted. Way better results and helped the burning and gave the paint something to stick to. However there was still some flaking. Then I tried to put a thin layer of the topical cream from the doctor (ertaczo) then a thin coat of paint, and by this time (72 hours) my spot was small enough to fit under a 3 x 4 inch bandage so I bandaged it to keep the flaking paint at bay. The next morning I took the bandage off and it was almost all the way gone. I repainted and almost no burning at all. Conclusion, a thin layer of Ertaczo and then clear nail polish under a bandage and redressing/painting every 12 hours really really works.
:( Comments By: Amy on 2009-12-13
well my ringworm started on my neck and i had no idea what it was until it gradually got bigger! It was funny because it didn't spread anywhere until I found that's what it was! I've used the antifungals and it only spread more. I now have ringworm 4 places on my neck, on my earlobe, under my arm, my upper back, my breasts, and on my sides. They are all very small places but it is driving me crazy! I started the clear nail polish this morning and it gave the ringworm a very weird texture? I'm wondering if that is normal?
it works Comments By: Brittany on 2009-12-30
My Mom had a ringworm it was huge and we tried clear nail polish and guess wat it worked.
what the mother f!!! efen ringworm.... Comments By: suckaface... on 2010-01-13
So went to Mexico...go figure I would get ringworm in one of the bathrooms that I had to pay to use!!!!....So now I have ringworm all over my beautiful body..well cant say its so beautiful anymore can I?...Its 11:12pm and my cousin is applying clear nail polish on my now not so beautiful body....:( .....fyi it doesnt hurt that bad...This better work or I'm going to be so P.O.D!!!....Well at least I dont have it on my pubic area right?..lol.
Nail polish Treatment. Comments By: Amanda on 2010-02-02
I have suffered from ringworm on my inner thigh near my vaginal area for about a year and a half. But I was looking at treatments online and I decided to use the Nail polish Treatment. The first time I did it, it burned a little bit. but after awhile it stopped. I'v been using the nail polish for two days now and already see some results.
Ringworm on the forehead. Comments By: Ann on 2010-02-04
Will the clear nail polish work on your forehead? Or will it irritate it more? Someone please answer. It's been on my forehead for like approximately 11 months. I don't know what to do about it! I've tried an anti fungal cream called Micatin and other types of cream. What should I do?
Does Nail Polish Work Comments By: Tabatha on 2010-02-17
my 3 year old has a ringworm on her chest ive been using blue star then coverng that with clear nail polish. Should I just use the polish or continue what Im doing. Does anyone out there have any suggestions,I will try anything that wont harm her,
Ringworm / Nail Polish Comments By: Margaret on 2010-02-20
It worked! After a week of ringworm fungus, using antifungal cream and bleach solution diluted 6:1 (2 really deep spots on my jawbone)it started to spread across my face. Nail polish backed it all the way off in 24hrs and its nearly gone.
cure for ringworm Comments By: kathy on 2010-03-11
my daughter had a ringworm on her thigh..my aboriginal friend told me to apply ash,,saying it kills the ringworm..i was sceptical but tried it..well it stopped the itch and seems to be drying out and getting better after 2 days.she told me another few days should be gone
Cynthia Rogers is an idiot Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-23
Everything (except PAPAYA SEEDS, as I haven't tried it) has worked. Probably the best is topical antifungal, cover with clear polish, then a bandaid. BUT, RINGWORM IS A FUNGAL INFECTION!!!! ANIBIOTICS ARE NOT OF ANY USE!!!!!! If antibiotics helped, it was not ringworm.
Clear Nail Polish Did the trick in the Show Me State Comments By: You Have to Show Me on 2010-03-26
I tried everything: bleach, antifungal creams, shampoos, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, peroxide, pee, cinnamon, vinegar

Nothing worked. I was more than desperate this thing was on my scalp and it was itching like crazy! I read about the clear nail polish and thought it was a crazy idea but what did I have to loose but more hair?

I wish I had done it sooner. Immediately there was a slight burn. But I liked the burn better than the intense itching. I could feel it was getting better as soon as the burning stopped.
It has been a whole day. and no itching. I am going to reapply for 3 or 4 days and then was out. Hopefully my hair will grow back. If not, at least the itch is gone. It must be the formaldehyde in the polish. Thank God there is no itching tonight!

