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Duct tape for warts

Another treatment that has been proven effective in a respected medical journal is duct tape, yes the silver sticky fiberous tape that you buy in the hardware store. I'm not kidding, check New England Medical Journal yourself. Cut out a circle the same size as the wart, place over the wart for 3-4 days, remove for 1 day. Repeat this cycle 3-4 times, as long as it takes to remove the wart. I know it sounds crazy, the medical profession laughs about it also.

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Too good to be true! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-03
Everywhere I looked I saw this remedy! Being a skeptic, and having tried everything else, I tried it! Within two weeks, the wart on my son's hand was gone!! Try this remedy, it really works!
wow. Comments By: Bridge on 2004-08-31
Most remedies at the store do not work well for planter's warts, so I was left with few options. I used this as a last resort and i was amazed that they started to disappear in only a few days!
Fantastic Gone Like Magic Comments By: Michael on 2005-12-27
I had this very large wart near my nuckle, everything i tried just seemed to make the wart larger it seemed to speard out sideways. Christmas 2005 was four days away. so i thought i give it ago i combined the ducktape treatment with the banana treatment to give it two chances, did not think it would go so quick though christmas day it was nearly cleared. Thanks
It works!! Comments By: Cort on 2006-06-04
I had a wart on the bottom of my foot, it was there for so long. I tried this remedy and I was amazed!! Worked great!!
CAN IT BE USED ON FACE? Comments By: worried jane on 2007-06-17
I will try this..but do you think its ok to use on face?. I have a small wart near my nose. And was there any scarring?? Im getting married soon and want it to go away!...HELP!!

TipKing says: The feedback for this tip would suggest that it is worth you having a go

Unbelieveable! Comments By: HB on 2007-07-11
I tried everything to get rid of a very stubborn wart on my foot. Absolutely nothing worked. BUT DUCK TAPE DID! My only additional advice is that initially I changed the tape daily after showering, but it's better to leave it alone and just change it every few days. And give it a few weeks to work if need be. But it WILL DEFINITELY work!!!!
verruca Comments By: myrosia wojtaszyk on 2007-11-13
My young son had a huge wart on the sole of his foot, getting bigger every day. I tried all sorts of commercial preps-nothing worked. Podiatrist said leave it alone and it will go in a year or so! Tried duct tape-wart gone in 1 week-no pain, no freezing, no scar! Incredible! Doctor thinks I'm nuts! 1 year later, and my sons wart has not returned. Try it!
wart cure Comments By: jen on 2009-01-09
my dr.recommended this and it does work.
Had to try it out. Comments By: SteveEastYorks on 2009-02-16
I tried duct tape on my verruca and wife tried it on her warts on her hand,but...sorry it didn't work for us.Time to go to the chemist for some proper treatment..
am I doing something wrong? Comments By: bob on 2009-03-10
My wart on my fingers turned a blacky purpley reddy colour ( like a scab). Am I doing something wrong.
truth please! Comments By: taya on 2009-05-23
does it really work! tell us all the truth please.
if it doesn't work i got to go docters! and i dont really want to!

I really want to get rid of my warts fast Comments By: Bess on 2009-11-07
I really want to get rid of my warts fast, will this work fast?
How long do you need to keep it on for?

Gudbye wart!!! Forever!! Comments By: Marcle on 2010-11-21
The duct tape really works! It is good because it is fashionable and effective! You need not to do such effort...

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