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Castor oil will thicken eyebrows & eyelashes

Submitted by kimberley

Castor oil applied to the eyelashes at bedtime three times a week, will thicken them and make them grow longer.

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castor oil will thicken eyelashes.... Comments By: Ashley Vangordor on 2005-03-09
This castor oil only made my eylashes fall out more. I do not recommend it at all. It'd be better if you tried vaseline.
not sure Comments By: 123 on 2005-03-18
hi..im trying this castor oil..and it has been probably 4 days and i noticed that my eylashes fell out too..but im not to sure...im still going to go with it for 3 weeks and see wat happens
works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2005-08-29
they fell out but grew back SO much thicker its works better than vasaline!!!!
Works for me!! Comments By: Kim on 2006-02-22
I learned this about 10 days ago, have applied it nightly and am seeing miraculous results! Now, I am researching it online to hear what others have to say.
Only for a few days... Comments By: Hi on 2006-12-23
I've had castor oil only for a couple days...my bottom lashes are growing out longer and they're very noticeable. Also, out of sheer boredom I cut my eyelashes (I shouldn't have), and they've had an "evenness" to them but they're been remarkably longer and irregular shaped now, that's a positive thing! I'll probably post results after a few weeks.
Castor Oil and Myths Comments By: Olga Dereniti on 2007-04-04
I am Olga from Greece and a couple of months ago a friend of mine told me that castor oil makes eyelashes bigger.I bought a bottle and started using it and after 1 month I realised that my eyelashes had become straight and thin(much worse than they used to be).I immediately consulted a pharmacist and she told me that it is a myth that Castor Oil makes eyelashes bigger!On the contrary,it is a product that should not be used on eyes as it can cause even blindness.In addition,it can make eye wrinkles very intense especially if we use it regularly.So be careful girls,and never do what others say before taking first a specialist`s advice.
Castor oil Comments By: Mary on 2007-04-20
Please, never use Castor Oil...it merely gives u the impression that eyelashes become thicker, but if u use it regularly, u will soon destroy your eyelashes. I made the mistake to use CO and my eyelashes r now thinner than before.
NO DOUBT THIS WORKS Comments By: Sarah on 2007-10-27
Castor Oil applied to the eyelashes nightly WILL amke them grow longer.
Some people will claim this is ridiculous, but they have neither tried it nor understand why it works.
The reason it works is that nearly nobody's eyelashes have grown to their maximum length and thickness. Castor oil just ensures that they grow all the way. My Outer lashes are now actually nearly a cm outside of my eyes to the left and to the right (Respectively for each eye) which means the whole look of my eyes is soooo much more improved and well from what people tell me.. 'sexy'. TRY IT. THIS WORKS.

Stay Away Comments By: Emmalina on 2007-12-08
I to fell into the trap that castor oil makes your eyeslashes longer and thinker but it is quite the contrary. My lashes were thin and fagile looking. I've noticed that when I just leave my lashes alone (no mascara, oil,or touching/pulling) they become so much more lovelier. STAY AWAY FROM CASTOR OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh ym god peopel Comments By: wants to know something to make my eyelashes grow! on 2008-01-28
get your story straight
Castor Oil and Vaseline have no result on eylashes' growth Comments By: Mary on 2008-03-21
I'm a dermatologist and one advice I could offer you without hesitation is to avoid using any kinds of oil on the quite sensitive eye area. If you do it, after a couple of years you will wonder why you urgently need a surgery!
^^^Dermato's a quack! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-23
^^^To the dermato: false! vaseline prevents eye wrinkles! Been using that for 6 years and I haven't aged at all at 41. Vaseline doesn't grow eyelashes though. Don't know about the castor and now not sure I want to try it. Why would someone say "no ones eyelashes have ever grown fully?, that's weird!"
vaseline Comments By: Serenity on 2008-05-02
Vaseline works for some people. everyone is different.
but if your gonna use it just put it on the corner of your eyes. i hear it works and i hear it doesn't.
good luck :)

to the dermatologist or whoever you are Comments By: Serenity on 2008-04-30
you tel us not to use this and later on in life were gonna more less be under the knife because Castor oil doesn't work.
well your all about money honey so get your facts straight.
i will never get botox or anything like that. im no guinea pig and u people use us as one.

Don't use it please! Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-08
Castor oil does not work!! I have naturally long, black lashes, and i still apply olive oil to them to make them stronger. So far, it works!!
Hair Loss Comments By: Danny on 2008-06-20
Been on minoxidil ( R0gaine� ) for about a year and a half and have not seen even the smallest amount of regrowth that i almost fell into depression.

My hair only started visibly growing on the bald spot after skeptically trying out the various natural techniques to re-grow lost hair @ http://www.regrowmyhair.info

I would highly recommend this easy to follow step-by-step guide with pictures to anyone who is suffering from hair loss right now. But remember this isn't a miracle cure for baldness as you will also need to put in some effort in order to see results. And its only a minimum commitment of 15 minutes a day to help re-grow your lost hair.

Anyway, its also a cheaper and effective way of re-growing lost hair compared to those unnatural ways which may involve harsh chemicals that may have side effects.

Irritation in eyes Comments By: Namita on 2008-06-30
i have been using castor oil for one and half months now. i use it i the night and wash off in the morning.Though i have noticed some positive changes in my eyelashes, i'am suffering from eye irritation and eye puffiness.My head also becomes little heavy.My job requires me to sit before computer for long hrs,so this may be due t that also.But still iam not sure as to what to conclude.If this is because of the castor oil then i wud like to discontinue it cos i dont want to achive anything at the cost of my eyes.Do someone please help me out with your precious advice.

TipKing says: You must stop using the caster oil. Like all the tips on TipKing you should be very cautious. Have a chat with your doctor

castor oil does work Comments By: nick on 2008-07-27
i had used castor oil before to my eye lashes to make them look longer,in about six month i develope a styt(eye acne becasue of blocked pores)in my left eye,i stopped using it and it was ok
once i didnt noticed that some castor oils have flavourings in it and i use it and it made me sting.
althoug it has made my eyelashes little bit thicker from near the nose part.
it works but i dont know whether it should be applied to skin or not

IT ALL DEPENDS Comments By: jonny rocket on 2008-08-08
it depends on the person. some it works on and some not.
You are all NUTS !! Comments By: Voice of Reason on 2008-09-22
Hello... beauty queens...BLINDNESS..
and you wont even be able to see your stupid eyelashes...

Im confused Comments By: pankhuri on 2008-10-03
i used CO on my brows and they actually did thicken, but after reading all these comments im afraid to use them on my eye lashes and wat happens if CO enters your eyes???
Castor Oil - BLINDNESS - NONSENSE! Comments By: Alice on 2008-10-20
Castor Oil has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Some people even drop castor oil directly into the eyes to improve eyesight - but this is a different story. If you want to use CO, you should buy a "clean" one in the pharmacy. Do not buy any contaminated cheap stuff in the supermarket, if you do not exactly know, what's in there.
(Just google CO healing and you will get the information you need)

CASTOR OIL for Pulled out Eyelashes!! Comments By: Angie on 2008-10-23
I've been pulling out my eyelashes since I was 5, and now I'm 16. I've been trying to grow them back finally, and they're doing great, and they grow pretty fast in a month in a half or two (all the way long). I use castor oil- I think it helps to sooth them and make them grow faster, but will they be thicker?! I hope so!!!


kind of works... Comments By: Jemma Saare on 2008-11-14
I wanted to eyebrows to grow thicker and bigger and all over the internet it says to also use castor Oil.
My eyebrows are now VERY thick, and i'm loving it!!

HOWEVER i also use eyebrow gel daily. I'm a professional model, and all the make-up artists i have worked have said its not the castor oil thats making them grow. Its the stimulation your eyebrow follicles receive when putting on the oil. Thats why my eyebrow gel has helped...because the stimulation the brush is giving to the blood flow around the brow area. give it a go!

