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Warts. Bite them off, tastes like chicken

Submitted by moose

I had about 23 warts when I was little, I talked to my doctor, and he told me that the easiest way to get rid of them is to cut a few off, and eat them. It works because it gets you immune system working against it. You will be wartless in no time.

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Are you serious? Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-05
That's the dumbist thing I've heard all day and I work with retards
What? Comments By: Shannon on 2005-04-22
Why would a health care professional tell you to do this??????
This, I think would cause you to get warts in your mouth ..

That's like taking a dog to the vet because he has a serious flea infestation, and the vet saying "yeah,let's wait on the flea dipping, and maybe let the dog chew them off himself"

don't do this! Comments By: worried mom on 2005-08-11
warts are contagious, and you can get them inside of your mouth!
Why is this NOT deleted? Comments By: anon on 2005-08-12
This is so stupid, please delete this already.
LOL Comments By: Dr. T. Callow on 2006-05-19
Being a medical doctor, I can honestly tell you this is absurd! NEVER DO THIS!
EEEWWW! Comments By: Renee on 2007-02-26
There is NO way, NO way I would bite a wart off my skin, that's just gross!!!! What an idiot!
it's probably true, then Comments By: Bamquat on 2007-08-08
since no one else thinks it's true, it's probably true.
lol hahahaa Comments By: catherine on 2007-12-27
funniest thing ive ever heard, just the fact that u mentioned that warts taste like chicken, as if thatll encourage ppl to eat their own contagious warts.
Excellent - It worked! Comments By: Dave the Idiot on 2008-06-09
Sounds absurd, but I tried this with a wart I had on my right ankle. Took some serious biting, but when my mouth started feeling like I'd eaten a chicken I knew it had worked.
right. Comments By: b.w on 2008-07-12
look, this might have worked for you but for many this sounds disturbing! , warts are contatiacious and would spread in your mouth, and yes you can get warts in your mouth and tonge! and as for a comment earlier. if you really are a medical doctor! would you really use that language , sorry but no !

"try this if you like"
dont note the comments.
if you sugffer bad from warts this could be a last hope thing!
dirty, yes?
but you never know:s

SICK Comments By: anon on 2008-09-02
that is a sick idea it makes me want to vomit
very dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Irene on 2008-10-13
some warts have massive blood supply believe it or not DO NOT DO THIS EVER!!!!!!!!!SOOOOOOOOOOOO SILLY
silly thing Comments By: nopasika on 2008-10-21
hey, are you mad? That is the craziest thing i ever had my entire life. eeewww
IT doesn't work work Comments By: Sam on 2008-11-05
i cut tmen off with scissors and i grew back freezing doesn't work ether they grow back
eughhhhh Comments By: emma on 2009-01-26
eughhh that is a disgusting idea i wouldent try it even if i was going on a date with the cutest boy on erth and trust me i like to talk about lads and date them.
Stupid Doctor.... Comments By: Alex on 2009-03-15
Ok seriously was your doctor a drug addict? Did you see him smoking crack? I would not eat a wart for googol dollars (maybe I would but....)!
owwww Comments By: cameron on 2009-04-21
would that not kinda hurt
This feels natural Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-29
I have a history of nail biting so biting off some of the recent warts didn't seem odd at all.

I ate like 7 *tiny* ones from my hands and fingers. When I bite off the tip it makes a noticeable sound pop. Then a little blood and a flavor of blood.
The ones I bit off don't seem to come back, however new ones sporadically emerge.

Nothing appears to be growing in my mouth though.

Considering all the ignorant comments above, the long-term rating of this practice is yet to be determined.

-----WARNING----- Comments By: Dr Emily Bargess on 2009-06-17
'Eating' your warts is a very irresponsible procedure. Different types of warts need different treatments. If a wart gets in contact with the oral area, infectious spreading of the wart is possible. If you DO have a wart, please ask your doctor for medical advice. Biting of warts may lead to infections, which may lead to gangrene. Amputations may be required if gangrene develops.
Warts are caused by a virus. Comments By: Dr. Truth on 2009-06-20
Since warts are caused by a virus, there may be some truth in eating the wart. The problem is if your immune system is low then you may get more warts than the one you feasted on. Better to cover the wart and surrounding area with nailvarnish. ( You can use coloured nail varnish if you like, better to use clear if you are a man! ;] ) re-apply the varnish every day until the wart shrinks. You may need to peel off the crust of old nail varnish prior to applying a new coat. DO NOT cut the skin if you can help it.
ok Comments By: 001torchwoodfreak on 2009-07-06
it sounds gross but ill give it a go and does it hurt
My dad.. Comments By: jesh on 2009-07-09
Told me he use to do this when he was younger. He was trying to convince me to do that to mine. And i sort of accidentally did on the one next to my nail.. all it did was make it bigger.
IT WORKS!!! Comments By: anon on 2009-08-10
tried for years to get rid of them,,,bought every over the counter remedy, sliced them, diced them, burned them, wrapped them, used harsh chemicals and the list goes on. i read a similar post by a doctor 8 yrs. ago and as a last resort i tried it. noticed the warts shrinking in a week or two and they continued to shrink until they all disappeared,,,still wart free! Excellent!!!
Never , Ever Do This !!!!! Comments By: Megan on 2009-09-12
Nver ever do this it is dangerous !!! Seriously though think about it. Blood inside wart that touches and other skin makes more warts !! so if you bit it off you would get blood in your mouth an have warts in there. Instead of geting rid of one you are making more !!!! That is a fake comment and it should be took off !!! Please dont do thiss >><<< i amthe daughter of a doctor !!
Almost There Comments By: ;) on 2009-09-27
This Does Work As I Had One On My Hand And Its Been Gone For A Few Years Now, Only Thing I'd Change Is Instead Of Swollowing, Spit It Out.
Disgusting! Don't try it. Comments By: Bess on 2009-11-07
I really want to get rid of my warts but I'm not this desperate I really don't think that this will work ans besides it would spread the infection to your mouth!
No, I don't think that this will work.

