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Kill moss with bleach Gardening tip

Kill moss on where ever it grows with household bleach liquid. The bleach will not harm plants or grass. Bleach turns to common salt so does not harm the environment.

Submitted by Harold Wells

Tipking says: I know that bleach will not harm plants in the long run because it breaks down into salts. However when it is in it's bleach state it will kill most things. So do use it away from plants that you do not want to kill

Visitors comments

Application Comments By: richard on 2005-04-21
How should the bleach be applied,and at what strenth

TipKing says: As with all the tips on this site and everywhere. Trial and error is the key. Start off with a weak solution to make sure there are no adverse effects and see if it works. Application on a cotton wool ball would be my guess.

bleach application Comments By: mark johnson on 2005-04-28
I used 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle to kill moss on our back porch/sidewalk, and it didn't work.....perhaps I needed a higher concentration!

TipKing say: Even used fully concentrated it will still turn to harmless salts after a while.

curious Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-21
I have killed all the moss on my roof and the roof looks brand new, how long until the moss will start growing back or will it grow back

TipKing says: The effects of the bleach will only last a few hours which kills the moss. How long it takes to come back is difficult to say.

Does it bleach the stone? Comments By: Michelle on 2007-05-19
I would like to try this, but I have a pennsylvania bluestone patio ... do you know if the bleach will affect the stone or leave a salt stain?
moss killing Comments By: mosslover212 on 2007-05-19
I like moss and don't feel that anyone really needs to kill it anyway. I believe that it adds a certain amount of character to any home and should be preserved. The day will come when moss will become endangered and you will all feel terrible. God Save the King and the MOSS!!
moss can be dangerous Comments By: Terri on 2008-01-08
Please remember moss can become very slippery. Our young daughter recently spent 4 hours in the emergency room getting six stitches in her chin after slipping on our brick walk. I have always loved moss but safety comes first!!!!!!!!!!
Killing moss om my lawn Comments By: Marvin Peltier on 2008-05-15
about what mixture should I use?
killing moss Comments By: helping hand on 2008-12-05
I recently had my roof done and asked the roof guy how to keep moss off my roof and walkways. He said they use Fred meyer brand laundry detergent. SO I tried it on my garage that wasn't roofed and pavement and bam it worked like a charm. The rain will eventually wash it away it will take about 3 to 4 days to die..
Moss results with bleach Comments By: Keith Johnson on 2009-01-27
My yard is mostly bark and bushes. The moss is thriving on it. More than two weeks ago I sprayed it all with 50/50 bleach and water. No luck, the moss is still as happy as ever. What to do?
removing moss from my truck Comments By: gordon on 2009-01-24
how can i safely remove the moss from my truck it's in thr small cracks around the windows and other places someone out there should have an answer
chlorine Comments By: bevan on 2009-02-10
I have a swimming pool and chlorine. I dilute it 1/2 a cup of granules to 10 liters of water ( thats a bucket ). I just pour it on and broom it around.
black algae Comments By: andy on 2009-07-18
algae is very common on inside walls of Spanish houses,and in garden structures. Best EVER tip i got was domestos like bleach sprayed NEAT from a domestic spray bottle on to the fungus!! it dies out in seconds dont rub or scrub just spray. have not used on moss but it is worth a try . am sure it will help
carpet moss Comments By: woodog on 2010-01-10
how do you get moss off of outdoor carpet?
perhaps, but not safe near plants! Comments By: R,J on 2010-01-20
Bleach may kill moss, and I'm sure if you use it with minimal dilution it will do it quite effectively. In the same way that if you put any chemical of high concentration on any living thing its likely to kill it. However, the suggestion that you can use bleach near plants, because it breaks down in the long run to form salt is ludicrous! Salinity and sodicity are possibly the most serious factor (perhaps bellow heavy metal contamination) that could happen to a soil. And something you certainly want to keep away from any plant you hope to keep alive. If salts where not a problem in soils why would farmers not be incorporating tons of the stuff in to their soil to kill slugs!
chlorine granuals Comments By: dan on 2010-04-03
normal bleach is not much good for killing moss ,neat bleach does kill moss but doies not go far,,,SPRAY ,or sprinkle chlorine granuals for a swiming pool,,,,it kills MOSS DEAD, simple asz that and it blows away in 3 weeks ,, gone WHITE,
Tide with bleach Comments By: Curt B. on 2011-02-20
This has worked for others but no sure answer as to what time of year is it best to kill roof moss? Can someone advise as to when?

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