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Dawn Dish Soap for grease stains

For butter and grease stains use Dawn Dish Soap. This works even after you have let the stain set in and tried other ways of getting it out. Pour soap on the stain and take a wet wash cloth and rub the soap in really good. Then Add more soap and rub some more. Finally put more soap on the stain and place the wash rag on the stain and roll the item up with the wash rag still inside. Place this in the washer and wash with medium warm to hot water.�

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Dawn in the UK? Comments By: Chris on 2007-03-05
The tips recommending Dawn Dish soap are many and interesting. But none of them that I have found say where we folk in the UK can obtain Dawn dish soap, yet Proctor & Gamble sell plenty of household cleaning products here.
Charmed soap tip Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-29
I followed the directions exactly after a salad dressing bottle splashed all over and a blouse I thought I had to discard came out without any spots at all. Thank you so much.
Dawn Dish Soap Comments By: Carol on 2009-06-01
I have heard great things about Dawn Dish Soap but can not find a supplier in the UK
can any one help.

Dawn In UK Comments By: Emily on 2009-06-22
I have also heard of Dawn dish soap and can not find it anywhere in the UK, : ( any suggestions?
Doesn't have to be Dawn Comments By: Dave on 2010-06-22
You will find that any high quality dish soap that is good at cutting grease will do the trick. I use a brand called Sunlight and it works just fine
FAIRY!! Comments By: Laura on 2010-06-25
Apparently Fairy is the uk equivelant (sp)to Dawn,I think P&G make this too so is probably the same,Im going to try it later to try get car oil out of my puppy's fur so will let you know.
HELP?! Comments By: Zoe :) on 2010-10-13
Heyy, :)

I am wanting 2 use Dawn detergent 4 fading my colour, do you know where I can buy it, or if any other detergents work?! Help, any1?!

TipKing says: In the UK Fairy is the closest thing to the US Dawn


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