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Cat hair removal made easy

Submitted by Jean Morrison, http://www.heritageceilings.com.au

This tip is good for clothes and for lounge chairs etc. Buy a big roll of cheap masking sticky tape, the 2" wide variety, cut off a 12' - 14" length and press down lightly on the hairy fabric. Keep moving this piece of tape around in various positions continually picking up more hair. When it is so full of hair that it no longer picks up then cut off a new length and start over.

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That is really too much work Comments By: Maren on 2010-03-14
That is really too much work and effort. Unless you are rich or a house wife with nothing to do.

Just put your dry clothes in your dryer and start a short program like "freshen up". You can also put a moist towel in it for better results. Let it dry for 10 min then take it out. It'll be without hair already. Now wash your laundry and dry it as usual.


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