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Hair lightener. Make your own hair lightener

Submitted by Kate


  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups chamomile tea
  • 1 tablespoon of parsley
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Boil all the ingredients and let it simmer for 15 mins. Strain out the tea bags and parsley (make sure to remove all of the parsley) and let it sit till room temperature. Poor on to hair over a sink and rinse two or three times. Your hair should be smelling nice and looking lighter!

The following was sent in by Answers

Before I answer the questions that have been asked 20X, first you need to understand how hair lightening works. When you lighten your hair, this is not something that will "fade" or can be undone. It's something that is permanent (except for covering it with darker dye).

When you go to a salon to have you hair professional chemically lightened, this is a two-step process. Or if you buy hair lightener in a box - same thing. The "developer" (usually a mixture of peroxide and ammonia = very harsh) opens the hair shaft and strips it of its natural color. Then the (blonde) dye is added to achieve the new shade. Results are different on each person, depending on the natural color of your hair.

This chamomile/lemon mixture acts in the exact same manner - except it is a "natural" method and not chemical. The lemon juice is the natural "developer" and the chamomile adds the warm blonde tones (unique to each person depending on the natural color of your hair.

If you've previously dyed your hair darker than its natural color (i.e. dyed it black), then your hair has not been stripped of its real color. The shaft has been opened and a darker pigment has been added. This will fade over time if you stop dying it black.


Q: Will it work on naturally jet black hair?
A: No.

Q: Will it work on hair that is dyed black?
A: No. Not until the black dye fades or grows out.

Q: Can I use lime juice instead?
A: No. Lemon juice is a natural developer.

Q: Can it be bottled lemon juice?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to sit in the sun?
A: No. But if you don't then you need to use a hair dryer because it is the HEAT that makes the lemon juice work. 20 minutes with a hair dryer is as effective as 3 hours in the sun.

Q: Can I use a different tea?
A: No. The chamomile tea is what gives it the natural looking blonde tones.

Q: Can I just use lemon juice and nothing else?
A: Yes. The lemon juice is primarily what lightens the hair via a natural "chemical reaction." BUT it will look more bleach-blondy and harsh without the tea's tones.

Q: Will it work on brown (even dark brown) hair?
A: Yes. Not as effectively, but yes. You'll need to use more lemon, more heat, etc.

Q: Will it fade?
A: No. You've permanently lightened the hair.

Q: Should I wash my hair afterward?
A: Yes. After you have HEATED it with sun or blow dryer, wash it because the lemon will continue to dry out your hair.

Q: Do I need parsley?
A: No. Parsley promotes shine and hair growth. In this mixture it acts as the conditioner. It does nothing to contribute to lightening it. You can just use conditioner when you're done lightening instead.

Visitors comments

Great tip! Comments By: Joanne on 2004-08-24
Wow Kate this really works! My hair got a lot lighter! I was surprised.

I got a little parsley in my hair but it came out when i rinsed it!

Thanks for this awesome tip, i'll be doing it again!

Hair lightener Comments By: Elizabeth Bondatti on 2004-08-30
This is nice for dark blond hair. It gives nice highlights and smells nice in the kitchen when preparing! I store it in a spray bottle and use while sitting in the sun!
What about pre-colored hair? Comments By: Color Queen on 2004-10-06
Has anyone tried it on hair that has been dyed or treated? I have been coloring my hair for years, but since my natural color is very dark, I don't always get the desired effect. I would love to try this, but don't want to expand my color range to greens or oranges just yet!
haven't tried it yet Comments By: need a lift for winter on 2004-10-30
What does the chamomile do?
How much lighter does it make your hair?
Is it a daily thing or weekly?

TipKing says: Try it once and see how long it lasts

another question about the chamomile tea Comments By: need a lift in winter on 2004-10-30
Is that two cups tea leaves or two cups prepared tea?

TipKing Says: I would say that it is 2 cups of prepared tea.

Does it dry out your hair? Comments By: Julie on 2005-01-07
I was wondering. . . does the lemon juice dry our your hair or cause dandruff?
TipKing says: Might do

this hair recipe Comments By: milli jacobs on 2005-03-24
oh my gosh- i tried this and my hair turned blonde- just like i wanted it to
thank you so much!!!!!!

All Exited, What a Let Down Comments By: Carol on 2005-04-10
Looking at all the other comments I was so excited about this natural lightening recipe for my graying and darkening blond hair - cooked it up, put it on, lay in the sun and voila', NOTHING. Too good to be true - at least I tried
question Comments By: Allison on 2005-05-01
is this recipe permanent or will it fade like semi-permanent hair colour? because i hate grow out lines. (by the way the rating isn't true that i did, i haven't tried it)

TipKing says: You will just have to try it and see how long it lasts...

parsley Comments By: s.allen on 2005-05-03
what if i have no parsley-willit still work slightly?

TipKing says: Give it a try.


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