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How to get rid of warts with urine

Now, I heard that this is true, one of my friends tried it and it worked! If you urinate on your wart, whenever using the bathroom, it will go away in up to three days!

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what Comments By: ian on 2005-07-18
do u think i would wee on my hand
Why then... Comments By: Sweet on 2007-06-25
If this were true, why would women (especially) suffer from genital warts at all? I know that urine works for some things, but I just can't see this being one of them.
it does work Comments By: Charis on 2008-01-16
i had warts for 5 years, and when we moved to africa a lady told us that if i put a bit of my own urine on my warts they'd go. within a week my fingers were completely cleared. bearing in mind that my hands were riddled with them.
worked for me to Comments By: Sebastian on 2008-01-26
had massive foot warts for years, froze them many times, used the acid, nothing... then someone told me to bath them in my morning urine for 10 mins a day... i did and within a week they were gone
this is my own experiance Comments By: anon on 2008-04-08
i used to wee on my wart which was on my hand everytime i used to go to the tolet. i found that this greatly helped me.
This works! Comments By: Brianna on 2008-10-21
I had a few warts as a child and it was always an embarrassment, as they were in very visable locations. My mom heard that urine got rid of warts, especially the first pee of the day as it is the most strong and concentrated.
While you're urinating, run a Q-Tip underneath the stream, then generously dap on a wart. Continue with a saturated Q-Tip per wart. Continue this on a daily basis until the wart has dissapeared; it can take up to a week depending on the size.

And to the poster who mentioned genital warts, what your discussing is different that a regular wart found in many different places on the body. Gential warts is an STD whereas a "regular" wart is usually due to contact internally or externally with the Human Papiloma Virus. The treatments are as different as the virus/diseases are.

if it does work? Comments By: ...? on 2009-01-20
Well if this actually works then i'll try it and do you wash your hands after peeing on it?
question Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-09
Okay, I'm going to start trying that on my wart that's on my pinky finger.

Trouble is, when I grasp myself to use the restroom, I always hold my member the same way, and a wart has appeared on the underside of my shaft. It's exactly where my pinky's wart touches! Does this mean I'll need a different sort of treatment due to it being genital?

truth Comments By: ????? on 2009-04-20
i have warts on my hands and i always try to hide them at school and i hate them i want to know if this does really work because im not using my own pee and it doent work
i tried this and it went away but my hand smelled Comments By: katie on 2009-05-19
when i tried this it i couldn't believe it in a week it was gone
Do you ? Comments By: abbi on 2009-07-24
Do you wash your hands after doing this ?
Or not ? And just leave it ?

i hope it works!! Comments By: Natasha on 2009-08-03
i got like 15 on my hands. I hate them, there so STUPID!!!! I always try and hide them one kid tried to poke my wort with a pencil!
It does work. Comments By: Steve W. on 2009-08-30
I had a wart on my elbow for about a year. I tried all the conventional treatments, with no results. This did the job in less than a week.
warts are nasty Comments By: mariah on 2009-09-03
ok i got 5 warts i cnat find nothing to get them to go away but i m going to try this and see if this works it sounds werid but anything to get rid of them
I stumbled on this Comments By: dms on 2009-09-04
I realized that the warts on my foot were disappearing, but I realized that it was because I was stepping in puppy piss when we were house training the dog! It works!
The Drink and Sink Comments By: Dr. Royce McCutcheon on 2009-10-23
This will work, but the most effective method of all is to actually drink the urine. You drink it, you sink the wart. Simple. Urine has high levels of asomatositis, which when in your blood stream prove to have the highest effectiveness in fighting warts.
How to do it Comments By: Callum on 2009-10-27
Okay this worked for me I had a wart on my hand for 4 and a halve years and I peed on my wart every morning for about 5 to 6 days and it just went.

I heard people saying do you wash it off. No you dont wash it off keep your urine on your wart for 10-15 minutes then wash it off now if you want your wart to come off quicker just simply repeat peeing on your wart 2 times per hour and it should come off in 2-3 days so do it it gets your wart
quick and easy.

don't hesitate just do it! Comments By: dave on 2009-11-09
It was hot! a typical Australian Summer, I was sitting at my desk. Looking down I noticed on my finger what is yet to be confirmed as a planta wart.... I don't like the thought of anything but skin growing on my hand let alone warts, of any kind. Time was against me, already It was burrowing its ugly head quicker than a rabbit escaping a hunter but not unlike this situation this wart was the rabbit and my scalpel was the hunter. I used the blade till i got to the base of the wart.. At this time a work friend approached my desk and suggested to me that urine was a good way to kill the wart and be rid of it for good.

I didn't hesitate as my bladder was full anyway! I reached the toilet and put my finger in the firing line... Abracadabra My wart is gone!

I pissed on it later that afternoon just to be sure... Its been a week and no sight of the wart.

don't hesitate... Just do it

does this really work?!? Comments By: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on 2009-11-11
i have a bunch of warts on my feet as well as my hand- will it work on feet to.. cuz if not im just gunnna go to the doc. and do they go quiker if u piss on them or use the q-tip to dab it