IDK about this nailpolish thing Comments By: Morgan on 2010-03-31
I have had ring worm for 4 months now right on my wrist. Its very hard to keep covered, and cream on. So I read about the nailpolish trick, I applyed the layer of antifungal the Dr. prescribed me and covered it in the clear nailpolish. It burned so bad I had to wash it off right away. Is it supposed to burn alot at first??
ive had this ringworm for almost a year now...how do i cure this? Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-02
i think its a ringworm i have it in my right hand..it started a little bit close to my index finger,it has been running down the palm of my hand splitting going different ways now around my palm is covered by little bubbles filled with water that soon turn into flaky skin..now i see it starting a lot in my left hand its so embarassing..i tried the nail polish put it at night the next morning i was scared because the edges of the ringworm werereally red and itlooked really nasty all shiny and flacky this has really affected my life ..what else can i do to cure my hands?
nail polish Comments By: logan fiorentino on 2010-04-02
i have ringworm on my for head and i applied the nail for a whole day and the removed it with nail polish remover should i be doing this? it looks like it working because it was a lump and it went down do you think its working? its about inch in diamitor
im tring it Comments By: billy on 2010-04-06
im now tring it but i hopes it works
this not working Comments By: billy on 2010-04-06
can i peal it off with my hands

no to hydrocortizone!! Comments By: Leah on 2010-04-14
Someone mentioned that they bathed their pet in a hydrocortizone bath. I do not recommend this. Steroids are stimulants, and make the fungus stronger!! (Think of what steroids do for athletes)I am telling you from experience. A few years ago i put cortizone on what i thought was a dermatitis flare up. A week later i had an ringworm outbreak everywhere. It was the strongest fungus infection i have ever had. It took 3 months, at least $300 in creams, and an expensive grifulvin prescription to clear it up. Please dont make the same mistake...
nail polish Comments By: nikki on 2010-05-03
i have had ringworm for 2 months now ive been trying this cream it worked a little the itching stoppe...then it started pealing so i was wondering if it was going away i started to look up different ideas to get rid of it and i came across this nail polish treatment im starting to nite hope it works!!!! and by the way the nail polish burns like h@#*.
OMG!! THANK YOUUU!!! Comments By: Summer Breeze on 2010-05-04
So i had ringworm but i actually thought it was a spider bite so i didnt pay much attention to it but when the ring got big i realized it was ring worm.I didnt believe clear nail polish would work buti was desperate so i tried it..a week later its almost gone..i just put the polish with a quitip(dont double dip)..and BAM! just like that it started to fad away!!! thnkyouuu so much for helping me out..now i wont look bad in a dress for prom!!
tried it! HELP!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-13
i tried it and it itches more and more and the nail polish looks like its dried skin what do i do? keep appling, see a doctor, or try something else????????????
my dads solution worked Comments By: jaimie on 2010-06-13
when my dad and i found out what my rash was it turned out to be ringworm we tried creams but didnt seem to work on their own. So my dad gave me the spray on medicine you use to cure athletes foot and my ringworm went away in a week. Also if you have long hair be cautious it can easily sppread through your hair if it hits the infected spot. Also clear fingernail polish works if it starts to burn thats when you know it works on the infected area.
UUhhmm.. Comments By: anon on 2010-06-26
i just put on clear nail polish like an hour ago and i feel nothing that is itching and it feels way better
Nail polish and other "cures" Comments By: KJ on 2010-06-30
I had a ringworm on my temple. Spray Lotriman works pretty good and so does clear nail polish. After it clears up continue to use for a couple of weeks. I stopped and a new ringworm started coming up. Stopped again and another one has appeared. I have been trying an old home remedy and it seems to work well. One day coat infected area with sea salt. Next day apply vinegar. Continue to alternate until the fungus as healed. This time I will continue for a week or two after the area is clear just to make sure that the fungus is completely gone so that it does not break out again.
Questions Comments By: Vern on 2010-07-16
I have ringworm on my arm and have been putting antifungal ringworm cream on it. It seems to help a little bit, but flares up in humidity. I'm thinking of trying the nail polish thing, but I have a few questions first.
1. Do you HAVE to take it off, or can you let it dry and then cover it again?
2. If you're not supposed to double dip it, what do you do after the first time you put it on? Wash the brush?
3. Do you have to cover it? It's on my elbow and I can't bend my arm with a band-aid on it, it comes off, and I don't want to put a cast/bandage on it because it grows in dark, moist areas.
Please answer my questions! I'm extremely OCD and I can't STAND to have this on me! Thank you!

