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Vinegar for ringworm

Vinegar is great for treating most types of fungal infection. Dab neat vinegar on the affected area three times a day. The vinegar will kill the fungal infection.

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Make it go away FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Comments By: Bubba Ringworm on 2005-06-27
How long does vinegar take?

TipKing says: Try it and see. I do not know

Come on be serious Comments By: misty fogle on 2005-07-08
i tried the bleach concept and all it did was burn my skin, 3 days later the ring worm was coming back! DAMN!
Actually.... Comments By: Kristin on 2006-10-11
Bleach does work! My children got ringworm from a stray kitten and there doctor recommended bleach baths. Every night I gave them a bath and added 1/2 cup of bleach and they were gone in a matter of days.
SAY No TO BLEACH! Comments By: candy on 2007-11-08
DO not use bleach on your skin. it can cause serious allergic reactions and scarring. Use the many anti-fungal creams available from walmart or walgreens. OR just stay out in the sun or go to a tanning bed because sunlight kills ringworm. also bathe in selsun blue shampoo because this drys the ringworm out really quick! as for your home- make sure your home is DRY AND FREE OF MOISTURE! all FUNGUS love moisture. OPEN THE BLINDS AND LET THE SUN SHINE! MIX one part bleach with nine parts water and spray light mist over house and wipe down all surfaces DAILY along with vaccumming DAILY! AS FOR PETS DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN VET RECOMMENDED CREAMS ON SPOTS- CATS especially will lick whatever you put on their body. wash them in malesab shampoo which is around $15.00 from vet and use vet creams OR you can use clotrimazole cream (available at walgreens, etc..) which is cheaper and not harmful- at least not to cats. i am not sure about dogs. WASH BLANKETS AND stuff like your insane! DON"T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE IDEA OF A QUICK FIX- IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!! all members of my household plus my eight cats got it and the ONLY WAY To beat it is with consistency. CLEAN EVERYDAY! WASH PETS WEEKLY, BATHE YOURSELF DAILY, AND APPLY CREAMS DAILY! ALSO EAT HEALTHY! when you do apply the cream to your pets and also when bathing them- SCRAP ALL THE CRUST OFF THE SORE- and pull the infected hairs out from the infected area. THOSE ARE THE HAIRS THAT CONTAIN THE SPORES! TRIM THE HAIR AWAY FROM THE INFECTED AREA ALSO! but do not shave your pet! THIS WILL actually MAKE IT WORSE AND UNLESS YOU HAVE THE TOP OF THE LINE SHAVER- IT WILL BE A NIGHTMARE AND YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY CUT YOUR PET WHICH WILL MAKE RINGWORM worse than before! ringworrm is a BITCH and IT WILL GET WORSE BEFROE IT GETS BETTER!- but you can beat it with consistency!
vinegar Comments By: mizzy on 2007-12-16
this vinegar better work i ah this for over a year now
nothing is working Comments By: techgirl on 2008-03-06
I can not get rid of thsi ringworm! I tried OTC cream and vinegar and liquid bandage - i have no tried tea tree oil or bleach yet but i have sensitive skin so i think bleach is out - i want this off of me! help!
Apple Cider Vinegar Works Comments By: Rick on 2008-03-28
I've been trying everything to keep this stuff at bay.. one of them that has worked has been soaking a PIECE of a cotton ball in ACV and band-aiding it to the ringworm overnight. So far it's been dead in the morning with each treatment, but I use hydrogen peroxide with the same method for good measure.
Dry it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-05-05
I had a ringworm that lasted about 3 weeks, after the first 2 weeks it looked like it was going away, but after a humid day it came back in full form except this time it itched really bad. After this, I read an article about ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and how it helped get rid of the fungus. I soaked half of a cotton ball and apply it with a band-aid for about an hour for 3 nights straight. Then on the 4th day i applied Lamisil 2x/daily after carefully cleaning it with soap and water. It burned a little and made the ringworm harden, dry and dark, but on the 5th day the skin around it hardened and it fell off. The skin underneath has practically cleared up and has returned to normal.
antibiotic pill Comments By: miss know it all on 2008-05-08
There are many antibiotic pills the doctor can give you to rid yorself of this mini plague. Its great, it works from the inside out! most antibiotic pills do the trick. my 6 year old son got it from a friends dog that she refuses to take to the vet! I had a baby at the same time and I was terrified we would get it or worse the baby! I talked to the doctor and he had put the baby on an antibiotic earlier for a cold and he said that should also prevent and stop the baby from getting it. It worked I think they should just give you the pill for this crap..its a pain in the rear! If you have time to spare to put cream on nonstop u can try that for 3 weeks!!
Vinegar AND Bleach Comments By: Kyla on 2008-07-12
Ok I was talking to my mom one day
and my hair was up and my hair extensions were down so she was playing with my extensions she moved them around looking at them then she said "whats this?" i was like "what"
"it looks like ringworm on your neck"
i got all scared because i didnt know what it was or if it was harmful i looked it up and people said vinegar so i just got it 2 days ago and its looking better i apply it like 8 times a day because im like content on getting rid of it....it's working and it leaves my neck smelly but its worth it,i take a shower every morning wash my neck really good where the fungus is then when i get out i take a cottom ball and dab vinegar on it...i do recommend it my mom told me my older sister had it when she was 5 and she got it from the girl across the street and it was on her head and it left bald spots there i got scared but i deal with it slowly,also wash your hands quite frequently to prevent spreading it.
also take a q-tip and put a little bleach on the tip it helps burn away the ring worm thankyou for reading bye

Selsum Blue Comments By: Harold on 2008-09-18
If memory serves, ringworm is not a worm at all, but a fungal infection, kinda like a yeast infection of the shin. I had one once on my shoulder and an old time VA doctor said wash your shoulder with Selsum Blue. I did every day for about 10 days, and it went away.

This is different, I know, but I have something on my ankle now that looks like ringworm. I am trying a 1 1/2" x 2" bandaide with vinegar on it as a possible cure. I will probable leave for 24 hours and check results. If this fails, I am going back to the Blue.

