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Wartner for removing warts

There is a new product on the market called Wartner it states that it will remove warts and veruccas in ONE treatment. I do not normally recommend commercial products but this one sounds very interesting. Very expensive though. See the comments for readers experiences.

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wartner Comments By: anon on 2004-08-02
I have had no success with Wartner at all - after 2 treatments (10 days between as instructed)I see absoloutely no difference
No luck here either! Comments By: Julie on 2004-08-03
I tried wartner too! After THREE treatments, and 20 dollars, we tried the duct tape remedy and it worked. Don't laugh, just try it!:)
It doesnt work at all! Comments By: Chris on 2004-08-06
It doesnt work at all, I have written to the company, and no response!
I tried- no luck Comments By: RF on 2004-08-09
I tried Wartner as well. I am very unhappy with paying that much money with no results.

Don't buy the product.. save your time and money.

Same as that... Comments By: Lisa Webb on 2004-08-12
Nothing happened at all. As it was so expensive I assumed it would work. I've tried it 4 times with the 10 days in between and if anything its got bigger.
wartner Comments By: amy on 2004-08-27
Don't buy it waste of money doesnt work and it stings
waste of money Comments By: anon on 2004-08-28
it dosn't work ,used it three time's i will try duct tape.i also tried seal&heal another waste of money
Waste of money Comments By: Emily on 2004-09-08
An absolute waste of money. Did not work at all, nothing happened to any of the warts and I am so cross at spending all of that money and nothing happening. A complete waste of money!
Useless Comments By: Ross on 2004-10-01
Did not work - dont waste your money just go to a doctor and get it done.
works for me Comments By: dr warterman on 2004-10-02
perfect product...works like magic,buy some even if you have no warts.
Sucks... Comments By: Jane on 2005-07-01
I, like many others, thought the pricey tag would indicate a fail proof formula. But it doesn't really work. The only improvement made was by ignoring insert that said leave on for 10 sec. I froze the crap out my warts and it still did not have the effect of the liq. nitrogen you get from your physician. Save your money!!!
Nothing yet Comments By: Neil on 2006-07-10
i used wartner earlier toaday and the warts are still soft and dont feel any different, ive had mine frozer by the doctor and that didnt work either...grrr...
Rubbish product Comments By: BigBird on 2006-07-11
Stung like hell and didnt work. Just froze the skin around the wart and hurt for days.
Nope Comments By: Stevie I on 2006-08-09
Didn't work, tried 2 different types
don't waste your money Comments By: flossie on 2006-08-22
I tried this a year ago and it didn't work but I tried it again last month - and it still doesn't work. Not much luck with garlic either. I'm off to buy the duct tape!
Does Not Work Comments By: Jay on 2006-11-04
I've had a wart on my thumb for a few years. I used Wartner 4 times, ten days between like it says. The wart on my thumb grew and I also have another 3 small ones in the same place.
it worked but you have to hold it on for 40 seconds Comments By: anon on 2007-07-19
this product worked with my sons plantar wart which was HUGE. you have to hold it on the wart for 40 seconds not 20 and the wart has to be scraped before the wartner application. I had to scrape and use the wartner 3 times and then we got that big mother off my son's toe.
...FOOLISHNESS - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY Comments By: anon on 2007-08-20
I tried this product and received very bad burns from it, and my warts are still here to stay - don't waste your money - don't buy it. I tried for a refund but the idiots did not give me back my money.
load of c**p! Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-01
Costs a fortune and doesn't work! They should be sued for false advertising and ripping people off. Used product 3 times, the wart wasnt bothered in the slightest! DO NOT BUY this product.

Utterly useless Comments By: Paul on 2007-10-09
I have had no less than 4 tries with this product to remove a smallish 1/4 inch wart on a finger. Tried holding longer as well. No effect. Mega rip off.
Great! Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-14
This product worked for me on my stubborn and old veruccas, after products like Scholl and Bazuka failed.
DOES NOT WORK Comments By: anon on 2008-03-19
Made no difference to Warts,and expensive would not buy again.
It really works! Comments By: Zimon on 2008-03-23
Hey everybody, wartner really works, for those people who have tryed it with no result i would like to tell them first to graze or scrape the wart to smooth it and then apply the wartner. This will help the medicine to really get to the wart nucleus. Stay healthy, stay cool. ;-)
Something that did work for me Comments By: sandra k. on 2008-03-28
Hey I avoided saying Wartner didn't work for me in another post! Guess that's ok to say then! I tried this and it was so dam useless. My resolve was mole and wart ez clear. even more expensive but would of saved me money if i had tried it first - not to mention the time it would have saved. if you can't find a home remedy then i would recommend this commercial product. at least it is herbal which i thought was a step in the right direction
Stop Moaning... It does work! Comments By: Jason on 2008-05-02
If you use the product per the instructions it works. I have never heard so many people winge 'oh it hurts!' of course it will hurt but it takes the warts off. I had this done at hospital first time when i was 6 years old, i had lots of warts all round my thumbs and fingers on both hands. I had to keep going to the hospital for 4 weeks. So, keep trying. This method does work and $20 is not alot of money. I am in the UK, and i think you Americans moan at the slightlest little thing and are tight with money too!.
It works Comments By: pete on 2008-05-03
Worked for me. Disappeared in two days. Nasty Verrucea, now gone. One application.