So good so far Comments By: Lauren on 2010-08-02
I thought i had a spider bite, at first i just used peroxide and put neosporin and put a bandaid on it- but then it grew and i realized it was a ringworm. Looked up things to do to help and the clear nail polish seems to be helping- it's been about 4 or 5 days.. as far as what do to with the nail polish after it's dried- i went ahead and peeled it off, it only hurts for a second- and reapplied clear polish with a q-tip- Hoping it goes away soon, going camping and i don't want the ugly red spreadable ring to come with me-
I have seven cats..who knows how i got it :( Good luck everybody!

awesome! Comments By: EpicGirly on 2010-08-15
worked within 48 hours for me. i applied the nail polish two nights in a row and peeled it off in the morning. you cant even tell it was there before.
does it really work?? Comments By: Magie on 2010-08-18
Does it really really work?... Please let me know.... It is really annoying and Have my exams coming near. Cant really concentrate...... :(
Yes it works ! Comments By: Kate, anti-ringworm fanatic. on 2010-08-30
After baby-sitting a kitten which had ringworm, my daughter and i got three ringworm lesions each on our arms.
We've experimented a bit, and also showed the doctor. My tip is that not all nail polishes work as well - you need a thick one, if it stings that's a good sign!! Also, do not put any lotion or cream on the lesion before applying the nail polish or you'll seal in the dampness. Apply several coats at a time. The nail polish should easily peel away if you have enough coats on it, otherwise after the shower peel it off then. The idea is to keep it sealed and dry, so do not let the process slide for a day or two - get obsessive !! You must keep it super dry, even use a hair dryer after the shower. The lesion should flatten out, and then start to fade.
NOTE: My doctor said that the spores live in the skin for a week after any visible sign has gone, so you should keep painting.
Whoever suggested antibiotics is totally wrong. We tried anti fungal creams, they were pretty much useless.

Other things for ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-02
I didn't know I had ringworm right off the bat I just knew it itched like crazy so what I did was poured so Hydrogen Paroxide on it and every couple of hours. At night, I put more paroxide on it then let it sit for about an hour and then I made sure that I covered it with a large enogh band-aid so that i wouldn't be tempted to scratch it at night and that the spores wouldn't spread to my husband or kids. Then once a day I would dry it out by putting espom salt paste (by mixing salt and water to form a paste) and let it sit there for about 30 minutes. It has been a week since I have had it and it is almost gone...just looks like a scab now.
at long last ...... Comments By: Nondumiso Ndaba on 2010-10-11
now is five months i still have this fungal on my leg...it irritating i wear a either a long skirt or a jean day after day..i use micort cream it doesnt work...then change use miconazole nitrates still no different....but now i research i found that nail polish remover cure a fungal skin infection i apply for the first time i see a small change then the other day i see abig change right it getting smaller and smaller... it works i`m telling you go for it ..
definately helps Comments By: dann on 2010-10-12
I went for a checkup once this rash on my forearm seemed to be way too circular. Ringworm alright. First used cream, then cream and some pills (involving my liver so i couldn't drink!), but the thing was still growing and getting more red. From 1" to about 3" diameter over a couple months.
I tried applying clear nail polish (would pour it on, then spread it with a few Q-tips) and it improved greatly. I think i focused too much on the center cuz there's still a faint ring around the edge, but i'll keep with it.

Yes, it actually works Comments By: Aud on 2010-10-13
I did an experiment. Since I had so many areas on my arm, I decided to see which method worked best and then treat the rest with whichever did the job best. I'd take shower, apply some ointment on all the areas and then also applied some nail polish on a select few spots. The result was actually quite amazing. Not only did the nail polish kill the ringworm but it left no trace it was there. It took about a week to suffocate and clear out any trace of the ringworm but what a difference compared to the ointmen tonly areas. On those, you could still see the ringworm area slightly AND there were still areas very much live with ringworm. It actually (in 2 areas) started what appeared to be 2 new rings! YIPES! So don't bother wondering if this is silly or not. Just try it and enjoy your ring free skin again!
Starting to see some progress Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-18
After having ringworm for about a week- it spread all over my neck. I looked up anything I could do to skip a doctor visit and wahlah.. here we go.. Nail Polish. I started putting it on about 3 days ago- burns like a bit@$ but looks are promising- the ringworm is just a shale pink color and it looks like it wont be long- good thing! I leave for VACATION on Wednesday!
How to get rid of ringworm !! Comments By: RINGWORM IS GONE!! on 2010-11-15
Okay so I know how to get rid of it! I have had ringworm before and it was a disaster. I tried everything, and spent heaps of money on creams. Well stop using them! They hardly work, you can if you want but the results take forever!

One day I was researching and found out about CLEAR NAILPOLISH, so I tried it, I put it on before I went to bed and in the morning it was almost gone.
I used it again the next day nd it was practically invisibble!
Just one more day and that bugger will be gone.
What to do?
Apply an anti-fungal cream to the ringworm, leave it to sink in. Apply clear nailpolish all over, let it dry. Put a plaster over the top.
And wait! :)

hello Comments By: Cristina Robinson on 2010-11-29
My ringworm didnt even burn until i put the polish on it. I didnt think that it would burn since it hasnt burned in 4 months since i got it. So heads up it burns like hell.
Just tried it. Comments By: stef on 2011-01-12
I just tried the nail polish home remedy for ring worms as i have had them for a couple of weeks thinking that it was psorisis ( thats what the dr told me )
Im eagar to make them dissapear before my trip to fiji... Ive had clear nail polish on for less then an hour and i can already see that its faded.

