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Asprin and Peroxide for a cold sore

Submitted by B

To dry up a coldsore, i usually take peroxide and dissolve a few non coated asprin tablets in it..and then i apply the paste to the cold sore....it definatly works to dry it up, but sometimes causes a "burn"...

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just peroxide Comments By: anon on 2004-08-26
For me if i just feel a cold sore comming i just put peroxide on it and it never comes.
ouch Comments By: Ashley on 2004-08-29
I felt a cold sore coming on, so I kept a cottonball swabbed with peroxide on it on my lip for awhile, and when i woke up the next morning my lip was swollen, stinging, and the sore was still there!!
nice Comments By: john on 2005-01-04
dissolving the aspirin in peroxide only works if the sore has opened...try opening the sore with a needle on the second day and then adding the paste..to stop the sore from developing entirely, rub the tingling spot with ice
Asprin Comments By: Cold Sore Free, Finally! on 2005-02-03
I have been getting cold sores for as far back as I can remember. I have tried many products. I usually get on each month - I have a high yeast count, so I take an antibotic to prevent an infection - the antibotic for some reason causes a cold sore to appear. I have found a miracle! When I feel the tingling, I crush asprin with a tiny drop of water - careful - alot of water goes a long way. I place the paste on the area overnight. I do this for two nights for good measure and the cold sore doesn't appear. This has been effective for the past five months. Hope it works for you, too!
Perfecto Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-13
Perfect combination asprin and peroxide, killed mine in 2 days. The scabs were still there BUT it didn't grow any bigger and the swelling was gone.
swollin Comments By: carolyn on 2007-07-14
I used this stuff and it did make my blisters a kinda scabby but it made my lip swollen. I guess this doesnt work for everyone.
hi Comments By: anon on 2008-01-06
what kind of peroxide do you use, hair stuff or contact lense cleaner, thanks
P.RA.&.Abreva My Way Comments By: Buddy Bull on 2009-03-08
Ok...This Is my Way to get rid of My Disgusting..Irritable..red swollen ugly....Bumpz around your mouf...Ok...here it goes First i cleanse my hands throughly i take a Q-tip.an dab it in Hydrogen peroixide...This will claen any bateria around the cold sore and also stops it from spreading.let that sit until bubbly an dry then Take another Q-tip disppose of the first one U DONT WANA USE TWICE...take the second Q-tip dab it in Rubbing Alcohole..and apply to ur cold sore after the R.A dries.MAke sure your hands are washed throughly..then Aplly Abreva...use as directed..CONTINUE DESE steps for about 4-5 tymes a day..An your cold sore should be gone in no tyme DIZ REALLY WORKS!!!!..FOR ME HOPEFULLY IT WORKS FOR YALL..!!!!
GET RID OF A COLD SORE!! Comments By: C-with-the-business on 2009-11-15
old fashion soap And peroxide dried it right on up
SureCure Comments By: Maddi on 2009-11-30
This is it folks: At first sign of tingling, take Acyclovir or apply Abreva. If blister occurs, sterilize needle, coat tip with Abreva, lance the blister. Massage Abreva into blister every 2 hours and take Acyclovir as directed. Don't mess with alcohol or peroxide as those will further injur delicate lip area. Bleach and/or aspirin is just silly. Vaseline just prolongs sore. Abreva is it.
The Way to go! Comments By: NoraStar on 2010-07-21
I was kind of scared about 'popping' my cold sore, but I had a vacation coming up and was determined to not look horrible. I bought alchol wipes, sterilized gauze, thing lacelets, BC asperin powders and hydrogen peroxide. Wiped [alchol] and washed everything down, lanced the bump [didnt hurt], squeezed it with the gauze and applied the mix paste of HP and asperin to the bump. I reapplied about 4 times over the night and in the morning just a tiny scab is there! No swelling, sore or nasty bump! Worked amazingly with no pain.
VERY AMAZED.!! 5 STARS Comments By: Jaime on 2010-09-22
i got a cold sore yesterday morning, went to the store bought abreva, applied it but it just made it worse. this morning i decided to give aspirin a try. first i cleaned the sore with alcohol using q-tips, second i used a sterilized needle and popped the sore and squeezed it until all the fluid was out, next i got H-peroxide and gave it another clean with q-tips, lastly i got an aspirin, crushed it and mixed it with a couple drops of water and applied it to the sore. within minutes a saw great results. it started drying and it was less swollen. im doing these same steps every 3 hours. last sore i had it took 6 days to dry, however doing this steps seems like its going to be gone in about 4 days. good luck to everyone!
Hi Everyone,

i developed a fever blisters about two days ago. At the first sign of the fever blister, I got some Camphophynique to apply to it. But it only got worse and bigger.

The next day, i went on this site and saw the home remedy to get rid of fever blisters and cold sores using aspirin and peroxide. Well I did just that! I took time to remove the fluid from the blisters then I applied the aspirin and peroxide mixture about 3 times a day and started to see the scabs appear. That was yesterday, today, I repeated the same procedure and tonight I washed my face and the scabs washed away and looks better already. No swelling, no horendous blusters just like scars in the healing process.

Thank u guys for all your help. It really made a difference!

shellbell Comments By: shellbell on 2011-04-07
this was so great!! it did everything you said it would, 4sure open it then add the mixture :)
coldsore Comments By: anon on 2011-09-20
i appy a good dose of pepto bismol with a q tip and let dry takes redness and swelleing down also very soothing works wonders

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