Works 10000% Comments By: Laura Berkely on 2008-11-26
It works. End of
I tried Castor Oil that worked amazingly only after a few weeks and i coudl see results sometimes the morning after
I didn't have any Castor Oil for a while once so I tried Vaseline, I was skeptical but the effect is pretty much teh same. Casotr oil i would say is better though.

TRY IT. Just before you sleep completely soak your eyelashes in either one and wake up. Castor oil does irritate my eyes so i had to put it on carefully and then immediately shut my eyes and sleep. Vaseline is a lot easier to apply
What I would say is you have to keep on using it for the effects to last. Like after a few weeks of not using it I swear my eyelahses returned to their former length/thickness.

What I do is Every night for a two weeks and my eyelashes are amazing.

help eyebrows grow Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-02
My eyebrows is so thin n i hate drawin n my eyebrow everyday n i heard on tyra bank dat sumone tried rogaine on dere eyebrows n it werk well i tried it n it help i used da women rogaine n my eyebrow grew which dey said not tah use it near ur eye i just use q-tip n just paste it on da spot i wanted da hair tah grow
so confused Comments By: skybird on 2008-12-02
My i want thick eyebrows but dont wanna be blind. Somebody help me. Anybody knows how i can keep my hair without going bald like the gentleman mentioned above. He says something about hardwork and that is something i know i will never have.
i was a skeptic..but this WORKS! Comments By: Rachel on 2008-12-02
ok...i read about castor oil a few weeks ago on here and was totally skeptical but thought it was worth a try. my eyelashes were somewhat long to begin with but some were shorter because i had plucked them (a definite mistake!) i started putting the castor oil on them before bed less than two weeks ago and...
WOW! I am truly amazed at how FAST this worked! my boss today even commented to me her amazement at my lashes and said they look like false eyelashes and that she can't believe they are actually real! i am a true believer!

p.s. i do use a good mascara (loreal lash out - works for me) and a heated eyelash curler, which helps also. :)

I SWEAR BY IT Comments By: LORI on 2008-12-18
Beware!! Comments By: Jancee Brecks on 2008-12-31
After reading all the comments about what works and what doesnt I've really had enough. I have as many others a disorder, I constantly rub my lashes with my finger tips and my lashes tend to fall out because of it. Therefore oils are not good for your eyelashes but my eye lids are quite soft. Excessive oils do not help your hair or eyelashes as we all can be told by your local hairdressers even. The excessive oils can break down hair and cause problems. I feel that someone should contact this site and let us all know what can be done to help the eyelash issues. I know there has not been any true doctor on this site. Sorry people that claim to be but your definately not from any reputable medical practice.
dogs eye lashes Comments By: linda loopey on 2009-01-01
cat poop is an lash extender for almost all bred of dogs and is also an afrodiezak..Try some...It really works, really.,really, etc, ..........
Cat Stool Does Work Comments By: Molly on 2009-01-19
I've always just thrown out the kitty litter, but up there above he mentioned how it could lengthen and thicken my eyelashes. Two words: IT WORKS!! It took at least a few days for me, and you have to wear it all day on your lashes or it simply will not work...but if you endure, your lashes will be so divinely thick, like Snuffalupugus. I make no money off the sale of fecal matter. I have no reason to make this up, every word of it is absolutely true, I swear on the name of Jesus the Creator of Heaven and Hell that this worked fantastically for me, when even CO did not work.
Castor oil comes from a plant, not from an animal! Comments By: Agricultural Engineer on 2009-01-30
I'm sorry my friend, but you're such a big ignorant... Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean.

I don't know either it works to enhance lashes or not, but it definitively doesn't have to do with Escherichia Coli...

I cannot even believe..... Comments By: Tee on 2009-01-30
....Some people would be ignorant enough to try kitty poop. Unless you are so full of it yourself that you would write such a horror story. Didn't you idiots ever hear of e-coli???? Why would you put filthy dirty animal stool near your eyes. Eye sight is precious.

I haven't tried castor oil, but people have been saying that since time began. Even in vintage cartoons you always see a bald man using it on their head! Too bad the real good eyelash growers on the markets are over 100 bucks. Plus some of them have hormone in them. It would be something to grow your lashes, but develop a beard at the same time.

ooooohhhhhhh...it worked Comments By: HABABAABA on 2009-02-06
i used castor oil vaginallly and i got huge pusy...my hubby loves it....and eats ice cream every nite

castor made confused.... Comments By: antra on 2009-02-08
hey, i have been hearing and reading both the prons and cons of using castor oil on eyelashes. can someone please guide me whether i should start using it or no.....????????????????????
castor oil is fantastic Comments By: minou on 2009-02-25
as a oriental girli will tell you that castor oil is a natural procuct and since
2500 years has benn used in orient,and
beleive me we are the best example just
look at the beautiful eyes and eyebrows of oriental girl

Another Option Comments By: Pinks on 2009-02-26
After reading the comments I do not recommend Castor Oil. Why take the risk. I have used Neu Lash - FDA approved- and it has worked wonders. It is pricy ($150 per bottle) but will last you 3mts. It is sold exclusively at SAKS or on the company's website (neulash.com). Good luck
Long term effect Comments By: reemma on 2009-03-11
Hey everybody, I started using Castor oil since I was 15 years old because I heard my mother saying that it will make your eyelashes thicker. I am now 40 years old and I barely have any eyelashes left. The doctor told me that this may be the last couple of eyelashes I will ever get. Of coarse on my wedding day, I looked like an angel with the thickest and most beautiful eyelashes that people paid more attention to than my wedding dress! But now I regret it and it was not worth anything. Please be careful.
Castor oil Comments By: Dexter on 2009-03-15
I'm not impressed by oriental girls' eyes, nor are they beautiful. They're usually the first ones to complain about their stubby eyelashes and get surgery to open their eyes to be more like Caucasian girls. DON'T USE CASTOR OIL, IDIOTS!
it depends Comments By: sai on 2009-03-29
i guess it works different for different people
Just paint them or glue a piece of wig!!! Comments By: sarco on 2009-04-01
Ok, so we're obviously obsessed with long eyelashes and eyebrows. As of "Castor Oil" I think you'll see blurry and won't notice the difference. I heard Rogaine for Men works, but wonder if it'll stimulate the other facial hair follicles? Economy is bad now a days and many are jobless, perhaps it'll help join a freak show and make some mula!
Castor Oil Works for Me Comments By: Nancy on 2009-04-07
I've been trying out different kind of oils on my eyelashes, but most of them didn't work and would end up burning my eyes. However, castor oil works wonders! I went for a period of about a month with no mascara and castor oil on nightly, and my eyelashes were so long! when I put mascara on , people thought that they were fake. As for the people who are saying castor oil is bad, I don't agree. Sorry. I've had no problems. My eyelashes start to thin and fall out.. when i don't use it! Don't be scared if your eyelashes fall out at first, they are probably just not used to being touched and fussed with. I would use castor oil on your eyelids too.. you'd be surprised how dry your eyelids are!
Someone GET IT RIGHT PLS? Comments By: Kari on 2009-04-07
Oh my gosh,the reviews are so mixed,some readers can't even make a decision.I wish someone would give all the pros and cons lined up(including short term and long term effect).(For the lazy ppl this might be too much for u)-Its alot of work(maybe)but it would help more than all of these scary stories(lashes falling out) and miracle tales(beautifully wing-like lashes).

plz- thnx

Hey "HAIR LOSS" Comments By: Karie on 2009-04-10
What does your use of minoxidil (Rogaine) have to do with women wanting to increase the length/thickness of their eyelashes?
To Everyone Else:
After reading all of your reviews I am more confused than ever....hmmmmm...to Castor Oil or not to Castor Oil?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat Tha!!!!!!! Comments By: Ariel on 2009-04-17
um??? im pretty confused my eyelashes have always been my main priority.. look wise and im confused!!!!!!!!!! come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes or no.... i dont even wanna try it now... Ugh!!!!!!! im just gonna try vasiline... theres no messed up comments about that.... Geeeeeeeeeeez!!
Comments By: ana on 2009-04-23
i didnt know which castor oil to buy. so i went to the pharmacy and bought the laxative and used it only for my eyebrows. please tell me if this is safe or not.
Castor oil works Comments By: Sharmeen on 2009-05-03
I have use it and it works for me, I get so many compliments ever since I started using castor oil for my eyelashes and no body knows that I use castor oil, my eyelash grown so big and got thicker that mascara gives my lashes overwhelming look so I rather not wear mascara.
Two thumbs up for this natural remedy LOVE IT!!!