ew!! Comments By: acerara on 2009-11-11
im willing 2 giv it a try if it really works but gross! and im not gunna pee on my knee and hand and foot, just use a Q-tip like ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said
doing it at the minute Comments By: sarah on 2010-01-14
im trying it at the minute, and my warts are quite big..i have been doing it for three days straight and i see no difference? does it work on big warts?
so gross Comments By: ksflj on 2010-03-05
k so ive tried it but i washed my hands right after so thats why it didnt work i guess, ill try anything though so thank you
no title Comments By: bryan on 2010-04-08
i have a wart (and a few smaller ones) on the bottom of the big toe on my left foot. it is absolutely massive. i've since been using a doctor prescribed treatment that has gained limited results. when i began the treatment, the wart was as big as two nickles (not kidding. it is very stubborn and resilient and i am of course skeptical. will this urin treatment work on the blasted thing or will i be forced to lop off my own toe?
Really works! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-18
I am 13 and I really wanted to play guitar but I was embarrased of a wart on my finger. So I used urine and now it's gone, thanks 4 the tip!!
Medical Reasons Comments By: Chris on 2010-04-26
A friend recommended this for my wart and I am currently doing it. In a few days if peeing on the wart first thing in the morning and immediately rinsing, I have seen improvement. Warts are caused by a virus that takes up in the dermis and forms a crèche that minimizes the immune response, this is why it can take 18 months for a wart to heal on it's own. It's possible that the urine irritates the unhealthy tissue, weakened by the wart, in a gentle and hypoallergenic way, jump starting the immune response and healing.
facial warts Comments By: Augustine on 2010-08-03
I have hundreds of warts on my face. Will urine work? or is there any other natural remedies that I can use.
are you sure? Comments By: anon on 2010-08-03
im a 13 year old and i have a wart on two of my fingers from where i bit them and a wart on two of my toes from where i repeatedly picked a blister i had, i was justwondering if this is for real because if its not im not gonna piss on my hand? also at the moment im trying vinegar to try and get rid of them will this effect the urine process of eliminating my warts?
It works! Comments By: Autumn on 2010-08-09
I started working on a horse ranch cleaning stalls. My hands were around urine ALL DAY! My wart was gone in a week. And I didn't even know why..
40 warts on her hands Comments By: Nara on 2010-09-13
My 9-year-old daughter had about 40 warts on her hands. We tried every doctor and every treatment available, nothing worked, every time they grew back even bigger and uglier. Then a friend's grandmother told my girl to apply urine to the warts every night, before going to bed. All the warts were gone in a week!
I does work Comments By: stingynina on 2010-09-14
I had terrible warts on my hands, and after I had my son, one day I noticed they were gone. I had used cloth diapers and rinsing them in urine was the key. Everyone is commenting about urine on their hands, the fact is, urine is sterile....you can actually drink it. My daughter laughed when I told her to do it to her toes. I told her to pee on a cotton ball and just rub it on her toe....one day I noticed the clusters of warts on her toes were gone...then she admitted to doing it! So it really does work. There are books on urine therapy...
It works 100% guaranteed! Comments By: Ranza on 2010-10-03
I had about 15 warts on my hand when I was younger, tried freezing them, creams etc. Nothing worked, they kept coming back more! Then my grandmother told me to use my own urine. I did this once, simply urinating over both hands outside in the garden. Let it soak in for 10 minutes, then washed my hands. Freaking miracle, they were all gone within a week.
son 5 Comments By: martina on 2010-11-15
my son who's 5 started an obsession with washing his hands i was worried so i spoke to him about it & he said his aunt told him to pee on his warts an they'd go away. poor soul was so desperate he'd started doing it but washed his hands straight after but i have to say his warts are improving with one of the big one's gone already! i just looked this up to see if his aunt was right guess she was.
YES IT WORKED GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: RACHEL on 2010-12-03
My name is Rachel, and I seem to have this wart on my hand that I tried to suffocate with a bandage but it started making my skin turn white so I stoppen. Then, I saw this website and I went to it and I peed ALL OVER MY HAND and instantly--THE WART WAS GONE. Do it guys.
LIFE CHANGING Comments By: Dan on 2010-12-21
Hi, ive had warts for a about 4 years now and have tried many different ways to get rid of them its ruined my life really its changed me completely over the last 4 years. I was told that 'urine' could get rid of them, i didnt believe it but after looking at this website and with the positive comments given by you lot i will try this and let you know if it works. HOPE TO GOD IT DOES !!!
LIFE CHANGING Comments By: Dan on 2010-12-21
Hi, ive had warts for a about 4 years now and have tried many different ways to get rid of them its ruined my life really its changed me completely over the last 4 years. I was told that 'urine' could get rid of them, i didnt believe it but after looking at this website and with the positive comments given by you lot i will try this and let you know if it works. HOPE TO GOD IT DOES !!!
WARTS!!!AHHHH Comments By: Johnnn on 2011-03-02
hey guys for those of you with genital warts and think those disgusting things are never gonna away there's still hope!! i peed in a cup everyday and reapplied it to my penis and in no time they were all gone!!!
soaking hands? Comments By: anon on 2011-03-03
Hey folks, i have about a dozen warts of different sizes on my hands, i hate them so much!! will peeing in bowl and soaking my hands for around ten minutes do the trick?. im sick of going to my GP for them to freeze them because there getting worse not better!!!
soaking hands ?? Comments By: Dan on 2011-03-17
SOAKING HANDS GUY !! i agree i have many warts on my hands and no lie for 2 years ive had them frozen / burnt and im tired of them repeating the most process and nufink its happening . . . . i am currently soaking my hands in my urine, so i will let you know.
2 warts Comments By: Cheergurl on 2011-04-03
I have 2 warts one on my right hand on the thumb, and one on my left hand in the middle of it. There soo disgusting! I'm only 13! I'm also a cheerleader! So alot of people see my hands! It sucks so I am totally gunna try this! Thanks!
It really works! Comments By: Cheerhottie on 2011-05-10
It really works! :) I had 2 on my hands and it really got rid of them :)

wart removal Comments By: Graham Salisbury on 2011-05-03
as i was reading these comments i peed on my middle finger an i wated about 15 minutes and i already saw a bit of a difference! thanx :)
Question............ Comments By: anymonous on 2011-08-17
when it works and the warts clear up does it hurt at all or just get smaller and dissapear?

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