Not antibiotics Comments By: Mr know it all on 2008-11-15
Dont listen to miss know it all , she knows nothing. you cant take antibiotics to cure ringworm and if you could(which you cant) its not to say that most antibiotics should work! firstly ringworm is a fungus, antibiotics only work on bacteria, and i dont understand why her doctor would give her baby antibiotics for a cold, colds are cuased by a virus. there are pills you can take (terabinafine) which act like an antibiotic but is in fact an antifungal pill. just dont go taking anyold medicine in the hope of cure, becuase antibiotics have side affects too
thank goodness someone else agrres NO ANTIBIOTICS! Comments By: Jo- on 2008-11-23
I have no idea why some people think you can treat a fungus with an antibiotic. You can treat ringworm in all forms on the skin with the same ointments people use for athletes foot.Lamisil, lotrimin, even miconazole Nitrate (used for yeast infections)anything saying AF (antifungal) will cure a ringworm. Vinegar is an acid it will deaden the top layer of fungus and the rest of the fungus will lay in under the skin DORMANT. You must use an anti-fungal cream.NEVER put bleach into your bath or on your skin. That is so dangerous.
ringworm Comments By: maranda on 2008-12-27
i have had multiple ringworms on my skin for almost two years i have used the cream the doctor has given i have used athletes foot cream spray, alcohol, i take a shower every day and nothing seems to work my doctor did say to use selsen blue and i am going to get some today my 3 yr old daughter has also gotten it and we can not seem to get rid of it at all i hope that it can not kill you i have heard lots of stories but i would most importantly like to get rid of it
help! Comments By: Ezmeralda Deleon on 2009-01-23
i put vinigar on it and it got more darker like almost maroon did it get worse?
and what should i do? should i use vinigar again?

For the future reader... Comments By: Doctor on 2009-01-25
Please pay attention... If creams and other remedies do not work- YOU MAY NOT HAVE RINGWORM!!!!!! Go to the doctor.

There are other skin issues out there that 'start out' looking and acting like Ringworm, but develop into something else. If you have not had success within a few weeks, you'll just make it worse and GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE IT!!!! Comments By: Carol on 2009-01-09
About 6 weeks ago i noticed like a dry, itchy spot on the back of my calf. I didnt think much of it, cause i have extremely dry skin. Then like 2 weeks ago it stared turning red and super itchy, OMG it a freakin ringworm... i've never in my life had one or knew someone who had one. It looks infected, now its bigger like a half dollar and red. I'm i going to have to go to the Doctor?
on my eye Comments By: veganrunner on 2009-02-15
I have ringworm on my eye, and I started using an anti-fungal cream 2 days ago, and now it's really itchy! I couldn't find any anti-itch cream in the house, so I'm putting an antibiotic cream on instead (because it contains analgesics). However, I'm worried that the antibiotic might somehow counter-effect the anti-fungal - does anyone know? I don't want to put much on it because it's right around my eye, and I'm worried about getting stuff in it, but if anyone knows anything thats safe to use, and that could hurry along the healing process, I'd really appreciate it!
VINEGAR Comments By: Ezmeralda Deleon on 2009-05-26
Apply vinegar it will kill the fungus and will clear within a week or less yes! it does sting but once you tried it it doesn't sting it,its will start to scab then just fall off and no scar well i didn't get one only if you pick at the scab really works
Copper Care Comments By: dairy farmer on 2009-06-01
I had ringworm on the back of my neck (fairly big) and a small spot on my arm. I milk cows, and thats where I got it from. When the cows get it, we get Copper Care from the vet or feed store, and spray it on. I used it and it cleared it up in about 5 days. Only downfal is that it is runny stuff, and it stains clothes and skin.
This is driving me mad! Comments By: TriniD on 2009-06-09
I've had ringworm for a year and a half. Every time I think it's gone, it come right back. I got it after a four month stay in the Caribbean, when I was rescuing a lot of stray puppies. I have a large one on my neck (under my left ear), one at the back of my neck (small one) and TWO under my right breast. Now, I am hygiene conscious and being that Trinidad was very hot I was bathing more than usual. But the doc says I could have got it from the puppies or just the constant moisture. I've tried everything from creams - vinegar - garlic - terabinafine (which I am still on after almost a year!). This is madness! Surely something else can be done. To be honest, I am wondering if it's my own fault for not being persistant? After a couple months, when it's not itching, etc, I assume it's gone and stop treating it. The doctor says I have to continue because it is in my liver and the terabinafine helps it to all come out.
uggggghhhh Comments By: morgan on 2009-06-17
okay i am 11 and i have never had a ringworm in my life. i have one on my shoulder now and it id sortive big it is about one centimeter long and wide. well i have not put anything on it and it iches like all and i am getting cream today ( Wednesday 17,2009) i sure hope it works. because i do not want it to spread!!!!!!
Comments By: billy tha kid on 2009-06-27
im 15 years old and my cat got ring worm...by the end of da week my sis, mom. and myself have all gotten it, oh and the dog also. WE WENT TO A DOCTOR AND A VET. THE STUFF THEY GAVE US IS NO WORKING>AND NOW ITS SPREADING EVERYWHER........OMG HOW DO WE GET RID OF IT
Ringworm Comments By: TG on 2009-07-18
Firsty, ringworm does NOT live in one's liver....EVER. That's bizarre and scary that a doctor would say that. It isn't an internal fungus.

I had a run in with ringworm last year when a litter of orphaned kittens I was fostering brought it into my apartment. I had three other litters there already, and they ALL got it. I got it too.

Fixing it on me was the easiest. I had read about the quick fixes of bleach and harsh chemicals, so I tried those first. Bad bad BAD idea. Didn't do a thing (I applied it 10 times a day for almost a week) and all it did was burn my skin and increase the scabbing. I started reading the literature on what *actually* inhibits ringworm growth (rather than trying to look for what I wanted to hear) and decided instead to try suffocating it. Since the ringworm was on my face (oh joy), I simply started applying NuSkin on it once a day (with a Q-tip, so that I wasn't introducing spores into the bottle) and sitting in the sun more often. It was gone in a week.

The kittens were tougher since you can't put NuSkin on them (it is very toxic if ingested, and that's exactly what they will do....plus, kittens absorb a lot through their skin, so even if you prevented licking, they'd still likely have a toxic reaction). I went with twice a week dipping and Itraconazole. It still took a while.

This last time that it came up (yes, more orphans....occupational hazard), I was dealing with very sick kittens and figured it was more dangerous to try and battle the ringworm at the cost of them getting sicker, so I ignored the ringworm in favor of trying to boost their immune systems. Oddly, that worked faster on the kittens than the aggressive treatments. The thing is, a healthy immune system will resist ringworm in the first place. I was giving them supplements and a very healthy food (the supplements were Transfer Factor, Cold Pressed Salmon Oil, L-Lysine for a herpes based URI, and a vitamin supplement), and their ringworm was resolved completely in less than 3 weeks. And they had the worst ringworm I had ever seen....they started out almost half bald!

Because I have been unable to completely rid my environment of the spores, I know that we are all exposed to the spores daily (and since my place is small, we are exposed to concentrated amounts), and because I've kept our immune systems healthy, none of us have ever had a recurrence (I kept those two kittens who are now much older and gloriously healthy!).

