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Coca-Cola for grease stains

To remove grease from clothing: Pour Coca-Cola onto the grease spot and rub it in. Then pour some more on the spot and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Launder your clothes with detergent as usual.

You can either drink the rest of the Coke or pour it in the washing machine at the start of the wash cycle. No, your clothes don't come out sticky. This works well even on the heavy, thick grease that truck drivers get on their shirts when they exchange trailers. I suspect it's the phosphoric acid in the drink that does the trick.

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helps remove grease & oil from clothes Comments By: troy on 2004-10-23
to help remove grease and or oil from your clolthes. do what you normally do then open up a can of coke.(not the fake stuff, the real thing ) have a drink of it then dump the rest of the can into the washing machine with the soap and the clothes and let it go to work as the washer does its thing.

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