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Stress. Writing helps stress and Emotional Pain

Have you been finding it difficult to deal with stress, death, or just the grind of daily life? Thinking back through history, you will find that many people have used diaries and daily writing as an emotional outlet to express fears, to express anger and to deal with the stress of daily life. If you find your life is becoming more difficult to bear, dealing with it and your emotions by keeping a journal or a diary is going to make it all much easier to handle so you can move on with your life.

Why is stress so hard to handle? Because with every age of life, there are different changes in our lives that make handling situations difficult such as death of a loved one, the birth of babies, stress of your job, disease, and addictions, among a long listing of other things which cause additional stress in our lives.

Stress becomes overbearing for many because some of us don�t have others we can express this feeling too or possibly we feel that we are the only person going through this problem and no one else could possibly understand.

How does writing about your stress make it seem easier to deal with? Let us take the example of too much stress in your career, in your work place. Writing down what is bothering you gives you an outlet so you do not feel as upset about the problem. Writing down what the problem is makes the problem seem much smaller and you realize that you should not have to or do not have to stress out about that problem. Writing down what is bothering you makes you realize that it is not that big of a problem, which you can handle it, and then you feel better about life in general.

Dealing with anger is more manageable when you write it down on paper. What makes the difference? The difference in your feelings is that you are taking the time to think about why you are upset, why you are angry, and what you are really angry at.

Sometimes you may feel that you angry about work, your children, yourself, or your spouse, but when you write down what the problem is, you may find your problem was that you are really angry because your didn�t get to see your own mother in the last week.

You will find that the more you write about your feelings the more you read about your feelings, the thoughts and feelings will start to make sense and you will understand yourself better, feeling less angry about everything.

Where are you going to start making writing your habit? Many of us, most of us, will not want others to read what we write. You most likely are not going to want anyone to read what you write. Keeping your thoughts, feelings, and your diary private is important to making the entire process work for you. Where can you keep writing down daily your thoughts and feelings so you feel better about yourself and your life?

  • Keep a written journal that you put under your bed.

  • Keep a written journal that you put in your briefcase.

  • Keep a typed journal that is password protected on your computer.

Some people will write or type in an encrypted code, so that when anyone does access your private diary they really do not have any clue what they are reading.

Why is keeping your writings private important? Because you are going to write in detail about your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and about other people, you will want to keep your writings private as well. Some people do find that writing about their thoughts, feelings and ideas on a sheet of paper and then ripping up that sheet of paper helps to sort through what ever problems were going on in their life at that time.

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