Comments By: Wolfie on 2009-05-19
Buy only cold pressed castor oil from the health food store.
Castor on eyelashes. Comments By: Elaine on 2009-05-24
Putting castor on eyelashes does work, I have known about this since I was in high school(im 48). The actress from the 40's era Joan Crawford used it on her eyebrows.
I AM REALLY CONFUSED AND A BIT SCARED. HELP!!! Comments By: dakatwoman on 2009-05-28
I've heard about Castor oil for a long time, but never tried it myself. Now I found this site and read all the horror stories about lashes falling out before they grow thick. Do they fall out all at the same time? Or do they just get thinner before growing thicker?
No castor oil Comments By: Lisa on 2009-05-31
Don't use castor oil on your eyelashes. Try Vasoline or coconut oil.

You may go blind with castor oil.

Dextter's racist comment Comments By: suzy on 2009-06-01
I've tried castor oil for a few days now, will update on it a lil later. But first of all, I need to address that comment about aisans not having nice eyes and having surgery to make theirs look more caucasian by Dexter. Only ignorance and a true belief that caucasians are superior race would make someone assume asians would have surgery to look more white. That is not only absurd but really self-absorbed. Also, if you can say your own opinion is that asians dont have nice eyes, well MY opinion is that they DO have nice eyes! And thats MY OPINION. You arent the only one who can spill nasty stuff on the internet!!!
it WORKS Comments By: I on 2009-06-06
Not a week and I can't believe the results.
OH COME ON IT WONT MAKE U BLIND!!! Comments By: D* on 2009-06-07
Medicinal uses for Castor Oil Comments By: Sue Anon on 2009-06-09
Medicinal use of castor oil

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has categorized castor oil as "generally recognized as safe and effective" (GRASE) for over-the-counter use as a laxative, with its major site of action the small intestine.[17] However, although it may be used for constipation, it is not a preferred treatment.[18] Undecylenic acid, a castor oil derivative, is also FDA-approved for over-the-counter use on skin disorders or skin problems.[19]

Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin thanks to its molecular weight, which is low enough to penetrate into the stratum corneum. Castor Isostearate Succinate is a polymeric mixture of esters with Isostearic Acid and Succinic Acid used for skin conditioning, such as in shampoo, lipstick and lip balm.[20]

Ricinoleic acid is the main component of castor oil and it exerts anti-inflammatory effects.[21]

One study has found that castor oil decreased pain more than ultrasound gel or Vaseline during extracorporeal shockwave application.[22]

Therapeutically, modern drugs are rarely given in a pure chemical state, so most active ingredients are combined with excipients or additives. Castor oil, or a castor oil derivative such as Cremophor EL (polyethoxylated castor oil, a nonionic surfactant), is added to many modern drugs, including:

trying it now Comments By: Hope on 2009-06-10
Hey i've had a problem for the past three years where when im stressed i actually pull at both my lashes and my eyebrows....and yes it gets to the point where its just freaky and looks disgusting...i have heard about castor oil and how it has been used for thousands of years as a remedy...so even after reading the comments, i will give it a go....i actually began last night, applying it before i sleep but i was wondering if anyone knows if its okay to use it when i have kohl on...do i have to completely remove the kohl to use it?
Wonderful! Comments By: Hope on 2009-06-23
Hello this is Hope again, i wrote that last comment..
Its been two weeks since i first starting the castor oil and i definately give it the two thumbs up!! I had places on my eyes with absolutely no eyelashes, and that usually takes about three weeks or a month to even start to come out again, but now exactly two weeks since i first starting applying the oil nightly, all my lashes have grown in. Yes some are still shorter than others, but those that were already there are very long and thick!! I can't wait to finish of the next two weeks, im sure I'll have perfect lashes then!!!
Give it a try!

Safe if you prevent drips! Comments By: D. Summer on 2009-06-25
I use castor oil and it works for me! A few lashes fell out at first, but it wasn`t too noticable and now my laashes are superlong. But be careful to avoid drips! That`s where the danger lies.

I apply oil to lashes with a clean mascara wand, and I thoroughly wipe the wand on the lip of the bottle first so there is no risk of drips. I also apply oil sparingly to the lash line with a soft makeup sponge, which I squeeze excess oil out of first to again avoid drips.

No drips? Comments By: Hope on 2009-06-28
Hello D.Summer....i was reading your comment, and was wondering what the danger is with drips...and by drips do you mean just to have excess oil on the lashes..kinda confused here. can you clarify that please? thanks
Sounds okay to me.... Comments By: Rima on 2009-06-28
I heard from some skin care specialists that for beautiful eyelashes, is to use "Castor oil"....so im gonaa give it a try, but can anyone please tell me which exact Castor oil and from where do i get it....i heard from Walmarts pharmacy...is that correct or is it a special kind???
p.s~ Rima

Castor oil history Comments By: Angie on 2009-06-30

Castor oil is a natural plant oil obtained from the seed of the castor plant. The castor seed, or bean, is the source of numerous economically important products as one of the world's most important industrial oils, and was one of the earliest commercial products. Castor beans have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 B.C. According to the Ebers Papyrus, an Egyptian medical text from 1500 B.C., Egyptian doctors used castor oil to protect the eyes from irritation. The oil from the bean was used thousands of years ago in facial oils and in wick lamps for lighting. Castor oil has been used medicinally in the United States since the days of the pioneers. Traveling medicine men in the late 1800s peddled castor oil, often mixed with as much as 40% alcohol, as a heroic cure for everything from constipation to heartburn. It was also used to induce labor. At the present time, castor oil is used internally as a laxative and externally as a castor oil pack or poultice.
The castor plant, whose botanical name is Ricinus communis, is native to the Ethiopian region of east Africa. It now grows in tropical and warm temperate regions throughout the world and is becoming an abundant weed in the southwestern United States. Castor plants grow along stream banks, river beds, bottom lands, and in almost any warm area where the soil is well drained and with sufficient nutrients and moisture to sustain growth. They are annuals that can grow 6�15 ft (1.8�5 m) tall in one season with full sunlight, heat, and moisture. The tropical leaves, with five to nine pointed, finger-like lobes, may be 4�30 in (10�76 cm) across. Flowers occur on the plant (which is monoecious, meaning that there are separate male and female flowers on the same individual), during most of the year in dense terminal clusters, with female flowers just above the male flowers. Each female flower consists of a spiny ovary, which develops into the fruit or seed capsule, and a bright red structure with feathery branches (stigma lobes) to receive pollen from the male flowers. Each male flower consists of a cluster of many stamens that shed pollen that is distributed by wind. The spiny seed pod or capsule is composed of three sections, or carpels, that split apart at maturity. Each carpel contains a single seed. As the carpel dries and splits open, the seed is ejected, often with considerable force. The seeds are slightly larger than pinto beans and are covered with intricate mottled designs, none of which have exactly the same pattern due to genetic variations. At one end of the seed is a small spongy structure called the caruncle, which aids in the absorption of water when the seeds are planted.

The name "castor" was given to the plant by English traders who confused its oil with the oil of another shrub, Vitex agnus�Castus, which the Spanish and Portuguese in Jamaica called agno-casto. The scientific name of the plant was given by the eighteenth-century Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus. Ricinus is the Latin word for tick; apparently Linnaeus thought the castor bean looked like a tick, especially a tick in engorged with blood, with the caruncle of the bean resembling the tick's head. Communis means "common" in Latin. Castor plants were already commonly naturalized in many parts of the world by the eighteenth century.

