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Apple cider vinegar for warts

Submitted by terry2oons

If wart is on hand or foot, soak in warm "apple cider vinegar" for 15 minutes every day for at least 2 weeks. May take a little longer, but this does work!

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CAN IT BE USED IF WART ON FACE? Comments By: worried jane on 2007-06-17
I have a small wart near my nose. Can I use apple cider vinegar for this? HELP!!!

TipKing says: I think that this would be a hard tip to do on your nose as you would not be able to soak the wart.

for wart on face Comments By: elo on 2007-07-27
try soaking a small piece of cotton in the acv, placing it on the wart and covering with a bandage. It will change color quickly, be warned, and will take a couple of weeks of this to come off
this works Comments By: anon on 2008-04-29
I had a small wart on my hand for like 8 months and couldn't get it off and I used apple cider vingar and in about three days it finally fell off I kept it soaked in it though... i saturated a cotten ball with acv and then taped it on when it starts to burn you know its working......
? Comments By: anon on 2009-03-03
do you,make it yourself or can you buy it?

TipKing says: You buy it. Ask anywhere where regular vinegar is sold.

Warts Treated by apple cider vinegar Comments By: Brooke on 2009-04-16
I am 13 and have had warts all my life, then i read some where about apple cider vinegar. Soak your warts in in for 20 minutes and then soak a coat bud in it. Place a small amount of it on your wart and cover it with a bandaid. i have done this twice a day for three days and it is all ready showing signs of the warts dieing. Soon they will drop off. BUT you must conitue the treatment untill the skin heals over it or the roots of the wart will come back through and you will have a wart again. You can use this anywhere on your body but it does throb a bit so take a panodol. Good Luck :)
i dont have time to do this for an hr or 2 Comments By: acerara on 2009-11-12
i dont doubt this works at all, but i just dont have rime in my day 2 soak 3 warts in apple cider vinegar. help me find a fast, working way to b rid of warts 4ever! plz!!!
i also have warts Comments By: Mitchell Turner on 2010-01-08
i also have warts, not that many but i have them on my hands and feet and it is quite embarrassing. does your cure work for this?

it works Comments By: sammy on 2010-01-15
i bought the vinegar book a while ago and it was in there my oldest daughter had one on her thumb we used it twice neat tho not diluted and it vanished, now my youngest daughter has a few on her thumb i'm using acv on it now afer trying bazucca which made them blister and go green so i'm sticking with the acv i'd recommend it to anyone
indian medicine Comments By: singh on 2010-01-28
just make a paste of neem leafs and add turmeric powder and apply on the warts for 10 days. try it..
facial warts Comments By: cat on 2010-08-18
Let me tell you. I had a wart on my chin. I went to the dermatologist thinking it was cancer. He cut it off and sent it to the labs. Got a call from the nurse who said it was a wart and prescribed me with a topical ointment I was to use 3 times a week for 4 weeks. This did not get rid of the wart. So I went looking for an alternative method on the internet. Bad mistake! Now I know why Doctors do not prescribe apple cider vinegar for warts, they can lead to scarring!!! Ok so after reading all the wonderful posts on how it will get rid of your unsightly warts free of costs etc. I tried it. I put home bought apple cider vinegar on a small cotton swab, the size of my wart, covered it with a band aid only for 4 hours then took the cotton swab off and band aid too. I looked in the mirror and saw that my skin was soft and white with little black spots, where the ACV had been, went to bed and woke up with an unsightly scab that rubbed off very easily leaving behind a huge indented crater!!!!! I was hopeful that it would heal leaving me with no scar but to my utterly dismay I am left with a brown indented spot on my chin, without a doubt a permanent scar!!! So if you want to try this method use caution!!! Dilute it if you must or forgo it altogether. Apple cider vinegar method too harsh for sensitive facial area!!!
Apple Cider Vinigar Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-17
I am about to try apple cider vinigar and i am going to try it i hope it works wish me luck and i hoppe it wont leave a dent!!!
What do I do know??? Comments By: zoe on 2011-06-27
I have a cauliflower like wart on my left ring finger and I've been using liquid wart removal for a while but the wart has stopped goin away. Instead there's a big pale ring and the warts down inside it like a volcano. What do I do know???

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