In cats, of the cats that are exposed to ringworm, less than 15% will ever actually get it. A strong immune system is the best defense against that fungus.

The only active case of Ringworm I have right now is the one cat that *has* to be on oral steroids for life....so of course her immune system is dramatically compromised by that. For her, I'm still trying to boost her immune system, but also adding Malaseb shampoos twice a week and Itraconozole. After adding those last two, her Rw is visibly resolving.

And to add my voice to those who said this earlier: antibiotics, whether topical or orally administered, have nothing at all to do with Rw.

Cautions about treatment Comments By: Tami on 2009-08-03
Using things like vinegar and bleach may help with the itch, but it burns a lot so you may not want to use it on children or pets.
Antibiotic pills will NOT work, and I am shocked to hear that any doctor would even offer them unless the person has a secondary bacterial infection at the site from excessive scratching. This is a fungus that you come into contact with all the time. The bacteria naturally found on your body usually kills it for you. When you are on antibiotics it kills your normal bacterial flora and makes it easier for the fungus to spread to other parts of your body or come back once right away after treating it.
Also, if you take steroids for any condition talk to your doctor if you have ringworm because steroids depress your immune system. While it may itch less and look less severe while on steroids, it isn't really going away and will come back worse than before once you are done treating.
Don't look for shortcuts. Keep the area clean and dry. Treat it as often as you feel necessary with an anti-fungal ointment after cleaning the area (if you don't mind the sting, vinegar works well to clean it, dry the area, and remove old medication), if you need to keep the area covered make sure you use something that breathes so it doesn't stay moist under the dressing- but keep it uncovered if possible, keep your house clean (make up a bottle of bleach solution to clean all hard surfaces once or twice a day, vacuum and change bedding daily), even once the lesion is gone continue to use the anti-fungal cream for at least another 2 weeks because the spores may still be there and can let it come back again.

Vinegar Slaughters Ringworm Comments By: shrillary cankles on 2009-09-07
I have had ringworm for months. Actually athletes foot but that's the same thing. Nothing worked: lamisil, tinactin, nothing.

I tried vinegar. Vinegar SLAUGHTERS IT. After three days it's already looking much better, and I'm not saying it was just a touch of it before-- it was nasty as hell before. Stings pretty bad, a child wouldn't like it. But I love it.

nail polish remover kinda Comments By: neastea on 2009-10-18
nail polish kinda works. I have a ringworm currently now and its pretty big on my forehead. I used nail polish remover and it burned my forehead badly. I started using antibiotics and it was just controlling it but it wasnt coming off. I hd a big problem so i went to the doctors and they told me to use lamsil so i started using. it showed improvement. the ring asnt popping out the whole thing was flat. Ill start commenting if it is working because this is something that sucks.
ok so what happens to the patch of the lost hair Comments By: EVE on 2009-10-22
TAN AWAY Ringworm Comments By: Maggy Cotherman on 2009-11-27
Immune Deficiency is the reason for yeast infections such as ringworm. Don't use toxins. They are the reasons for the deficiency in the first place. Ringworm feeds on the keratinized cells of the skin in the dark, warm and moist areas of the body (feet, groin, thighs, armpits, tummy and breast). When you change the conditions in those areas by tanning, you kill the fungus and lighten your mood which had begun to dwindle because of the deficiency. I tried everything and everything else made me sicker so I struck out on my own. Tanning was a BRAINWAVE. The ringworm was gone in just a few days. Utilizing a well-maintained salon where you can tan those areas sun usually never sees you can take just enough sun to kill the fungus without burning. Salt, vinegar, doctor-prescribed creams and pills failed. Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo seriously changed my body chemstry, setting me up for diabetes. Tanning worked while making me feel better instead of worse.
THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! Comments By: Enough Nonsense on 2009-12-16
1. Bleach isn't the best answer because it's too concentrated for your skin. Swimming WILL help cure the ringworm.

2. Go TANNING, it will kill ringworm too

3. Over the counter stuff, athletes foot and jock itch medicine "may" cause it to go away.

4. Tea Tree Oil will work on some folks, You can also try DERMISIL.

5. When all else fails, you can probably count on Sporanox or Diflucan, a prescription that is powerful and works like an antibiotic but isn't one. Word of caution though, if you have liver issues, stay away from it. Some people have even died from this stuff, but like anything in life, there are risks. That stuff will DESTROY athletes foot like no bodies business as well.

Ringworm needs to be attacked very quickly, don't sit there whistling dixie waiting for it to go away, once it spreads, you'll be sorry.

You need to be clean, stay dry, wear loose clothes, wash your sheets and pillow cases, clothes all the time.

Good luck folks.

disgusting Comments By: EMILY on 2009-12-23
i cant beleave i have a ring worm. iam only ten and i never had one before. i wish it could go away and never come back.it is on the side of my neck and it is small. But i want this stupid thing off of me.i hope it does not get bigger i got so scared when my friends said i had a ringworm,because i did not know it.but now that i do UGHHHHHHH.
Treat the Ringworm both Internally and Externally! Comments By: Lucy on 2009-12-27
Ringworm should be treated as it really is - a fungus. If the immune system is working up to par, bacterial, fungal, and viral strains could not survive in the body, either internally or externally. The only way to successfully rid oneself of Ringworm is to starve the fungus and kill it internally, and use tropicalís externally. Sugar feeds fungus and disrupts the immune system, allowing micro-organisms to thrive and flourish. Eliminate all sugar (including natural sugars like fruit) processed food, white rice, potatoes, and yeast-breads. Eat a colorful diet packed with vegetables, lean proteins, and almonds and pumpkin seeds that will make the body alkaline (disease cannot survive in a high PH environment) and give the immune system a boost.

Internally, take an anti-Candida tincture as this will be effective of ridding fungal-related micro-organisms from the inside out. Look for ingredients such as Oregano oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Pau Díarco, Grapefruit seed extract and Garlic. This will work better than the anti-fungal drugs a doctor will prescribe with its many unpleasant side effects because it gets to the root of the problem instead of adding to the problem.

Topically, Tea Tree Oil is the most effective for killing ringworm along with Oregano Oil. Wipe the spot(s) with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and then apply with a q-tip Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil three to six times a day (diluted with water or undiluted), alternating between the two. Do this until the Ringworm is visibly gone, and even up to two weeks after to make sure any spores left have died.

Over the counter Anti-Fungal creams works good as well, apply as directed, and remember to still use it topically for two weeks after it visibly disappears.

Continue with the internal herbs for up to three to four weeks after the ringworm is gone, so as not to have a recurrence with this irritating, and unsightly infection.