There are several cultivated varieties of the castor plant, all of which have striking foliage colorations. The castor plant grows rapidly with little care and produces lush tropical foliage. Its use as a cultivated plant should be discouraged because its seeds or beans are extremely poisonous. Children should be taught to recognize and avoid the plant and its seeds, especially in the southwestern United States where it grows wild near residential areas. Flower heads can be snipped off of castor plants as a protective measure.

The active poison in the castor bean is ricin, a deadly water-soluble protein called a lectin. The ricin is left in the meal or cake after the oil is extracted from the bean, so castor oil does not contain any of the poison. The seed is only toxic if the outer shell is broken or chewed. Humans and horses are most susceptible to ricin, although all pets and livestock should be kept away from the castor seed. It has been estimated that gram for gram, ricin is 6,000 times more deadly than cyanide and 12,000 times more deadly than rattlesnake venom. A dose of only 70 grams, or one two-millionth of an ounce (roughly equivalent to the weight of a single grain of table salt) is enough to kill a 160-pound person. Even small particles in open sores or in the eyes may be fatal. As few as four ingested seeds can kill an adult human. Lesser amounts may result in vomiting, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, increased heart rate, profuse sweating, and convulsions. Signs of toxicity occur about 18�24 hours after ingestion. Ricin seems to cause clumping (agglutination) and breakdown (hemolysis) of red blood cells, hemorrhaging in the digestive tract, and damage to the liver and kidneys.

Ricin has attracted considerable attention as of early 2003 because of its association with terrorist groups. Although ricin cannot easily be used against large groups of people, it has been used to assassinate individuals by injection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers ricin a B-list bioterrorism agent, meaning that it is relatively easy to make and is considered a moderate threat to life.

On the positive side, ricin is being investigated as a tool for cancer treatment. A promising use is the production of an immunotoxin in which the protein ricin is joined to monoclonal antibodies. The ricin-antibody conjugate, which is produced in a test tube, should theoretically travel directly to the site of a tumor, where the ricin can destroy the tumor cells without damaging other cells in the patient.

There are many things that help Comments By: tete on 2009-07-01
i never tryed it but i am hoping to try it my eyelashes are very long and thick but they are very light but ive been using egg white and sometimes olive oil and they seem to look darker not longer but now i dont need masacara to make them look darker and it also good for your hair and there is this thing called Jasmin oil that helps your hair grow longer but use it and dont use no products on your hair and eyelashes and it works i used it for almost 4 months and i saw a major differnce even everyone around me use to complaint me and i love trying new things cuz i like to look nice and clean and brandnew always lol
WHAT? Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-26
okay this is stupid. if you're going anywhere special use mascara, and you can always get your eyelashes dyed. dont mess around with your eyes, you'll regret it.
plz help Comments By: sowmi on 2009-07-29
Actually my eyes were so attractive and I normally use eyeliners(branded and using for 8 - 9 yrs)and mascaras to make my eyes even more attractive.But all the sudden before 8 months my eyes start reacting when i use eyeliner-even the same brand which fitd once upon..Nw a days when I try, my eyes start itching- a kind of allergy and bit swelling started.Also I had eye lash fall.Now I am so upset that I cannot play with any high quality branded eyeliners even herbal eyeliners to make my eyes attractive.So plz help me with your suggestions-also say whether Castor oil would go for this......Thanksssssss
a bit scared here... Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-10
so, like everyone else, I've heard about the miraculous stories of castor oil... but after hearing some of the reviews here, I'm not sure if I want to try it.
I don't have really short lashes, and I'm fine with my lashes, but I kinda want longer lashes too.
So I'm not sure...

EYELASHES Comments By: SUZY Q on 2009-08-26
CASTOR OIL Comments By: kaye on 2009-08-28
i bought castor oil from amazon and recieved it only today. i've applied it ony my eyebrows and eyelashes but after all these bad reviews im really scared now!! i've been a plucker since high school and am now 25 with hardly any brows. they are so thin and never grow back. so, going to give this castor oil a go and keep you all updated. just hope my lashes or brows dont fall out.
use it right!! Comments By: Zeinab on 2009-09-07
hi,, im from kuwait
castor oil is the arab women secret for long lashes ,, but u should use it right.
use it before u go to bed and wash it in the morning.
dont put too much!! using to much oil will make ure lashes fall.
++dip the tip of a ear cotton in the oil and rub the lashes line with it..

Experimental Comments By: Nadine J on 2009-09-12
Ok. I understand that castor oil might not work on some people but i will be using it because i have 6 gajillion styes in both of my inner eyelids (*which thoroughly sucks) and before people tell me im crazy to put it anywhere near my iris, i just have to say that castor oil is a natural home remedy for styes.
i will also be dabbing CO on my lower eyelashes to see if they grow. i will be posting regularily to help prove everything. i just really hope it helps my stye. i could care less about my eye lashes lol i will be posting what brand of CO i am using. hope this helps !
pray for my multiple styes!

AS PROMISED- CASTOR OIL FEEDBACK!! Comments By: kaye on 2009-09-18
hi its kaye again, so girls, i tried the two week test of regulasrly using castor oil on my lashes for about 3 weeks. i bought it from amazon for about �1.50. i used it on my non existing brows too. my verdict.... my lashes are alot longer, a little thicker but more longer. i dont need to use lengthening mascara anymore, only normal or volume mascara. my eyebrows.. no new growth just very faint stray hairs however my eyebrows are now really long so need to trim them. bit disappointed about my brows but lashes are definitly noticibly longer. going to try the billion dollar brows kit used in america by alot of celebs. there's a salon in the uk too. good luck ladies xxx
CASTOR OIL FEEDBACK Comments By: KAYE on 2009-09-18
DAY 1 Comments By: tete on 2009-09-30
Today is my first day using it my eyelashes are naturally long but from using the eyelash curler and mascara they started becoming thin and falling out but i promise i will tell the truth about it after 2 weeks the after 4 weeks so far i don't have no irration or anything like that i have had it on since 4 pm and it its excatly 12 30 am here excatly....
Get the real stuff! Comments By: Jojolo on 2009-10-11
For all those that are in doubt, why bother? This is why I believe it works. I lost most of my eyelashes on one eye and was frantically looking for a remedy online. Castor Oil was highly recommended, so instead of glueing on fake ones, I tried the natural option first. With that said, the castor oil that I purchased was made in St. Lucia which is in the Caribbean, from the natural bean, with no additives whatsoever. After 3 weeks of using it maybe 3-4 times a week before bedtime, my eyelashes were not only longer but thicker. Of course if you get the oil in your eyes it will cause discomfort, but blindless, please, that's not true. Just don't overdo it and soak your eyelashes so much that it will run into your eyes. It has also worked for the eagles crow on my eyes. All of you who claim that it made your eyelashes fall out need to re-evaluate how you used it, what was in it, and whether or not you cleaned them before adding mascara or anythng else to your eyelashes. Of course, you don't have to take my word for it, what works for one may not work for another, but it sure worked for me!!!!
Castor Oil... Almond/Coconut & Emu Oil... Comments By: Forest green-eyes on 2009-10-15
My eyelashes burned in a mild fire explosion... anyway, I've heard that Castor Oil could make you blind - ( if used much), also heard the other version improving eye-sight... I always use oils around my eyes...some ppl put Baby oil YUK.. After loosing most of my lashes.. I had tried Castor Oil on top of my lids/eyelashes ( but I don't recommend extensive use with CASTOR).. it gently generates and stimuales growth. I believe it is not good for eyesight and one could loose eye vision. I also tried the Vaseline ( which I didn't like). My eyelashes have grown back - but are normal ( AS BEFORE).. not thicker/ nor longer.. just there.... I am now going to tried the Almond & coconut OIL version. I also heard EMU OIL might help?.... Castor oil will circulate those bloodvessals and does penetrate deep within - I heard ppl use it for cramps - therefore believe the extent of this oil could damage or burn eye vision area?
I'll Just Stick With Vasoline... Comments By: Tricia2244 on 2009-10-21
I actually heard that Drinking Lemon Juice Works..even if it doesn't at least it's not harmful....i just started using vasoline simply becuase it's a moisturizer that i know won't cause any eye damage..i refuse to try anything else that might damage my eyes, i think my eye sights more important than my eyelashes..i just wouldn't take the chance, it's really not worth it..if yu decide to make ur eyelashes bigger & fuller with makeup than here's a tip..
1) Apply Eyeliner colour alittle darker than ur eyelash colour. This will create thicker eyelashes. Extend the line at the outer corner of ur eyes to make eyelashes look longer.
2) Curl Eyelashes, using eyelash curler.
3)Apply Fake Eyelashes.
4) Apply Mascara to blend in with your natural eyelashes.

