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Removing permanent marker from carpet

Red permanent marker stains had been on the carpet for three days. I figured the carpet was ruined anyway so I tried regular rubbing alcohol and the stain came out without damaging the carpet in anyway. Also worked on some wood furniture.

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Wonderful Comments By: Jessica on 2005-05-01
I have red marker all over my couch for about 4 weeks now because my daughter got a hold of a marker. And I have tried everything to get the stain out. I tried the rubbing alchol and it worked great. Thank-you so much
Amazing Comments By: Michigan on 2009-01-05
Thank you for being such a kind person and posting such a wonderful tip across america! I thank you so much. I was in tears, within moving into a new home with new carpet and my 4 year old son was creative and used his carpet as if it were a coloring book with markers, I used the method of rubbing alcohol and saved me big bucks. Good look out and great idea. Kudos to you!
removing permanent marker from carpet and walls Comments By: kris on 2009-09-22
my 2 yr old decided it would be fun to draw all over the carpet and walls with permanent marker. i tried mr cleans magic eraser with no success and started to panic as we rent this apartment. i searched the internet and came across this site that said to use rubbing alcohol and was desperate so i tried and it worked great. it takes some paint off but a little touch up is a lot better than paying for it later. it also came out of the light colored carpet. so to whoever found out that this works. THANK YOU SO MUCH, you saved me a lot of headache and money

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