Ringworm is contagious and spreads easily, therefore, limit touching your skin, change bedding and clothes daily and wash clothes in very hot water. Keep house clean and wash surfaces down with a water-vinegar mixture or a water-bleach solution as to kill any spores. Throw away combs, hats ect. that has been contaminated and wash hands frequently especially after touching your infected spot. Also, if you have Ringworm on any part of the body, it would be wise to wash your hair with Selsun Blue or Head and Shoulderís Intensive Hair Treatment two to four times a week and this will prevent any spores from developing on the hair follicles or scalp as Scalp Ringworm is more difficult to treat and causes temporary balding of the area of hair being infected.

As Iíve had Ringworm that spread over my body, this is the only means Iíve gotten rid of it byand had no re-occurrences in the past five years since I fist came into contact with it.

Best Regards!

I hate this ring worm Comments By: Nicola on 2010-01-05
i have ring worm for over 2 months now on mah arm its ugly an itchy sometimes I've tried bleach, nail polish an even nail polish remover nothing works so now i am going to try the ACV an i hope it works because i dont like it an i wan tit to go away before the summer
Life altering Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-23
I have had RW for about 4 years and it has changed my life completely and damaged my mental status. I have tried everything from vinegar and garlic to bleach and creams and pills and selsun and have wiped and re-wiped every surface in my home time and time again. I have gotten rid of furniture and pets and rugs and porous items in my home. I have suffered severe depression and am now taking antidepressants and liver destroying medications and I still have ringworm. I am now trying two sea salt baths a day, but I know it will be back. My tip is to catch it quick. I think I would have been ok if I had gotten a second opinion when the idiot dermotologist told me it was simply a reaction to shampoo and soap. I used hydrocotisone for it and that only feeds the problem. I am now to the point where I don't want to live because of this horrible infliction. Well good luck and if you suspect you have ringworm go to the doctor, get a second opinion if it is not going away with the first treatment.
Ringworm no moisture no heat Comments By: Meg on 2010-01-30
I have had ringworm for 5 months . I went to the doctor 2times each time I was given an ointment and it never worked. I have tried bleach and that didn't work . Vinegar seems to be the way to go although it burns like crazy for a few seconds I don't recomend on a child .also try to keep it dry and don't use heat . Fungus feeds off of heat and moisture. Think of it as the mold we sometimes see in our bathrooms why is it there heat from the warm water and moisture so don't ever use a tanning bed or sun . I'm on my 4th day with useing a antibacteria hand soap and vinegar and it's working :)
To Anonymous Post Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-02-02
I can appreciate and empathize with everything you've gone through and am sorry you've been so deeply affected on so many levels of your life. If I may respectfully suggest that oftentimes to change our situations, we must change our thinking. Focus on your COMPLETE HEALING, rather than the problem. I don't mean to trivialize things, but I believe it's true that our minds are powerful and draw to us that which we think on most. Say to yourself everyday "I AM HEALED" and truly believe those words (even before you begin to look and feel healed) because faith is believing in what we can not yet see. Believe also in your Higher Being's (mine is God) ability to heal you and give you power over this. Have strong faith and don't give up!

We often deal with things externally when we first must deal with them internally. Feed your mind, body and soul good and positive thoughts, sing to yourself, visualize a healthy YOU! Stop negative, defeating thoughts in their tracks -- don't even let them enter your mind. Claim your healing -- it's already yours, all you have to do is receive it.

Also, have you tried Pau d'Arco along with a very good probiotic? Have you tried applying tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar? Have you eliminated sugar and foods that turn into sugars in your body from your diet?

I will pray for your healing...God bless you!

Acne Cream!!! Comments By: jaymie on 2010-02-09
I had a bad breakout of acne of my face and had bought acne spot treatment. The funny thing was I saw 2 forming on my neck and put the acne cream on those too and it kinda burned. A few days later I saw all 3 of my kids we getting spots and guess what??? We got ringworm from the new cat we adopted the previous week. After a few days of treating it will regular over the counter fungle cream I knew from stories it was going to take weeks to get rid of on all of us. Then one morning I noticed the ones on my neck were gone! So I did a lil self test and tried everything I read about. Each spot a treated with a different thing I read about bleach, nail polish, nail polish remover, vinager, and fungi cream. (I had alot!)
Within 3 days tho of putting acne cream on one spot it was gone! I even tried 2 kinds of acne cream and the best was the one with benzoyl peroxide.

ringworm cure Comments By: haremione on 2010-02-16
an ointment called "trioderm" helps ringworm cure
do bleach leaves spots Comments By: aleyia on 2010-02-24
i have 1 on butt and im using ACV for im try bleach 2 but do bleach leave spots
mustard Comments By: la on 2010-03-02
mustard is a stinky remedy but it works. Appy mustard to the ringworm and leave it there never wash it off just keep applying it. Leave it on for three days. Just keep replying every time it gets dry and flakey, reapply on top of the mustard that is already there(do not bandage it up). It should clear up with in 3 to 5 days. If you can stand stand mustard on you for three day it is worth it it will be gone and never come back. The first time I a ringworm was from a friends cat and her mother told me to do it this way. I still remember and now I have another ringworm and I am on the 2nd day of mustard treatment and as long the mustard is on I am not itch just stinky. I would wait for the weekend start friday if any thing ask off for friday and start it that morning or ask off for monday and start friday morning.
I forgot it has to be applied thick and yellow and clear and runny. Comments By: la on 2010-03-02
oh ya it can't be just the mustard juice it has to be the thick and yellow not just what runs out it has to be the yellow stuff
antibiotics do work! Comments By: Paul on 2010-03-04
I often have ringworm, and find it really hard to get rid of but twice now Ive been antiotics for chest infections and the ringworm cleared up. Antifungal cream seems to tame it but nothing seems to work for me, thing is Im allergic to animals and never come into contact with them so dont understand how it keeps coming back (two little patches on my chest)I do have a habit of scratching my chest when stressed. Im a clean person who showers daily - I just dont get it, it has been diagnosed by my doctor as ringworm
try homeopathy Comments By: tom on 2010-03-08
I am currently studying homeopathy, and it may offer you the relief you are seeking. It will strengthen your system so that you are not so susceptible to the ringworm, and will boost your overall vitality. Go to homeopathiceducationalservices.com
organic apple cider vinegar Comments By: anthony on 2010-03-09
i have little red ring on my shoulder i think it could be ring worm , i heard that organic acv will get rid of it , by wiping it on and puting some on your salad
HELP Comments By: Alyssa on 2010-04-07
So I'm pregnant and I'm supposed to deliver in the next 3 weeks and I have had ringworm for the past 3 weeks. I don't want my daughter to get it, I have it on my belly and on both sides of my chest. I've tried over the counter creams, jock itch sprays, clear nail polish and I just started vinegar. It got on the back of my scalp and Head and Shoulders Extra Strength worked but will it work on my body too? I am at a total loss and my doctor won't give me anything for it. The bleach is next. What else should I try?
My son has ringworm all over HELP!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-13
Can someone please help my son and I on getting rid of his ringworms? He has tried everything. He is now on the pill and has been fir 7 days and it looks like it's not helping at all. He has it all over his body and the poor guy us so upset as well as I am because I can't help him. If anyone can help us out we both will be so greatful!!!! Thank you for your time. A concern mother.
Urine Comments By: Urin2deep on 2010-04-19
I know it sounds gross but urine actually works. I had ringworm and my grandmother told me to do this. I thought ewww gran. But I tried it and it worked, within 4 days it was clearing up, and by the sixth day it was gone. Use your own pee though. Lol.
nothing works Comments By: Jenny on 2010-04-24
I've tried lamasil, nizoral 2%, candesten, nail polish, toothpaste and the only thing that seems to work a little was vinegar. It hasn't gotten ridden of it but it has seemed to have calmed it down a bit. I have no idea what to try next. Any other solutions?
Sanitize your environment Comments By: Senem on 2010-05-04
Use antifungal creams and try vinegar, tea tree oil, oregano oil... etc but never bleach!
Bleach is a very irritant acid and can actually burn the skin causing permanent marks.
Antibiotics only work when the ringworm fungal infection is accompanied by a secondary bacterial infection. So it kills the bacteria not the fungus but the lesion may appear better.
To prevent recurrence and to heal faster, you have to get rid of the fungal spores and they are really hard to kill. Methods to be used in the long term:

- clean all surfaces with 1:10 bleach,
- Vacuum and after each vacuum discard the bag and/or clean plastic parts with bleach solution (1:10)
- spray disinfectant anywhere other than food and kitchen utensils, plates...etc. Be careful about discoloration on carpets, upholstery.
- Wash whites with bleach, for others, either wash at high temperatures (higher than 60 degrees celcius)
- Dry in a drier or at direct sunlight since sunlight and steam kills spores
- IRON when damp or steam press the clothes that will touch your skin directly.
And of course, good luck with the struggle that many share.

We dont know what2do... Comments By: crb on 2010-05-17
My boyfriends10yr old daughter started scratching her head and complaining that it itched. He thought she had a run in with lice so he bought her a shampoo and put it on her without checking for them.A couple days later she has sores all over her scalp and it looks like ring worm We dont kn ow what to do. PLS HELP
have had ringworm for a year now! Comments By: Kim on 2010-06-15
nothing my doctor has given me has worked, I have tried sooo many creams like Lotrimin AF, Clotrimazole,and Ciclopirox cream. NOTHING IS WORKING IT KEEPS SPREADING!!!
Have had it for months Comments By: Lucy on 2010-06-21
completely understand how somebody can becme depressed with this condition.Have had it for months treated by mds. with oral antifungals topicals ,otc meds,bleach,nailpolish, teatree oil,peroxide.My husband keeps saying go back to the md. ,but they have tried unless they are hesitant to use the stronger meds. usually give I.V. Usless you suffer from this nobody can understand.I once tried holding the hairdryer on it to burn it,couldn't stand it for lond but I feel for the personwith the hot light bulb. Have been trying ACV,salt and three pennies for a couple days. Seen to be less ithy and drying out,I will continue this but it does burn.I just deal with it. To all out there I can only advise be agressive and don't give up,because it some body told me cow dung worked I'd be out in a field right now looking,so good wishes for all.
Ringworm Comments By: LeLimonique on 2010-07-06
MY daughter caught ringworm from her stepsister after she came for a visit...It was all over her scalp...LITTERALLY!!!!! I don't know what antiboitic everyone keeps saying that they are getting fom their doc, but mine perscribed an liquid antifungal, called grisoflluzen ( I think that's spelled right..lol) and I started the sellsun blue shampoo in her hair...I noticed a diffrence in about a week...the only thing is that u have to take the liquid medicine for 30 days,and u have to wash EVERYTHING in hot water, to keep from reinfecting....I don't keep sheets on the bed longer than 3 days, keep the hand sanitizer handy, and constant hand washung with an anti bacterial soap( I made her wash her hands once an hr, and follow up with hand sani)....so far no one else has caught it
Bleach OR Vinegar Help me!!!!!!!!! Comments By: distressed on 2010-07-13
My body is covered in ringworms i used bleach to no avail and i have had no progress
vinegar solution killed the ringworm dead on! Comments By: adeana pickett on 2010-07-20
I don't really know how i got the ringworm, but i think i got it cutting the hedges early in the morning. something white flew on my face. I ran to the store and purchase lotrimin, i use this cream for days used especially for ringworms. To no avail my face on one side was still itch, driving me insane. I got on the web and read home-remedies, and vinger had four stars. I
gave it a try over night and again in the morning, no itching and signs of
the ringworm drying-up drastically. Wow
i could have save all that money for the creams. Four thumbs up VINEGAR gets the job done if you don't mine the smell, oh
no scars like bleach.!

Help HELP Comments By: Child in need of help on 2010-07-25
Just for all you Comments By: Antibiotics Rule!!!!!! on 2010-08-19
Well I have several comments on here that say the anti-biotics do not remove ring worms... Well went to the doctor yesterday because I have ring worms all over... Got them over the weekend!! I was freaking out!!! Guess what he gave me???? Cephalexin!!! Antibiotic!!! Lol the biggest one I had on my leg is gone!!!! I've only taken two pills!!! So people keep the vinegar in the kitchen save your money on the expensive cream... And go to the doctor!!! It stopped itching yesterday on my first pill!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
Ketoconazole 2%, sun Comments By: RingwormKiller on 2010-08-30
I had ringworm all over my arms since April 2010. You literally have to burn out your skin if you use something like benzoyl peroxide soaps or bleach. With concentrated amounts of ringworm, this works, but if you have entire patches anywhere on your body this is not a good idea. Miss any, it'll come right back and it also hurts like hell to do this.

Antibiotics are a joke for ringworm. It needs to be attacked directly. Don't waste your time. No idea how that's even being recommended by doctors but it doesn't surprise me.

If you're looking for a cream based treatment for ringworm that works, try Ketoconazole 2%. You need a prescription from your doctor, but it's a proven solution when it comes to solving ringworm. Read about it on Wikipedia.