Going to the Media Comments By: Dave Jay on 2008-07-08
I work for the Media and if we can get 100 people together to complain that Wartner does not work, we can all get some reasonable compensation or a full refund or threaten to expose the company in the Media for False representation. Contact me NOW
[email protected] (Dave)

Wartner is a waste of money Comments By: Nichola on 2008-07-14
I can`t believe i brought this rubbish. As i have used most of the can and the warts on my sons fingers seem to be getting bigger not smaller.I wish i looked on this site before wasting my money.
Wartner is a waste of money Comments By: Nichola on 2008-07-14
I can`t believe i brought this rubbish. As i have used most of the can and the warts on my sons fingers seem to be getting bigger not smaller.I wish i looked on this site before wasting my money.
Don't Waste your Money Comments By: Joan Kelly Ireland on 2008-07-15
I bought Wartner not once but 3 times (how stupid of me)I first of all applied it like instructed but no effect. I then tried it for double the length of time suggested and this was also useless. I then filed down the wart and applied it again for 40 seconds and still useless. Am trying banana skin now!
Hopeless product Comments By: Mrs Jones on 2008-08-10
It did not work for me. I used the whole can on one wart on my finger. It did nothing at all!
nasty burns Comments By: Paula on 2008-08-15
I used Wartner a week ago on small warts on my hands and got badly burned. Went to docs and she said that the applicator head is too large so that its burned all the healthy skin around the warts
what are you lot moaning about? Comments By: georgie on 2008-08-25
i used it earlier- but the one made by scholl- not the other one.
i did not hurt and i have seen changes-i only used this morning.im 12 and i found it easy. you adults need to get brave and you probably did not use it properly!
i recommend you use the scholl one.

Wartner - expensive waste of money Comments By: Karen on 2008-08-30
Tried this a few times now on my little boys warts and it has had no effect whatsoever.Applicator also too large for most warts of child size!! Save your money and try banana skins!
Great Stuff!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-02
I used it and because it isn't Dr strength it took a bit longer to take affect. But after 4 treatments the warts on my two fingers are nearly gone. I've done the liquid nitrogen stuff on my foot warts..it never worked always the skin would peel and there would be the wart and a new wart friend. So Buy it, follow the directions and definitely use it more than the package suggests.
wartner does not work!!! Comments By: ASG on 2008-10-29
ive tried wartner three times, in a row and it has not worked. it reduced the size however, but it grew back even bigger than it originally was. im about to try apple cider vinegar.
Absolute waste of money Comments By: Sophie on 2008-11-23
I persevered and used the whole bottle putting it on every week and holding it on for much longer than recommended - result - wart still there and bigger if anything. I agree that the manufacturers should be exposed for selling such an expensive product which doesn't work and Boots should be made aware of it too as they recommended it.
wartner Comments By: anon on 2008-12-04
I had 2 warts on my fingers, one had been there about a year and the other a couple of months. applied wratner and the most recent fell off aftera couple days but the old one is still there and not budging.
rubbish Comments By: marie on 2008-12-09
It didn't work on my Daughters verrucea, tried 5 times. Went to the beach in the end, the rough sand removed it in one day.
worked for me Comments By: David on 2009-01-01
i had a wart on my thumb, nothing would remove it, tried this, applied it a couple of times and wart dissapeared. Had the wart for a couple of years too
Same here Comments By: Luke on 2009-02-11
Didn't work for me
28 year old wart going on 29 Comments By: skint ! on 2009-02-21
used 2 cans of the stuff and I'v still got my wart ! So dont waste your money
Waste of Money! Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-09
This is the biggest waste of $. Tried it on one planter wart and it did not do anything at all.
I'm sorry to say... Comments By: Victoria on 2009-04-13
I tried Wartner TM hoping it would work. I used the whole bottle and nothing. My daughter tried it aswell afterwards, and still nothing.

I am going to write to the company and complain!

... Comments By: K.LeBlanc on 2009-05-04
omg , my warts turned into water bubbles. and there on my hands !
now they are all infected.
does this stuff even work