Really!?? Comments By: acerara on 2009-11-11
thats pathetic!!! do u really expect me 2 bite off my warts??? o wait no im supposed 2 cut them off first, ewwww! retard!!! wow ppl r really desprate these days
It works but I thought I was it was crazy! Comments By: wart eaters wife on 2010-02-05
My husband had at least 100 warts on his arms & hands. He used every otc remedy and had some froze off which made many more come back! He cut one off and swallowed it whole and within a few weeks they were all gone and in fact you can't even see where they were. When a cow gets warts, we cut one off and feed it to it, and they disappear. That is where we got the idea. It has been 3 yrs and they never came back!
worked for us but we have modern medicine these days! Comments By: warteaters wife on 2010-02-05
Why take a chance when you can use DCP? That stuff made my sons warts disappear in 3 to 4 weeks.It was more expensive then eating one, like my husband did but I didn't want to take this chance with a teenager.
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-11
that sounds discusting i would never do it if i did i would be sick as soon as i put it in my mouth
why not give it a go?? Comments By: dr tomatchy on 2010-03-29
For all you people who think you know about warts please read this..it is possible to bite of warts and obviously a lot cheaper but if youv got the money i recomend medicine
pregnant and eating my warts Comments By: Shazaam on 2010-05-19
I'm having a baby, and also I was driving home today and just started chewing on the warts on my fingers before I realized what I was doing. I'm glad to have them gone but a little worried about the baby. I was comforted when I google "ate my wart" and found out there are others like me.
Well, I'm not too sure about this... Comments By: Milly on 2010-06-05
But I know there is some truth to this. When I was younger I had a large wart on my thumb- huge, gross, and practially unremovable. We tried everything, freezing it, using OTC medicine, but nothing seemed to work. Ended up chewing the blasted thing off, and hey! it never grew back :)
I'm serious, this does work!!! Comments By: Ant on 2010-08-18
I had this wart on my finger knuckle and well, the doctors wouldnt do anything so i was literally trying anything and well, i basically did justt chew it, it came off and it really was just like a chewy piece of chicken! I advise it to everyone :)
I did this when I was a child Comments By: Sylvia on 2010-10-20
Funny to read this here with so many naysayers. I'm not completely sure whether it works or not, but my own experience:

When I was young (about 8 years old) I used to suffer terribly from verucas and warts. My dad used to apply some liquid to them, and rub them with pummice or a razor to shed the hard, loose skin on them. I had to wear veruca socks while swimming etc.
Few years later, I started to get warts on my hands, next to my finger nails. They would crop up, then go again, but more kept coming on different fingers. One day I got pissed off and bit one off. I used to bite my nails *and* my skin, so it was natural to me, as a kid (perhaps 15 years old) to eat the thing. Within a few months, almost all of my warts were gone. There was one persistent one that wouldn't go away, so I bit that one off too...

I'm 30 years old now. I've never had a single wart or veruca since I was 15...

Bit off a wart myself Comments By: Blake on 2010-10-27
I had a wart on my thumb for about 5-7 months now and it kept growing bigger and bigger. It was about 1cm square when i had enough. Tonight I just got enough courage to bite it off. I took deep breaths over and over again as fast and hard as i could until my adreline was at its max and went for it. Believe it or not it didnt hurt that much to bite it clean off after i did this. I have a slight pain right now from doing it but nothing compared to looking at it every day. Well worth it in my opinion and people who have warts will know what im talking about. Not nearly as gross biting it off as looking at it daily. I'll keep you posted what happens.
true but risky Comments By: bob on 2010-11-18
did you know that people that found out about "immunity" use to do things like that especially when people had plague.
the take a dead person, put a needle in an infected place then put needle inside and ur immune in a few days!

i dont reccommend to do it but it could be risky.

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Comments By: anon on 2011-01-26
thats gross wont the warts get in your mouth?and wont the blood taste bad or something and how can it taste like chicken alright abviously evrything taste like chicken now huh???
this works Comments By: Jerry Ray on 2011-03-01
my girlfriend had over 100 warts on her fingers and they wouldnt subside no matter how many surgeries she and her dr told her that since they couldnt do anything she could eat the virus and then her immune system would begin to fight and within a few week of eating one they all dissappeared and she has never had another one.
kinda true Comments By: Kirsty on 2011-04-12
it does work, my sister tried it and her wart went. Personally though I think it's disgusting and wouldn't do it myself. Bazuka extra strenghth is a better alternative.
Crazy but why? Comments By: Tab773 on 2011-06-27
Why not just slice the damn thing off??? Then eat it, put in a stew and feed the whole family the cure?? But really why bite it off when there are other ways without using your mouth???
noooooo!!!!! it hurts! and its gross! Comments By: zoe on 2011-06-27
Never do this! Use natural remedies rather than eatin it! Try soakin it in apple cider vinegar or something! But NOT this. Come on people let's use our heads!

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