I used Ketoconazole twice a day for 3 weeks, applying it from the OUTSIDE of the site and in to prevent spreading any spores. Your skin WILL crack and dry up and might even become irritated from it - but the ringworm will be killed. This is the only thing that worked for me.

It's worth noting that getting sun on it if possible. This fungus hates sun. If you have it all over your entire body and nothing is working... a good trip to the shore (especially the gulf) would do an immense amount of help. The salt water and sun will kill the fungus naturally.

Hope this advice helps someone - keep working at it! This page was painful to read with so many having serious trouble with this stuff.

In reply to Miss Know it All Comments By: Hair Splitter on 2010-09-08
I think that you mean well, but there is so much wrong with your comment that i felt that I had to reply. First, let me address the fact that the common (head) cold is caused by a virus. Antibiotics have +++literally absolutely no effect+++ on viruses. Your doctor may have given your child antibiotics as a preventative measure, or perhaps the child had a secondary BACTERIAL infection, but a legitimate doctor would NEVER prescribe antibiotics for the common cold alone.

Second, ditto for ringworm. Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. Ringworm is not caused by bacteria, it is caused by a fungus, therefore antibiotics would be completely ineffective against ringworm. In fact, taking antibiotics increases your chance of getting fungal infections.

You might think that I'm splitting hairs, but I am not. Viruses and fungi are very very very different from bacteria. Using antibiotics on either fungal or viral infections makes about as much sense as using a 9mm pistol. You'll only do more harm than good. (well, the pistol might actually kill some of the fungus, where as the antibiotic will kill absolutely none)

All of this can be verified by any legitimate source anywhere. The distinction is important because misunderstanding of antibiotics is decreasing their effectiveness, which is very bad. We worry about silly little viral infections like the swine flu only because we've forgotten how nasty bacterial infections like the black plague are thanks to antibiotics. If they stop working because of people abusing them due to this kind of misinformation, we'll be in a world of hurt.

Your doctor probably prescribed an oral anti-fungal for ringworm. He may even have said that it "works like an antibiotic" but it was not an antibiotic.

FACTS ARE BEST Comments By: BIRD on 2010-09-28
Green Juice Comments By: hope this can help someone on 2010-10-04
About 6 years ago, I developed a ringworm under my foot. I was perscribed the anti fungal cream by my doctor. I was very faithful in putting it on. Just as a thought it was disappearing, another one on my foot appeared. That went on for sometime. I went to another doctor and her perscibed Diflucan for two months. He told me to stay away from starchy and fried foods. It still did not work. While still using the cream, one day it occured to me to drink my green juice I made from time to time. I put organic vegetables from costco in a blender. I would add some tomatoes, sprouts and whatever vegetables I had. Then I would add some water and blended everything in a blender. I would drink the juice for 3 times a day. Then later I cut back to two time a day. Then once a day. The ringworm was gone in one and a half week. I was surprised!
Green Juice Comments By: hope this can help someone on 2010-10-04
About 6 years ago, I developed a ringworm under my foot. I was perscribed the anti fungal cream by my doctor. I was very faithful in putting it on. Just as a thought it was disappearing, another one on my foot appeared. That went on for sometime. I went to another doctor and her perscibed Diflucan for two months. He told me to stay away from starchy and fried foods. It still did not work. While still using the cream, one day it occured to me to drink my green juice I made from time to time. I put organic vegetables from costco in a blender. I would add some tomatoes, sprouts and whatever vegetables I had. Then I would add some water and blended everything in a blender. I would drink the juice for 3 times a day. Then later I cut back to two time a day. Then once a day. The ringworm was gone in one and a half week. I was surprised!
Try Finger Nail Polish for Ringworm Comments By: Kill that Ringworm! on 2010-10-10
Apply finger nail polish on for about one week or less. It will sufficate the fungus and you will be done with it. Use clear. Works every time.
Get RID of ringworm & stop the itch Comments By: 'Anon' on 2010-11-22
Well, I've tried them ALL over many years and the best thing I have found is "Monistat 1" or any number but it will only take longer as with a yeast infection. The number on Monistat clues you in on how many days it will take to get rid of the infection. Monistat 3 & 7 are much cheaper and the results will take longer. And if its safe for the inside of a woman then its safe on the outside of anyone. And most women have some form of yeast infection cream in the house. I find Monistat the best for me. It doesn't burn when applied, calms down within minute. Just apply to ringworm afew times a day, take your baths each day or showers, keep the area clean and dry if possible.If its in your private areas being make or female just keep clean, keep applying the cream, try to keep dry if possible.
RINGWORM is NOT a WORM - it's a FUNGUS Comments By: Billy on 2010-12-11
Just a FYI for everyone that thinks they have worms :)

It's a fungus, and is related to the same fungus that causes jock itch and athlete's foot.

A product called 'Fungi Cure' comes in a body wash. I think it's labeled as a Jock Itch soap - it's a liquid soap and actually smells VERY nice! (Tea Tree oil is in it). It kept my jock itch away the entire summer 2010.

Unfortunately for me, a few 'ringworm' patches have been showing up on my body, so it's time to use it again. Tea tree oil directly can be used - and I think Blue Star ointment works well.

I also have a habit of putting vinegar in my rinse cycle - but make sure all the soap is out first - as vinegar and soap counteract eachother. Vinegar is also a great cleaner, etc., you will have to research that though :)

a question Comments By: rafiee on 2010-12-17
Hi, I have a cat suffering ringworm as the vet said.we used the prescribed medicine for 6 weeks but it started to spread . what can I do? can i use vinegar with the chemical medicine? or I have to stop the medication if I want to use vinegar?
thank you