Rubbish Comments By: Volf on 2009-05-08
Im from the uk, I have 5 Warts on both hands. My local GP no longer removes them (Had them on my foot to which where removed back when they did do it) Saw this on the TV, Got it, Used it... Then wished I never got it. Waste of money. Had more fun burning it.
Yes it works Comments By: El fines on 2009-06-30
It did work for me, but on mine 12 year old son did not, so wi will used another natural product this time.
USLESS Comments By: niamh on 2009-08-20
it is completly useless and it isnt that cheap either my advice dont waste ur money
Wartner Worked for Me! Comments By: Harlan Sherwood on 2009-09-05
Wartner worked for me! I had a small wart on my neck that appeared to have spawned a bunch of little wartlings. Just ONE treatment of Wartner worked. For those of you who have never used it, when the stuff is working it looks like you have some hideous alien disease or horror makeup for a movie. When I saw it, I figured this was just another bunch of bullshit that would not work. But it is the ONLY things of its kind that did work. And yes, those little wartlings just died off. They must have been connected to the main wart. So now, will Wartner also work for blackheads on my neck, too? Or any other blemish.
Wartrner - Does NOT WORK! In fact, causes more!! Comments By: Warttty Wartso Not Happy on 2009-09-07
I used it 4 times (10 days in between) got all excited when teh wart seemed to freeze, stung and temporarily turned white - it was all for show, damn thingg still there and now has a little baby friend residing close by. Have emailed teh quacks to no avail. Going to email the media guy!
Waste of money Comments By: Sam on 2009-09-09
I have used wartner for a year on my verruccas and for 2 months twice a week on a wart and it doesnt work. I still have them both grrrrr!!!
I HAD NO LUCK WITH WARTNER Comments By: Bess on 2009-11-07
My mum bought me wartener bacause I really wanted to get rid of my warts for my holiday, I used it a few weeks before and followed the instructions but nothing happened, it's not worth the money at all!
Waste of money Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-16
This really does not work. It just ended up damaging the surrounding skin. I must've tried using it countless times - at least 6, with a week or 2 in between each application, as directed, to absolutely no avail. Dandelion milk will work on some warts (but not this stubborn one). I guess I'm going to try garlic, onion or one of the other "cures".
Rubbish Comments By: Jude on 2009-12-13
I've been trying for 2 months now and it doesn't work, not one bit of it drops off. I held it for 30 seconds and all I got were blisters surrounding the wart..13 pounds down the drain grrrr
Depends...... Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-29
Wartner worked quite well for my younger brother, but it had no effect on mine, even on the newly formed ones. Went to the doctor (4 or 5 expensive trips, and the same buggers are on my hand. more have grown)
I can't believe they sell it! Comments By: User_7 on 2010-02-02
Has any one else noticed that half the positive ratings for this are actually negative comments? And still the feedback is overwhelmingly negative!

Didn't work for me even once after trying it on number of different warts and verrucas, single application or multiple and for the recommended time or significantly longer.

To the people it did work for - come on - don't accuse us of not being capable of following the instructions. With such a mass of negative feedback surely you don't think we're all doing it wrong!? Clearly it works for some but for the vast majority it doesn't.

But with such a poor success rate I wonder how they can even sell it! Especially since advertised as single application for wart removal when even the very few genuine positive comments tend to be after several applications and often just report "nearly gone" or similar.

When it didn't work for me I assumed I was part of an unfortunate minority but after reading this I'm shocked. What a appallingly poor product!

WORKED FOR ME! Comments By: lol20 on 2010-03-11
bloomin eck. americans do moan dont they and must have weak pain thresholds! lol
amazing stuff!

uh oh... Comments By: Joey on 2010-04-11
my mum bought it for me. JUST applied it, and it stung like a bitch (but she kinda missed half it and froze my skin). I got worried when the wart looks slightly whiteish with all of the skin around it bulgy. this was 5 mins ago. so i turn on pc, search wartner on google and it comes up with this site.

50+ people saying its a waste, at least 10 saying it can cause some serious damage... i'm scared.

Still waiting.... Comments By: Becca on 2010-04-24
I applied it this morning and so far, I can feel a difference! Even though it stung so bad and was a bit pricey, It works!
Waste of money Comments By: Nancy on 2010-05-16
Did not work for me. Is there a way to get a refund?
Tied it about ten times no luck Comments By: Sammy on 2010-06-29
Ive just scraped my wart with a Razor Blade and it beld a bit, i then thought screw it im gunna use the wartner no matter what hopefully this will go to the core of the wart. My blood froze on the wart and it looks bloody horrible. Hoping it will remove the wart soon i hope :)
Wartner Comments By: Miss fox on 2010-09-08
I have just used it on a verucca on my heel iv had 4 quite a while it didn't hurt but it doesn't look any different or hurt after like it says so I'm wondering f it has done anything
Nah!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-27
I had a wart on one finger at first, it got rid of that one in one treatment as it states, great i thought, but then i got another a few weeks later, i used it again, and again after that, and no luck!!!! so now im trying the duct tape trick (fingers crossed!!!)
Wartner - Poor Quality Product Comments By: C. Kocmick on 2010-10-07
I carefully read and followed the instructions on the Wartner Cryogenic Wart Removal System insert prior to treaing my son's warts. He is 10 years old and has warts on his hands and arms. Unfortunately, the product does not work. Instead, the treated areas blistered and became discolored.

waste of money Comments By: jackie on 2011-06-11
i done my sons warts a few days ago, he cried when applying the wartner treatment, they have since got bigger, this has NO difference what so ever. im very angry

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