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Whiten teeth by brushing with salt

Whiten your teeth by brushing occasionally with salt, also good for firming the gums and keeping them healthy.

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destroy teeth Comments By: Horke Bootere on 2004-11-28
My uncles teeth fell out when he destroyed his gums by brushing with salt .
Hrm... Comments By: Emily on 2004-12-21
I don't think salt is a good thing to be brushing with. If you ever go to the beach you know that salt dries out the skin. I can't see how this would keep gums healthy... I'd think it'd just dry them out.
Brushing Teeth with Salt Comments By: Lisa on 2008-03-10
Well, I just started this morning to brush my teeth with salt. Recommended by my aunt. Its really good. Clean. Try it.
it works. Comments By: nad on 2009-07-09
i tried brushing with salt after i got my braces removed. it really works but the salt is somewhat itchy to the gums.
it does whiten.
then my aunt advised me to try mixing some mustard oil with it.dint' hurt then.

hii Comments By: LAUREN on 2010-01-19
i am about to try this as it sounds the easisest :D
SALT & TEETH ANSWERS Comments By: JENNIFER Lam on 2010-01-20
I think brushing with salt is good for teeth but bad for your gum.it will whitens teeth but cause gum inflammations as it gets under your gum. especially for people with high blood pressure, salt will inflame ur gum so bad that no tissue n bone are left to hold your teeth in place.( baking soda) is also salt. If ur gum is a pale pink color, firm, hardly bleeds during brushing, Then it would be good for you to brush with salt or bakin soda and hold salt water in ur salt for minutes like listerine. it helps maintain cleanness of entire mouth
Hmm Comments By: Dee on 2010-05-28
How do I brush with salt? Do I mix it with the dental cream or brush alone with it?
don't brush with salt all the time Comments By: John on 2010-09-09
i brushed with salt and i have to say it worked perfectly but a word of warning don't brush with it all the time it REALLY isn't good for you.
Wow Comments By: Kan on 2010-11-25
I am trying it and it seems to be working out. Its somewhat good. You should try it.
:) Comments By: Sarah on 2011-04-24
I think it is really good for the teeth, but it totally destroy the gum... so if you use salt, do not use it very often... :)
Choose Wisely Comments By: Andre' on 2011-05-23
It all depends on the type of salt. Iodized salt IS HORRIBLE FOR YOU in many ways. It's toxic. However Natural sea salt or in my case Himilayan pink salt has been a miracle for my oral care. It has completely stopped the tooth sensitivity. Because natural salts are loaded with trace minerals they are th healty choice when using salt for consumption or oral health.
ACtually my Dentist told me....... Comments By: Spencer on 2011-08-16
I have braces and my dentist would say that my gums are swollen so to sit in front of the tv and try brushing with salt water for 20 to 30 min concentrating on my gums

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