New-Skin liquid Bandage works in 1 or 2 days! Comments By: Katherine on 2011-01-05
Cleared ours up in two days - then we put it on kitten and it cleared hers up, too!! We had used antifungal creams, bleach, vinegar - nothing else worked. It was in center of daughter's forehead - I panicked. Saw advice on using New-Skin on internet and can't believe how fast it worked!
What is it? Comments By: Megan on 2011-01-18
I have a few spots on me, they don't clearly look like ringworm, and they don't itch. I tried the bleach just now, and absolutely NO burning of any kind. I even went back and did straight bleach, cause I thought I might be diluting it to much. Does bleach always burn if that's what it is?
They aren't antibiotics Comments By: Megan on 2011-01-18
The pills that the doc can give you are NOT ANTIBIOTICS, they are Terbinafine Hydrochloride Tablets, basically Lamisil pills. Antibiotics aren't used for fungal infections. EDUCATE YOURSELF SO YOU DON'T SOUND STUPID!
Bleach works for ringworm. Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-21
I have a friend that tried the prescription cream. It did not work. Rubbing bleach on each spot did. It can be diluted a little if it is too strong. you cannot just put it on once. Use it on each spot until it is completely gone.
Vinegar and Anti-Fungal cream Comments By: Juan Alvarez on 2011-01-23
i had gotten ringworm from wrestling and did not know how to get rid of it till my aunt told me about using vinegar and the cream so i would soak the ringworms with a cottonball covered in vinegar for about 5 mins then use the cream it started clearing up in a couple of days
Apple Cider Vinegar does work for ringworm Comments By: Tom on 2011-01-27
I had a ringworm next to my eye. I went to the doctor and got an anti-fungal cream that, after 2 weeks, did not work. I came to this website and got the tip about apple cider vinegar. I applied it on the site about 5 or 6 times a day with a folded paper towel. I dipped the towel in the vinegar and held it to the ringworm for about a minute or two. It started to clear within one day and took about two weeks to show no signs at all. I continued to do the treatment for 2 weeks after all signs of the ringworm were gone because fungal infections can linger for a while even though they look like they are gone.
I have the cure!!!!! Comments By: Alexandra88 on 2011-02-08
When I first got ringworm in Jan I had tryed everything!! I had tryed anti fungal creams over the counter (didn't work)!
I went to the doctor to see if he knew something I didn't about ringworm. ( he didn't know anything, but gave me a prescription for cream)< didn't work!

Then I had tryed bleach it worked but it was really pain full, and caused chemical burns that left me scars!
Than I tryed clear nail polish on the other spots, it didn't work for me and I had tryed the whole don't double dip the q tips in it to applying it more than three times daily :(
Ok finally the answer u have all waited for.. Yippie!
Ok these r the steps!
Buy the green mint mask for your face, you can find it at sallys beauty supply shop!
Then buy ZAP A ZIT, online or your local walmart!

Apply mask when at home and sleep with it on your spots all night long, it chip and falls off< dont worry it's harmless and doesnt stain clothing!

Apply the zap a zit acne cream during the day when at work or out an about over and over again!

Helpful tips!!!
Wash your hands after touching your ringworm!
Take luke warm showers< warm or hot water makes it spread!
No baths!
Keep applying everything even until gone!
Oh and my remedy only takes a night to start seeing results! Keep on doing it!
Don't get lazy about it because it does get worse!
Oh and my remedy is so so so safe for baby's .. Wooohoo!
Good luck! Skip all the other stuff and just do this!

not always ringworm Comments By: Try to help you out on 2011-02-16
My wife had a round red ring on her chest with healthy looking skin on the inside and a little scaly skin (some small itchy bumps too). We went to the doctor and they said it was ringworm, prescribed a pill and cream. At the end of a week neither of these worked at all and it had spread from her neck to her thighs in a matter of 2 days. We went to a dermatologist and he immediately recognized it as Pityriasis Rosea NOT ringworm. Even his nurse could tell before he walked in. SO like someone else posted, don't just assume it's ringworm when treatment isn't working. There are many skin disorders. I had never even heard of Pityriasis Rosea, which can last weeks, months, and I have researched extreme cases that lasted over a year. It's more like a virus that has to run it's course we just apply anti-itch cream and a tanning bed was recommended. Everyone is different. Get checked out!
keep putting acv on? Comments By: Lettie on 2011-03-12
ok so i have been putting acv on my face for a while now... and they are drying up.
but every time i put it on, i have new white spots that dry up. is it not working? do i need to stop after a couple of days? or just keep going?

Anti fungal foot (Athletes foot) Spray for Ringworm Comments By: Jenny on 2011-04-11
I get ringworm every so often and it is really annoying. I am not sure what I get it from as I do not have any pets- but I am quite active so it is probably from that.

Anyway.. I use a combination of Apple Cider Vinegar and Athletes Foot Spray on the ring worm and it goes away every time. The athletes foot spray dries immediately so its an easy alternative to the creams.

Hope this helps!

This really works - and fast! Comments By: JQ on 2011-04-13
I tried this when nail polish only seemed to be making my ringworm worse, causing it to blister. I applied it every 6 hours for 15 minutes at a time. Three days later and this stubborn ringworm is almost completely gone! There's just a scab and a slightly pink ring left.
REMOVER Comments By: CASEY on 2011-04-13
apple cider vinegar Comments By: nyxclusive1 on 2011-05-18
Okay people apple cider vinegar is the best. you would be better off using the organic brand called Braggs which has a substance called mother in it. After a shower be sure to put baby powder all over your body making the environment bad for the fungus to grow. Fungus thrives in moist places so when you stop that moisture it comes to a stand still as far as spreading goes. Now you shake the vinegar very well take a cotton ball soak it in the vinegar and the put it on the area where the ringworm is and use paper tape to keep it on for a while till the cotton ball drys. Keep doing this and it should be gone in a week or two depending on how bad your infection is. There is also a few other remedies but this worked best for me.
They're Spreading! Comments By: Benesha Scott on 2011-06-07
Ok, I Had This For A Couple Of Months, And I Used Selsun Blue But Im Scared To Use It Anymore Because It Looks Like It Is Spreading, And Im Scared To Use Vineger Because What If I Have A Reaction To That Can Someone Please Help Me!
vinegar, tea tree oil and clomatrizole Comments By: tiredofrw24 on 2011-06-07
I think that's how you spell it, but anyway, I got some really big ringworms on my cheeks about 2 years ago and I got bad. I put toothpaste on them like my mom said and it burned them so bad they got dark, but I was happy when I washed my face and realized the skin was coming off. I was so happy! I was a dancer and I quit because I was so embarrassed about it, plus I had to work in an ice cream shop so I was constantly trying to cover them with make up because without it, they looked gross. Now I keep getting them all over, and I'm glad that I recognize the early signs. I used Lotrimin and Tinactin, but it spread a little and Clormatrizole was the first one I ever used so I've gone back to that. I use it when I have to go to work during the day and when I get home I put tea tree oil and some vinegar on them. The vinegar burns, but I know its killing the buggers so I just take it. The tea tree oil has a warming/ soothing feeling. After I let them dry a little I apply New Skin to my face to suffocate it and to protect my environment from the fungus. I use nail polish remover to take the new skin off and then I do it all over again. Been doing it for like 2 days now. Hope it goes away soon. I found some on the back of my shins and my thigh has been itching a lot so I'm kinda paranoid that it's there too. I live in Louisiana so its always humid outside and its gettin hard to keep it cool inside. Ugh I just want them to go away forever.
Ringworm Comments By: Kaitlin shelton on 2011-06-01
I haave a ring worm under my right boob and I need a solution..... Any help?????
hate it..!!!!! Comments By: sebby on 2011-06-06
Need your help! my hands got ringworm or fungus..! I really hate it..!
Vinegar Comments By: My bad on 2011-07-14
Does it have to apple cider vinegar or will white vinegar work just as well. I used white vinegar to get kill a wort and it works so will it work on ringworm?
ringworm boob Comments By: my Bad on 2011-07-18
use spray for athlics foot its a spray powder works good because it keeps it dry.
Vinegar Burns Comments By: melissa on 2011-07-26
I am using vinegar on my ringworm and it burns. It does look like it's doing the job. I only had it on for 10 min and it has gone from a brown color to white. I hope it goes away. i have 11 of them. started out as one and in 2 months time i got 11. well as i said is that i hope it works
Scabbed and pealed in 4 days"!!!!! Comments By: Kristak on 2011-07-30
So I did the vinegar thing... And it worked how ever I looked online soooo long for how it would look when healing and there was nothing I could find.. So I'm gana break down my experience.

