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Banana for warts

Rub the wart with the inside of a banana skin. The inside of the banana contains potassium apparently and this will get rid of the wart.

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Great Comments By: Triana on 2004-07-16
I was told that using the inner part of a banana peel would get rid of warts. I had a very small wart I tried this on, and the wart was gone within a week. I wondered if it was just a coincidence. However, my son mentioned it to a kid at school, who had been fighting warts for years.

This kid had "hundreds" of warts on his hands and feet. He had been to the doctor and tried every remedy available. He started applying the banana peels and the warts were all gone within 3 weeks.

I know this because his very very grateful mother made a point of calling me to thank me! Nice to make a difference in the world.

Homeopathy Comments By: Rakesh on 2007-12-25
This truly works. I had over 10 warts all over my feet. It definitely wasnt a pleasant site and I had great difficulty walking at times too. I tried all kinds of treatments from over the counter plasters, banana peels, burning and laser treatments. But they just kept coming back and even expanding. Finally a friend of mine recommended that I try HOMEOPATHY and it was MAGIC. It is totally non-invasive and painless. Although it is a time consuming treatment it is the most effective. If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected] or call my homeopathy doctor on +91 9890740666. Trust me you wont regret it!!
Dubious Comments By: James Young on 2008-01-15
I heard this was a treatment too. I have worts covering the backs of my index and middle finger of my right hand limiting my dexterity hugely. I tried this and although it didn't clear it up entirely, I'm sure it made a slight difference.
i have heard miracle cure,too Comments By: dung ho on 2008-05-12
i have heard a lot from it
but i have a question
i have a wart near the eye
can i use this there?
or is it dangerous because of the eye?

Banana Comments By: Melissa on 2008-10-19
Im Rubbing A Banana Skin On My Wart On My Lip! i Hope This Works As I Get So Embrasses About It And I Have Always Got 2 Cover It With My Top Lip! :$ x
Il Reply Again To This Remedie In A Week 2 Tel You Wether This Works Or Not! Thank-You For Your Adviceee; How Long Would I Have 2 Keep Doing Thiss?

ill try Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-28
i have a wart on my thumb and index finger as you can imagen it is very hard to hide, people are starting to notice i hope this works,xxxx fingers crossed!!!
how long do u need to do this? Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-29
hi. i have just started doing this remedy and i really hope it works coz the warts are really bugging me this sounds crazy but i tryed to bite and pull it off ahahaha
I'll try it. Comments By: Monique on 2008-10-31
I'm so embarrased about my Warts, I have one on my Middle finger, I'll try this. I always have to put a finger over my middle finger or insert a plaster to cover it up, Its so embarrising.
I hope it works Comments By: Unknown on 2009-01-15
I have 3 warts on my pinky and it's easy to hide but it's a pain to cover it up. Just doing this quick before dancing unit comes up for P.E. *crys* I don't want to be laughed at.
I have a wart on my knee cap Comments By: Caitlin on 2009-03-05
I must have had it now for almost two years, and I thought I'll just leave it to run it's course. Of course I expected it to be long long before now, which it isn't. I'ts about the size of a pin head and I absolutley hate it.I hope this banana skin remedy works. I'll comment later...
...... Comments By: laura on 2009-04-07
wel i ave tryd da banana skin when its yellow nd when it goes black and it doesnt work ive tryd the meat ting the potatoe ting the nitrogen frm the doctor getn sum1 2buy my warts the tea bag ting the vinagar ting nd nothing works 4me. ive warts al over my hands nd their goining n2 my nail beds there such an eye sore ive got them 4 at least 5yrs at dis stage nd cnt get rid i need help asap plz!!=(
hearsay Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-09
i have warts on my face and feet. i resently went to doctor who was not willing to remove my facial warts due to scaring. there has been medical research in the banana peel to prove that it does work. warts are a virus in the skin and our body slowly build up an immune to them which results in the going away but this can take many years. tea tree oil is another mentioned remedy but unfortuanty the concentration of the oils are strong and again can burn and cause scaring.
I have one question. Comments By: kidd1 on 2009-05-07
Okay so,I had 2 GIANT warts last summer and had them surgically removed.Somehow,one of them grew back even bigger this time.Most people with warts know how embarrassing it is,so I am willing to try this rememdy.Basically,my question is..If the warts are bigger,will this method still work? I have atleast 10 smaller ones to the side of the big one,so hopefully atlest those will be cleared.
PLEASE HELP!!! Comments By: soapy sox on 2009-07-06
i have 2 warts , one on my left wrist and one on my right index finger =§ how can i get rid of them?
Banana skins do seem to work, bizarrely Comments By: Josephine on 2009-08-16
I was horrified to suddenly notice not one but two warts on the middle knuckles of my index and middle fingers on my left hand on Friday morning. No idea where they came from, I've only ever had one before as a child, so it's unusual for me. As with the rest of you, I wasn't at all happy by the idea of having warts, but thought I could remember something about banana skins so looked on here and elsewhere to see what people had to say. I then immediately started rubbing the inside of banana skins on them both (slightly obsessively, I must admit - luckily was off work so could do it regularly after every hand wash throughout the day) and continued to do so throughout Saturday (yesterday) too. I didn't stick the banana on with a plaster overnight as some have suggested (as doubt I'd sleep well with it on and it would be pretty revolting by morning), but did keep reapplying it and making sure I squeezed some of the juice out of the banana skin where I'd cut it). I vaguely wondered yesterday whether the smaller wart might be starting to look a little smaller, but decided it was my imagination. However, this morning (Sunday) when i got up and washed the slightly brown dried banana goo off my fingers, it was immediately obvious that they were both much improved - flatter and less defined. I'm SO pleased but still can't quite believe it's made such an immediate and dramatic improvement - that's just in 48 hrs. I was bit of a sceptic beforehand, but thought I'd give it a go before buying some of the pharmacy solutions. Now I'll just keep going with the banana skins for a bit longer until all looks completely back to normal. Sounds completely bonkers, but this has definitely worked well for me. Perhaps it doesn't for some others due to the variety of different viruses that can cause the warts??? (No, I don't really know what I'm talking about!) I'd say it's definitely worth trying anyway. Best of luck.
Does this work even though it is so simple? Comments By: Bess on 2009-11-07
I really want to get rid of my warts and was thinking about trying the tape idea but because you have to keep it on for a while I thought that I should give this a go
does it actually work? because I need help fast! :)

ehhh... Comments By: acerara on 2009-11-12
ive tried this though only for a few hrs my wart cleared up slightly. how long should this take? if it to long i cant do it, i hav ballet,soccer,and then gym.
how long Comments By: Jvv on 2010-04-03
How long does this take, and how many times should you rub the wart a day?
warts and bananas Comments By: joliv on 2010-07-26
Dont know about warts being cured by bananas but they cured a verruca on my husbands foot.You need to keep a small piece of banana skin taped to the skin - WHITE side of banana touching the skin. Keep replacing it every day - does get a bit messy but keep perserving - the verruca eventually lifted off.Might work for warts too - i dont know- but it would be a cheap easy remedy to try.
i am so embarresed Comments By: chelsea on 2010-07-26
i have 28 warts on my knee cap and i have recently gone to the doctors but the treatment was not working there is one wart what is MASSIVE because in p:e we have to were shorts and it shows my knee what should i do comment please
HELP!OMGOMG Comments By: aking on 2010-08-02
people. I feel like im a giant magnet to diseases and disaster,
Does this work>? PLEASE TELL ME!! pleasee and how can i prevent them ?

HOMEOPATHY Comments By: chicha on 2010-09-17
use causticum homeopathy medicine .It will definitely cure.

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