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Remove banana stains from Fabric and clothes

To remove banana stains from fabric or clothes then have a look at the following

Wash the item in the hottest wash that the item can bear. Avoid using soap as that can set the stain. You can also soak the item in warm water with a little enzyme prewash stain remover for about half an hour. If the stain is really old then you may have to use a mild laundry bleach, If your garment allows it.

Visitors comments

worst advice!!! Comments By: Dorothy on 2006-08-17
I tried removing banana stains via this method and it doesn't work; period! Using a mild anything will not remove banana stains. Still searching for a solution.
removing banana stains from fabric or clothes Comments By: carmel on 2008-01-14
I have thrown out several items from my golf bag by my leaving banana's in bag - they have even eaten away my golf bag and I am yet to find a solution
Got it out!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-25
I did this and it worked on several of my daughter's shirts, one that the stain had been there for over a year....can you say set in! I boil water, poured it over the shirt in a metal bowl, and then sprinkled Baby Oxiclean and let it set for about 20 minutes. It all came out! No scrubbing either!!! Great!
worked for me! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-22
I used napisan though, being in the uk. Fab, thanks - rescued a baby nightie I am very fond of.
Baby Oxiclean cleans out banana stains Comments By: Leilani on 2009-02-28
Mahalo,thank you,merci for the tip!!!!!
I ran to the drug store for the Oxiclean desperate for a solution(pun) to clean out the stain from my favorite blouse...Voila!
It worked.I did exactly as noted....hot water on stain in metal bowl,oxiclean on stain,soak for 20 minutes...Hooray!

trying out a solution Comments By: First-Time-Mum on 2009-05-18
Hi..anybody knows where can i get this Baby Oxiclean?? I've been looking for a solution fo get rid of banana stain on my BB clothes..
Old Banana stain Comments By: Jeri on 2010-02-15
Thanks to the person with the super advice. I got out an old stain with just regular oxy clean. You are my hero.
Go bananas! Comments By: Foxy dee on 2010-05-13
Cannot believe this has actually worked! I used vanish oxy clean! I've been trying to remove an old banana stain from my little girls coat with everything and this tip actually did the trick! Thank you so much - you're a star! x
Old Banana stain Comments By: CJ on 2010-10-30
I had an old banana stain in a cotton sheet...snacking in bed :( Tried soaking in hot water with oxy clean, or it was Mr Muscle oxy powder actually...did very little except change the color of the stain. So tried boiling it, in the same solution...and in just a few minutes it had disappeared!! Course not all fabric can take boiling, but it sure worked for me.
This REALLY Works! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-04
I was skeptical but I had to try it. My daughter ruined a pair of nice pajamas and a blanket after sleeping on top of a banana (long story), so the stain was good and brown and rubbed in. I used the metal bowl, boiling hot water then adding the Baby Oxyclean method. All I can say is WOW. The stain bubbled out immediately after adding the Baby Oxyclean (it scared me a little b/c it really looked like a volcano), I only had to soak it a few minutes to get out the stuck on pieces of banana. Thanks so much for the tip.

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