Okayy that is all..:-) just incase you didn't know that....

castor oil cause blindness Comments By: zeena on 2009-10-23
if you study pharmacy you will know that if castor oil gets into your eyes it will cause sight loss. please do not use on your eyelashes.
what about hair? Comments By: tara on 2009-11-23
hi,i want some body tell me wich oil good for hair?
i know cocnut and almond oil is good, but some body tell me how to use it?to get best result for new hair grow?

castor castor Comments By: enaid on 2009-12-08
yes castor oil is nice. i love puting mascara which makes my eyelashes fall whenever i rub everytime, i take a bath to remove it. but castor oil makes my eyelashes grow back longer though makes me dizzy sometimes. so don't put too much just put it on the tip of ur eyelids.
First Day Comments By: songwriting on 2010-01-08
This is my first day trying the castor oil 'natural remedy'. It is pretty thick in consistency. I think I've applied on a little much so I'm wary for tomorrow night's application. I'll be as rigorous in applying as much as 5 days a week. Certain nights though, one cannot help feeling like crashing without even considering taking of one's face. Hey, it happens.
I will keep on updating on my progress on a weekly basis and tell you guys what the prognosis is. Since there are sooo many different responses as to whether or not castor oil really works, the only thing left to do is to either try it yourself or not. I have decided to skip the latter and give this one a try.
Cross ya fingaz ladies (and possible gents)!

It Works!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-19
Castor oil has been a beauty secret in the arab old since forever. it is not a myth. As you all may know, arabs have the longest thickest eyelashes ever. well, it is not genetics, they apply castor oil to their scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows regularly!! I've tried it and it worked wonders.
CASTOR OIL WORKS!!!!!! Comments By: tasha on 2010-01-19
I learned about castor oil being able to help make your eyelashes stronger and may be even longer in biology class in 5th grade and I've been doing it since. I am 27 now. 17 years proved to me that it is worth it. They won't grow extremely long (I wish) but they WILL grow and will be stronger, thicker and healthier looking. Just apply it carefully avoiding eyes and area around. If you got some on the skin around your eyes -wipe it off dry.
castor oil,rose hip oil,olive oil and vaseline oil works Comments By: Boy21 on 2010-02-23
You can use either castor oil, rose hip oil, olive oil and also vaseline oil. It works. All you must do is put a bit oil in your fingertip and then gently rub on your eyebrows before you going to sleep. Rub gently and make wish that the eyebrow will grow longer and thicker. It is really works, effort is number one. Before this I have thin eyebrows,after used all those oils , my eyebrows growt thicker like chris pine one of the hollywood thicker actor. I believe in it.
It does Comments By: music on 2010-02-26
It works on the hair to some extent but alot of people buy that cheap white castor oil in the pharmacies.The one that you need is the black castor oil from Jamaica not that white runny one.AS for vaseline it doesn't make your eyelashes grow that's a myth it'll sting your eyes and feels like you just put sticky gasoline on, stay away from flames!
It works just get the 100% Castor Oil Comments By: parkenjo on 2010-03-04
I was a skeptic too but after purchasing it online at I think it was sams24hr dot com for scalp cleansing and temple regrowth I thought well why not give it a try. It's not the store brand and it is all natural. I've been using it on my brows and eyelashes for about a week and a half now and there has been a huge improvement after not even 2 weeks my lashes look like falsies with ONE coat. This WORKS and it's even better that it's all natural. It may not be working for others because possibly they're using like a store brand. Get it from a health food store or that site I recommended. It's dark brown,very thick, smells smoky and comes in a glass bottle. It's called Jamaican Black Castor Oil. If yours smells fruity it's got added ingredients and isn't 100% castor oil. After my nightly facial regimine I shake the bottle and take the top off and swipe q-tip (more than enough) with the first end I apply it to both brows. then I swipe the other side of the q-tip and apply to my top and bottom lash line and brush it on my lashes like macara. This works. After a few days you will start to notice. This is now a staple in my nightly regimine. I do notice sometimes I wake up with puffier eyes so I may just do it once every two or three days to the lashes and see if that improves it. So far so GREAT!
HEY Comments By: LEO45344 on 2010-03-05
castor oil.. Comments By: miss pretty on 2010-03-08
i dnt knw but i have use castor oil 6 month.. my eyelash become much longer but there nb didnt chnage and they are thin
out of no where Comments By: V =] on 2010-03-15
okay, as every one else said this is confusing. is castor oil good or bad on your lashes? isnt it just oil only on hair. meaning your lashes hair? i started it a few days and yeah my lashes fell out but mine always do. how (for the people that use it) do you put it on? i dip a cotton bud in and apply it on the lashes. is that how you do it? i just want bigger/thicker lashes instead of buying mascara because im not allowed to.
Castor oil in restasis Comments By: Izzy on 2010-03-20
I've never tried castor oil for lashes but it is an inactive ingredient in one of the most expensive eye drops prescribed- Restasis. I doubt it will cause blindness since it's being sold in eyedrops!
My results Comments By: JM on 2010-03-22
I have used castor oil for a couple of weeks. I did get the start of a sty two different times on my left eye, but my right eye was fine. I probably used too much oil. Anyway, I treated the sty area by patting the area with baking soda/water mix (a weak mix) and then I patted a good colloidal silver solution on to that area of the eyelid and in both cases, the inflammation was gone the next day. I just tried not to get the baking soda/water mix or colloidal silver in my eye, only on the eyelid. One time, I did get the baking soda in my eye and it burns, so I flushed with A LOT of water. That was my error because I applied the baking soda directly to my eye lid without mixing with water first. I added water after, and that was a mistake! Again, you don't want to get it in you eye, but only on your eyelid. Keep eye tightly closed and you shouldn't have a problem! Only pat the stuff on, too. Don't overdue it. My eyelashes are fine and a bit more full after using the castor
oil for a couple of weeks. I also noticed a
change my eyelids. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but they feel smoother and seem tighter with less puffiness. They appear younger looking. I'm trying the castor oil under the eye area for dark circles, but so far I haven't see any significant effect on them. It will dry out your under eye skin, so use lightly, and apply a good natural oil like emu oil to negate this. I actually mix the emu oil with the castor oil and then apply under the eye. I believe that the skin has tightened in that area
somewhat, but again, I would not apply castor oil by itself there because when I did, and then used face cloth to remove it after leaving it on for awhile, my skin looked terribly dry there. If you mix the emu oil with castor oil, apply it and leave on for a few minutes. If it looks too oily after this, just pat the excess off with a tissue or dry cloth. This will defintely take care of dryness under the eye. Emu oil by itself will do the same.

IT works and I cant believe people are so gullible ! Comments By: keke on 2010-04-25
CASTOR OIL WILL NOT MAKE YOU BLIND< there was a time that we were told tomatos are poisonous and then told to eat an all carb diet to lose weight, well guess what all were wrong.
CASTOR OIL is a tried and true remedy used for thousands of years tracing as far back as the pharaohs and as common as chicken soup!
Been using it since I was 12, now 40 and I have no complaints. Its actually used as an oil base in a lot of cosmetics including kohl eyeliners-- if it was so dangerous it would not be included in cosmetics with FDA regulations and tests.
Castor Seeds I get can be poisonous but the OIL IS NOT AND like many people have said use a LITTLE BIT not to drown out your eyes in ANY OIL-- I mean think logically when applying anything to your eyes start sparingly--- I'm shocked when I read some peoples applications. I've been a makeup artist for years and hear tips and tricks from everyone. ONE THINK IS FOR SURE -- YOU DO NOT WANT TO POUR ANY OIL ON YOUR EYES! it may take a week longer for your desired effects but less irritation by oil suffocation is probably a good thing. AND thats ANY OIL, almond, vaseline, Castor..dont DROWN your EYES in it is the bottom line.
IF YOU CAN PURCHASE IT OVER THE COUNTER and its being sold at health food stores, drug stores, Amazon-- chances are ITS SAFE, esp if its not sitting next to liquid plumber on the grocery shelf!