How to get the nail polish off Comments By: Victoria on 2011-03-27
There is nail polish remover like at any store next the mail polishes . After a day or two with the same polish soak a Cotton in the nail polish remover . Then you you just place it where the polish it leave for like two or four minutes and gently rub it off not to hard . Ps: it's not the nail polish that does everything . You need anti itch lotion and anti fungal mix it together and put some one the ringworm. Then you let it soak in ur pores of the ringworm . Then you put the clear nail polish over it . The nail polish works to suffocate it and stop it from spreading to another part of ur body . After a day or more then take it off with the nail polish remover and repeat everything again:) I know all this because my aunt is a nurse and did it alll for me . Since it was a fresh ringworm it came of in like three days
does not work Comments By: JQ on 2011-04-10
I tried this when fungal cream wasn't working and it seemed to just make my ringworm worse! It went from being just a red ring to a blistered mess. Now I'm using apple cider vinegar and it seems to help. Will keep you posted.
the nail polish didn't work but the vinegar sure did! Comments By: JQ on 2011-04-13
It only took 3 days for the vinegar to start clearing up my ringworm that the nail polish only made worse
It works Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-13
My son has a ringworm in his head,the doctor gave him shampoo. It didnt work so then he gave him oral medicine,so he was on the meds for a week when I noticed I was getting one,so I went and git some polish and put it on so needless to say mines us gone and his is getting worst and he been on the meds for 3wks now. So tonight I put finger nail polish on it so I'll keep you guys posted.........
Waiting for results Comments By: creole81 on 2011-04-29
Umm I hv been dealing with this nasty thing for a long time off and on..dont know why it keeps coming back..I am now trying the nail polish..I like other people, dont understand how it is possible to contaminate the polish by double dipping (If this kills it)..and also does anybody know moor info on how a blacklight works in locating the actual ring worm? I do like the feeling of covering this thing totally wt polish and not having to use a bandage.
Steroid Creams = BAD Comments By: ew on 2011-07-04
My pharmacist gave me a cream that was part anti fungal part steroids. When I got more ringworms I went to the doctor and my doctor said the steroid cream was REALLY bad for ringworm - taking steroid cream lowers your immunity and therefore lets the fungus spread. good luck everyone
RINGWORM im freaking out Comments By: Stephanie on 2011-07-22
i thought i had a rash for a week but after a week and a half a circle started forming around it.. found out it was ringworm so now im trying to get rid of it... got some anti-fungal cream i apply that twice a day and now ive just put some clear nail polish over it... i hope it works i feel very uncomfertable with this and it is the size of a tennis ball... Pray for me please...
the only Rx Comments By: Brittany on 2011-07-24
Nail polish is the only Rx for a ringworm. I have always used it and now I use it on my children. We do not have sensitive skin so I have used the stronger based polish; but if you do have sensitive skin, just use a naturally based polish & it should work the same. My daughter had a ringworm & once I spotted it I put the polish on it, and 3 days later it disappeared. Once the polish starts to crack, reapply as needed. If the fungus gets any type of oxygen it will begin to grow, so suffocate it until it disappears. I'm not Dr. but it makes complete sense.
Monistat Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-02
Use Monistat, or any other yeat infection cream. rub it on the affected area and about an inch out from the lesion, as well. Apply the cream at least twice a day, and the lesion will disappear after 5-7 days. Though you can't see a rash, the fungus may still be under your skin, waiting to spread. Keep applying the cream for 7-10 days AFTER the lesion disappears to keep it from coming back and spreading.
LOOSING PATIENCE WITH THIS THING! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-12
i just started putting the clear nail polish on it last night for the first time and this is a 2 week old ringworm and i didn't see anything happen but it took the itch away. How soon should i wait before it starts to "suffocate" and kill the fungus? I am on some topical cream from the doc which killed part of it then a week later it decided it wanted 2 spread. I am also taking garlic supplements as well to team up on it. Its getting on my nerves i feel like it will never gooo away!!!
ok im willing to try anything now :( Comments By: pebs on 2011-08-30
i have used Daktacort, canastan, sudo crem and its speading fast!! got huge one on my breast(looks awful) :( and about 6 others over my body that have appeared in past 2 days! so i have applied nail varnish on 2 small ones to see if it works.........watch this space

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