So I have had this ichy spot on my face for over a yr but never thought anything of it, in the summer it seemed to disappear and I assume it was because I was in the sun alot (sun like kills the ring worm) .....

So I pt came back and I finally looked online and concluded it was ring worm. So

1) Wednesday night I took cotton balls, soaked then in plane vinegar with a little salt. And taped in on my face in both areas where it was affected.( I left it on for about 30 min and it stung like helllllll... And it was persistent stinging, but that must have meant it was working)
2) when I took the vinegar cotton balls of my face the effected area seemed too look very white ( before hand it was a lil reddish but mainly it looked like dry skin) I assumed it looked white cus it had soaked up the vinegar.
3) I went to bed, the next morning the whole thing was a dark brown scap, ( my infection was huuuuggee, probably cus I had it for so long and didn't realize.) online it said what it was scap and peel, I felt like cus it was so big something was wrong,,,,, but I soon realized that it was perfectly fine and it was healing.
3) I then bought anti fungle oil ( the box said it was for athletes foot but I guessed it should be ok) I also got some iodine .... For the next few days I used the anti fungle cream in the morning and before I went to bed ...I then used iodine as often as I could remember,,,,,both stung when I put it on but stinging would last a shorter period of time as I went along.
4) I also a made sure to sit in the sun a lot.
5) during this while time my face looked like I had a huge scab...as though u burned myself with a curling iron or something .
6) by Friday night I saw cracks in the scab, a good sign, it was going to peel soon.
7) the next day I used my oils and sat in the sun more (sat) and by noon I realized I could slowly but carefully pull away the scab it by. It with my nails.. I kept doing so and tanned outside for 2 hours ...I kept picking at it ....being careful not to pull of any fresh skin....
8) by the end of the day the whole scap was gone!!! The skin under looks a little tender and feels a lil bit tender.. But is not ichy ...I will still use my oils for the next couple weeks to get rid of it more....I'm sure I will have a bit of a scar but I'm sooooo happy the scap is gone,,,,going on a boat cruise tomorrow and I really didn't wanna have to tell people I burned my face lol....

This proccess really worked for me,, and I was just winging it.....ps after I used the vinegar it was never itchy again especially when it scanned.......the vinegar really helps start the healing process. I still recommend the ant fungle cream..... Cus I read online that vinegar only really kills the outside.... And that the oil or cream is needed to help under the skin!!!!I'm so releavved its not as bad anymore.......

Hope this helps someone..good luck!

BEWARE!! Comments By: Beware of ACV on 2011-08-10
Apple Cider Vinegar is VERY effective in killing the ringworm... it's also VERY effective at creating a hole in your skin where the fungus was!! I tried using ACV and it quickly ate a hole in my arm creating a brown pitted hard spot. After visiting the doctor, he said that I had killed the fungus but it was completely unnecessary!! Had I kept the area dry and used anti-fungal cream, I would have spent the next two weeks taking antibiotics for an infection, dealing with a narly scab, and the potential major scaring that I am now fighting. Use ACV as a last resort and at your own risk!
vinegar did it.... Comments By: nhardz on 2011-08-31
yes vinegar did it....i tried several cream for treating my ringworm but nothing happens until i decided to look for a cure online...i found this site and scrolling the comments herein...then i tried to use vinegar to kill the fungus and clotrimazole ointment afterwards....so it is working.
Apple Cider Vinegar Comments By: Delilah on 2011-08-31
Here's my experience. For months, I have this itch on my forehead. I thought it was just scalp dryness so I kept it hydrated and moisturized. But all those things that I put on it, including those toners, facial stuff, lotion, soap, scrubs etc - did nothing to make it disappear.

And then it came to me... I remember people using vinegar to eat raw food and it does kills germs on it. From there, I researched and found that people have been using ACV for their ringworm.

So, I decided to go to the grocery and buy what was suggested: Apple cider with the mother.

One night, sprayed my forehead with it, put vaseline over the wet portion, and then covered it with cotton. To ensure that the solution stays on my forehead, I fastened the cotton with a shower cap. Then, slept.

In the morning, I was AMAZED. I thought it was a MIRACLE. The skin on my forehead was soft and the red 'AREAS' were gone. So, I thought it was just because I had vaseline on it. So I waited the next day to conclude a verdict.

The next day came... wow, the same! The red areas are gone completely. And now, It's been weeks after it... I'm already hair clipping my bangs because I'm no longer ashamed to show my forehead.

I should have taken a before and after photo. But, I didn't think it was going to work that fast!

So, I'm testifying that ACV works! =)

not really sure if it's ringworm Comments By: Carl on 2011-09-02
when i first arrive here in japan, i got rashes on both of my arms. small bumps, pimple-like. i thought they're just normal rashes. after the 6th month of my stay here, the "pimples" seemed to combine, and now they group into noticeable patches.

I thought that they were ringworms, however hair loss did not occur on those affected areas.

So I've applied salycilic acid then, but after 2 months the patches just got scaly. Now I'm trying spray powder for athlete's foot on them. But the patches just peeled of my skin, like a layer has been scraped. And after some hours, yellow substances pops out and dries with the spray. I thought these are the fungi, desperately thinking that they're coming out of my system. I'm on my 6th day of use with this spray powder. It hurts like hell every time I apply it.

If this is not a normal reaction for treating ringworm, please do inform me. And what other options can I try.

Tincture of Iodine Comments By: -Kevin on 2011-10-25
Tincture of Iodine used to be in every medical kit. Do your own research on it's uses. a 2 oz bottle cost $3-4 at any pharmacy. It's uses are endless. It kills viruses and Bacteria on contact. Three drops in a gallon of un-purified water makes it safe to drink in 30 mins. It promotes skin growth for the purposes of healing. It has saved me and my family many times.

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