Hope this helps anyone whose reading the jargon from the nubies above and thinking CO is bad, and the "DOCTORS and PHARMACISTS" or people acting as such should be ashamed planting doubt in anyones minds-- WALK INTO A DRUGSTORE AND ASK A REAL PHARMACIST about it-- these people commenting are as legit as the cat poop person whose clearly just messing with your mind.

CASTOR OIL, ALMONT OIL, ARGAN OIL are all good oils.

Listen.. Comments By: Mrs.harman on 2010-04-25
If any of you really want longer lashes, don't take the risk of putting CO on your eyes. If you truely care i recommend using ultracile, yes i agree it is expensive but it has been clinically tested and i have used it. My eye laashes were singed years back when i was lighting the pilot to my stove, but i have strong thick darker eyelashes. AND for eyebrows.. if you want thicker eyebrows use browboost, that works and its not too expensive, good luck ladies!
another tip for longer eyelashes..but maybe not thicker Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-06
hi people..if u want longer eyelashes then cut the tip of the eyelashes if ur scare of using products...ONLY THE VERY TIP of the eyelashes...cause if u cut tooooo much the eyelashes might not grow back long again..i cut my eyelashes a bit way too much...i cut it up to the point that when i blink my eyes it stints..lol..i thought that if i cut it half way in my eyelashes might grew back even longer..i was being greeedy~~but luckily that my eyelashes did grew back a bit longer than before..what a miracle..>_<..my eyelashes wasnt short or very long to start with..but i've been waiting very patiently for the past few months with NO MAKES AT ALL..i rarely apply eye makeup anyway..and i have thin eyebrows so i'll be trying the olive oil cause so far i didnt hear any cons and pros about olive oil..i was once very obessed with castor oil but now im afraid..lol^_^...i wanna make my eyes look more stunning and outstanding but the problem is that no matter how much i want, it just wont beat my lazinesssss~!!>_<..in fact i am very lazy
LET ME TELL YOU PEOPLE SOMETHING Comments By: cathlene rodriguez on 2010-05-04



Does it really matter? Comments By: One guy's opinion on 2010-05-16
I suppose it will never end that women seek all sorts of methods of improving their features. My gf just showed me this site because she was excited about trying a new way to grow thicker lashes and eyebrows. My question to you ladies is..why? I barely notice my gf even has eyebrows. Even when she points out to me how sparse the hairs in them are, I still don't get it. I love her natural beauty the way it is and would be devastated if something like blindness occurred because of using some sort of oil on lashes and brows. I find women so often underestimate their own beauty and would prefer to look like a magazine cover. Even that's all lights and makeup and then airbrushing. I can't tell my gf what to do and what not to do but thankfully she decided not to try this castor oil on her eyes. Be yourselves ladies, you're all unique and all beautiful.
always in moderation Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-20
First of all soaking your lashes at night cannot be good for your eyes. first your eyes are closed so the oil will soak into them. second night is when your body heals so dont cover sensitive areas with oils as to prevent the skin from breathing and healing from all of the bead things you do during the day. Yes I do put castor oil on my brows and lashes occasionally, but very moderately. I suggest just not making a habit from it. our bodies are able to heal from bad decisions, so if you would like use castor oil for a while but remember to switch to other types of natural moisturizers. All of those oils work to keep eye lashes fuller and eyes younger because they st remember that anything in excess is bad for you so just change it up often and stop using things too. And dont wear so much makeup on during the day, how do you expect beautiful lashes and skin around your eyes when you are constantly caking on makeup and rubbing at your eyes to take it off each night?!
day 1 Comments By: Elyse on 2010-05-29
Hey, I got really freaked out by the reviews but I decided to try it anyway.
I applied it with a cotton bud and made sure that nothing drips into my eyes.
And its true about arab girls having really long and beautiful thick lashes. I'm kinda the odd one out here, that's why I gave this a shot.

Works, depending on the cause of thin lashes Comments By: leelee on 2010-06-13
If your thin lashes are due to the demodex mite, then it will work. Once the demodex are gone, your lashes may fall out but will grow back.

Castor oil is very thick and also leaves a film when it dries, one of if not THE only oil that does this.

Should add that virtually all people on the planet have this mite, but for some reason, in some people it gets out of control and can cause several skin problems and thinning hair.

Honeslty! i have no BROWS =( Comments By: KIM on 2010-06-15
i seriously need to get a sugery done 2 get brows but then again im not that RICH! So, i google the net 2 find out HOW TO GROW MY BROWS. i have read & read & seen articles about brows restoration. wish i can grow my brows instead of having to draw on them everyday or leave it on til the next day & leave it. im gettin deopress & hating it completey! wish it wasn't like this!
coconut oil? Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-18
im not so sure of CO now, but im using pure coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and vasaline,
and maybe some pure almond oil or CO

It works... Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-30
It isn't dangerous, otherwise it wouldn't be in the ingredient list of so many beauty products made for eyes (concealer, eye pencils, and even lash growth products). Castor seed oil is all over the cosmetic industry. If it doesn't work for you, I understand. Nothing works perfectly for everyone. But don't scare people that are trying to educate themselves into thinking that they will go blind or need surgery within a couple of years. Grow up.
Cautious to use Castor Oil... Comments By: KS on 2010-07-19
Okay, so I've been reading up on some of your peoples answers..but I am going to have some hope because I've been yanking out my lashes after 4th grade...and now I am in HighSchool and tryed everything I could, but I never thought a oil like Castor Oil would work..so tonight I am going to add it on the lash line of my eye lid and be very careful rub it in and go to sleep I am praying that I will see SOME what of a little tiny improvment by the next day If i dont I'll try again and then I'll give it about a week and if I dont see any then Ill quit using but if I do that heck yeah I am going to keep applying, so I am hoping for my sake this remedy will work!!! :/
See! Castor Oil is one of the Ingredients of eye creams Comments By: ss on 2010-07-24
having read all these hesitating comments, i checked my eye cream ingredients,and surprisingy it was included by two types of "Hydrogenated" "castor oil".i guess it must have some effect on eye contour skin.
See! Castor Oil is one of the Ingredients of eye creams Comments By: ss on 2010-07-24
having read all these hesitating comments, i checked my eye cream ingredients,and surprisingy it was included by two types of "Hydrogenated" "castor oil".i guess it must have some effect on eye contour skin.
See! Castor Oil is one of the Ingredients of eye creams Comments By: ss on 2010-07-24
having read all these hesitating comments, i checked my eye cream ingredients,and surprisingy it was included by two types of "Hydrogenated" "castor oil".i guess it must have some effect on eye contour skin.
The rebirth of my brows Comments By: Kate on 2010-08-03
Phenomenal! Most definitely works! Even as a newborn, thick, shapely eyebrows graced my face, accompanying me through my adolescents. That is, until I discovered 'tweezers' in high school. Since, my eyebrows have never been the same. Thankfully, I discovered castor oil! I apply it lightly upon each brow with a Q-tip. I have done so every-other-night for about three weeks now. The hair growth is astonishing! Nevertheless, I would advise not to apply it to your eyelashes for castor oil can be quite damaging if it gets into your eyes.
Not even about castor oil, its about almond oil you dummies:) Comments By: Ann on 2010-08-07
I have tried vaseline, castor oil, hazelnut oil, olive oil, chamomile oil etc...edible/ organic and facial cosmetic ofcourse. All of which did not have a compare with Almond oil. Sometimes i'll use cosmetic almond oil to remove makeup, because the cosmetic made my lashes fall out no doubt. However, pure sweet almond kitchen or edible whatever you'd like to call it, did really work. I am baffled really. Almond oil is gentle, and moisturizing, and my lashes are so thankful, that i need not use mascara ever again. I change the oil in a little bottle once a week and apply it with a cotton swab on my lash line since it is used only once it is hygenic. I apply it to my lashes from bottom to top and then the outer corners with a little shake (run way tip btw) with a ayebrow brush. It works try it and guarantee it wont cause blindness this is a very old asian tradition***:)
CASTOR OIL IS NOT A HAIR THICKINING AGENT Comments By: wilinita on 2010-08-15
CASTOR OIL is known for its cure like constipation ,heartburn etc. also taken internally as laxative , externally as facial oils .castor oil does not contain
poison as other people said, on the other hand i wont recommend for growing more hair its true it will only make hair longer and lesser but it wont add more hair. cause i used it for ten days and i stopped using cause i noticed i am losing more hair in my eyebrow. i substituted with OLIVE OIL BY(HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY) it comes in a 2oz bottle(59.2 ml) and contains many more oil like ,safflower oil, soybean oil, coconut oil,macadamia nut oil, olive oil, tocopherol, vit.e oil
chamamile oil and calendura with fragrance. also a bottle of TEA TREE OIL
it comes also in 2 oz bottle and contains
aloe vera extract, tea tree oil, peanut oil and sweet almond oil.with fragrance .
this tee tree oil is fungus fighter .it will treat kill the fungus out of you eyebrow before it will grow new hair.
pour OLIVE OIL in your palm at least three drops , pour TEE TREE oil your palms at least 2 drops its 3:2 mixture ratio mixed it together and use Q TIPS to apply in your eyebrow just lightly roll in your eyebrow and i guarantee you it will give an amazing and noticeable results in about a couple weeks. dont worry this is not very expensive products
it cost an average of 5 bucks a piece compare to latisse products.

love yourself ... Comments By: tiaramoore on 2010-08-21
love yourself....it does not matter how ugly or beautiful you are.If you love yourself you will learn how to appreciate what you have...
IT WORKS Comments By: eyebrowdelight on 2010-08-23
it does work but when u apply, u need to rub it a few minutes. The only draw back to this is that it takes patience. For those of you saying ur brows are falling out... your eyebrows actually thin out every few months and regrow new ones. That may be the cause. Caster oil is just oil, it can;t kill you, yall are just exagerating. Caster oil actually works so just keep on usin it.
it work Comments By: lilian tran on 2010-08-27
i have use the olive oils for 1 week, I love the result, it grown longer, but my eyes lash fall out like it use too. i really don't know about part of blinding or not, because I am not there yet, i know it my version haven't change yet. so I continue using olive oi
you guys are crazy Comments By: Rohini on 2010-09-07
i cant believe people would just scare other for the fun of it....anyways i have started using castor oil for the past 3 days n let's see how it works....i am not havin any irritation as of now and hopin i wont have any either...will kepp you posted about the results....hopefully it shall work!!!!
Castor oil don't make you BLIND Comments By: Watabe on 2010-10-30
Castor oil really works and it does not
make you blind
CO is used in eye drops
Check it here
Check the end of the page
CO is one of the ingredient of eye drops

Day 1 of castor oil eyebrows/lashes Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-02
1. Do not pour oil on brows so as to not drip in my eyes.
1.a I'm not putting this S*#T on my eye lashes!
2. Do not stick Qtip in eyes
3. Do not cry if lashes and brows fall out(i'm still beautiful)
4. Do not resort to Pharmecutical drugs if plan A does not work. ie: Rogain,eyelashgrowdrug etc...
5. Asian women are hot.
6. Round eye are racist.
7. Puffy eyes, scrape face.
8. What are eagles feet?
9. Do not and I mean, do not experiment on my dogs lashes
All jokes aside, I will try Castor oil for myself and keep you all posted. One thing I have learned, what works for you, may not work for your friend. Trial and error.

Vaseline didn't work for me Comments By: anon20782 on 2010-11-04
I gave it a real shot as well. I read that one should apply Vaseline to eyelashes for 8 weeks. No change after resolutely applying it after 12 weeks.
Infected eye oil glands were healed by Castor Comments By: Jane Buck on 2010-11-06
I use the Palma Christi brand sold in natural stores.My lashes are better and eye brow growth was a huge unexpected surprise. The main reason was to heal oil gland infection that antibiotics didn't touch!! Way less red and dryness in eye too. I was desperate because eyes were on fire when infected. Nay sayers are such a drag. Use it. If it works, great. My eyelashes have always been long but sparse and dry from mascara. Not anymore.......
The real deal. Comments By: Nora on 2010-11-21
Yes, we arabs do use it, and noo you dont go blind or get an infection IF you know how to do it properly. Oh and make sure to purchase the RIGHT castor oil. seriously we've been using it for many generations...


Eyelashes; If you have an old mascara container, wash it out, and i mean WELL, and you can use that. So you dont soak it with castor oil. use a little!! Just a little and apply it to your eyelashes twice a week. dont over do it. you'll see results within 2 weeks.

Eyebrows: Use Q-tips, and apply it onto the eyebrow or where ever you need more hair growth, again dont over do it.

Hair: If you have really thin hair (This is not a miracle worker for baldness...)use an hold hair dye container and apply small drops of Castor oil all over your scalp, massage nicely not roughly and do this twice a week, you'll see results within two weeks.

Again make sure you purchase unrefined, cold-pressed 100% Castor oil, it needs to be the real stuff, and DONT over do it, it wont show better results. Just use an optimum amount and you should be seeing amazing results!!!

DONT EVER buy those fake products that make your eyelashes "grow ENORMOUSLY" or "browbooster" god knows what they put in it, it might look good at first results, but definitely not in the long run...

Stay organic and natural! =)

Best of luck, and to those that are hesitant about it, just try it, do it properly and you wont regret it ever!

Routine Comments By: Mazola on 2010-12-11
I would recommend caster oil. If you put to much on your eyelashes, they will fall out but if you put the right amount on, you will get good results. I would use the wand of an old mascara, make sure you washed it! so no mascara it coming on your eyelashes.Put some caster oil on it and than from there you want to determine two thing:
a. Does the wand look like it picked up more than 2-3drops of oil?(if it is more then 2-3 drops, then shake it of to be less)
b.You want to start from the base,bottom,or you can say the place where you lashes start growing, and move upward,all the way till you coverd the lash,JUST like applying mascara
c. DO NOT PUT ANOTHER LAYER ON THE LASHES!This will cause break them!
I hope this helps!This should help you get the results you want.

Special Mascara Comments By: BrittanyaKITTYxOx on 2010-12-28
i tried a certain mascara called lash accelerator by rimmel london and every time i use it of course it makes my eyelashes look longer but when you wipe it off your eyelashes stay that length. its made with avec grow- lash complex.:D
Castor oil is safe - beware the disinformation squad Comments By: Sapphireyes on 2011-01-07
As one previous commenter posted a link to substantiate, castor oil is safe for use in and around the eyes. Like anything you might use in or around your eyes, you must make sure it's pure and not contaminated. If you have put the castor oil in an old mascara container, or are using an old mascara wand, you are running risk of contamination from the old mascara, which HAS been proven to cause blindness. If you apply castor oil with clean fingertips or fresh cotton swabs you're pretty assured of safety. Castor oil is used in many commercial eye drops (for use IN the eye) and, as a few previous comments have noted, also in many eye beauty products for use near the eye.

Several of the comments are trolls just spreading confusion and disinformation. Some are pharmaceutical company shills who want to scare you away from using natural products so you'll turn to their petroleum-laced, poisoned alternatives.

I have dry eyes, and my eye doctor prescribed drops which are mostly castor oil, to be dropped directly INTO the eyes. The drops are expensive and contain chemicals of which I am suspicious. So I asked my eye doctor if I could use pure castor oil instead, and he said OK as long as it's pure pharmaceutical-grade castor oil. I asked if pure organic 100% castor oil with no preservatives would qualify, and he said yes.

SO there you have it, trolls and pretenders: it's safe to put castor oil DIRECTLY IN your eyes, so long as it's pure and uncontaminated. It's also safe to use inside your digestive tract, and anywhere on your skin. Whether or not it grows eyelashes, I have no personal experience with yet. Time will tell.

CASTOR OIL DID WORK FOR ME :) although.... Comments By: Nicole on 2011-01-24
I've been using castor oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows for about two months now, I've noticed incredible positive changes! I've grown tiny "newborn" eyelashes that day after day seem to be covering the whole eyelid lashline, and I'm also growing eyebrows! My concern is, I wear glasses, and lately I've been noticing my sight is gettind more blurry, don't know if it has anything to do with the castor oil I'm applying every night to my eyelashes or if it's just the normal decay of my sight, which I was warned about when got my glasses for the first time, has anyone experienced this?
Use with caution Comments By: Shona Harris on 2011-01-13
Castor oil can cause conjuctivitis. My eyes became irritated just the one time I tried it. If it does work at all, I guess use with extreme caution.
Not sure of Castor oil but petroleum jelly works Comments By: Myself on 2011-01-28
I used petroleum jelly. It worked for me. I even grew 4 lashes to each eye. And they were out of the lashline. I will try castor oil.
CO works! Vaseline does not work Comments By: drastic on 2011-02-07
Honestly people, theororize all you want and comment if you have tried this.

I have tried both V and CO. Vaseline applied nightly for 6 months = No change.

Castor oil = Lash growth, increased length in about 2 - 3 weeks.

Another person commented that castor oil will not harm your eyes. Correct. They also mentioned that applying CO directly into the eye is prescribed for certain conditions. This is also correct.

Get expeller-pressed CO from a healthfood store. The grocery store or pharmacy CO is garbage.

Why this should theoretically work- Word from a trichotillomanic pharmacist Comments By: A pharmacist on 2011-02-08
I empathize with those of you who want their lashes to grow. I too have trichoillomania (compulsion to pull out hair) and I want to lay out the facts for those of you who want to try methods of growing your lashes.

Castor oil is believed to be what drug professionals call a prostaglandin analogue- I won't get into technical details about this.
For those of you who do not know, and also mentioned earlier, there is a prescription drug product called Latisse that is FDA approved for the treatment of hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelash growth or thickness). It's generic/chemical name is bimatoprost which is made into an eyedrop solution most commonly used for glaucoma (this brand name is Lumigan). Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue. With the use of Lumigan, people began noticing the side effect of longer, thicker, darker lashes so they developed the cosmetic drug Latisse only available by prescription (and you can forget about insurance covering it). This is why some believe castor oil or even human SEMEN which contains prostaglandins might help stimulate hair growth (the latter may burn a little).

So, with all this in mind, should you use it? I myself have just been using petroleum jelly and I feel it actually works, if anything the jelly keeps my fingers off my lashes. Curious, I did research on castor oil because I knew its mechanism is believed to be associated with prostaglandins (but remember, this has not been proven, just a theory).

I did some further research and unfortunately was unable to find any clinical trials done on this theory of castor oil and hair growth.

As a pharmacist, I do not think I would recommend using castor oil as a method of growing eyelashes. It is not made like eyedrops which match the salt content of your eyes and it could seriously burn or potentially cause damage. Vaseline/petroleum jelly/white petrolatum are relatively safe to apply on open sores and other areas of the body and will not burn most people's eyes if accidentally put in them.
That being said, I still know there are desperate people out there who might try this so I felt compelled to release the scientific facts. Good Luck!

Restatsis Comments By: eyes have it on 2011-03-07
If, as the pharmacist and dermatologist say, castor oil doesn't work, why is it a major ingredient in the prescription eye drop RESTASIS? Each drop contains 0.05% active cyclosporine and inactive are glycerin, CASTOR OIL, etc.etc.etc. This is a medication for dry eyes and it is dropped INTO the eye.
Personal Results Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-22
a) Everybody has different beauty needs
b) People like to exaggerate
I think the difference in reported results can be attributed to these two reasons.
So, the following is an account of my PERSONAL opinion and experience with this...take it as you will.

Some people say to use castor oil, but many others say almond, olive, eucalyptus, etc....eventually, I thought that it may be the OIL that is the active ingredient (without regard to its type). After al, oil is a traditionally proven cleanser and moisturizer (http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/)

I have naturally oily eyelids. They just overproduce sebum, or something, I suppose...all I know is within half an hour after every shower, my eyelids have a sort of oily shine on them. Kind of weird. Some of my friends told me they also have this issue; all of them have facial types similar to mine, with oily or oily-in-some-areas skin. My friends with dry skin did not have this problem.

So, I told them about my hypothesis and they decided to give castor oil a try--after all, if it worked, we'd all have nice long eyelashes. So a very, very light coating every night for a month. The results: my more oily-faced friends and I had no change. Two of us got some acne-ish thing around out eyelids, even. The others DID experience noticeably longer eyelashes.

Basically, I think the castor oil remedy boils down to whether your eyelashes even needed oil in the first place. If so, then castor oil helps them reach their growth potential. If not, they'll probably be about the same (still stubby and sparse, here!)

I am not a doctor, and my "experiment" has no statistical significance....but just food for thought.

Castor oil is safe! Comments By: postmenopausal on 2011-05-15
Castor oil has healing properties. I have recurring eyelid warts very tiny size of pinhead. Also b/c I was taking prescription meds for Hi BP, blood thinner, and statins. My hair fell out and my eye lashes plus i developed cataract due to the meds, plus i had blepharities which is like dry eye and red eyes, plus bleeding in retina from the blood thinner. I of course went off of the blood thinner and statins. I've had 3 or 4 more HPV warts and have been able to avoid that horrible eye surgery every time BECAUSE I USED CASTOR OIL. They always occur on the upper or lower RIM of the eyelid. The first one i ever had grew so big it was hanging in my field of vision, had surgery to remove it...most unpleasant b/c they give you a shot in the tender eyelid, then cut wart off with scissors, the cauterize. OK so read up on "natural" remedies. I read castor oil can be used INSIDE the eye. The next time i got a HPV ( wart ) on my eyelid, i would dab castor oil on it..within 2 or 3 weeks it was gone.
I also use castor oil to remove eye makeups. Started taking homeopathic eye drops which improved the dry eye, and improved my night vision. Eye dr has not mentioned the cataracts in 5 years!

I still use warm compresses on my eyes any time the dry eye starts ( causes gunk in the eyes in the mornings ) Now i rarely get the gunk. AND i was so happy to note that my EYELASHES are SO THICK! Before there were places there were NONE growing at all.

After menopause I have hair loss at the front and sides of my head, overplucked brows and body hair loss. i wonder will it make genital hair regrow. Maybe i'll try it and see.

My story soo true ;) Comments By: unknown smartie on 2011-06-01
Ok so I pulled out literally every hair of my eyebrows with my fingers I look scary like with cancer or something and I've been through a lot I know exactly what ur supposed 2 do and I've pulled out my lashes too its wierd anyways it does work sooooo much in 2 weekd my bold spot eyebrows are full of hair also massage castor oil on ur eyelids and ur eyebrows keeps the blood flowin and starts working I guaranteeeeeeeeee!!!!! I have (bold) eye brows and I pulled every (root) believe it or not and the castor oil makes it all grow back one thing doesn't mean u take advantage of pulling them all again becuz u think its always going to grow back.
Be careful doing this! Comments By: Sammy on 2011-06-05
I used CO on my lashes and brows. I stated getting odd type of hair all over my eyelids. It was stiff/hard hair that was very un natural. Much coarser hair than normal. My eyelashes and eyebrows all fell out. That was 2 months ago. I still have no lashes & brows. I am so upset. Plus I have to keep plucking my eyelids.
Are you guys retarded? Comments By: DUH on 2011-06-12
Why won't you guys stop being so cheap? It's 2011! Go to Sephora and get yourself the REAL eyelash growth for 100$ that ACTUALLY works because I did. It's the safest way and I am no bullshitter so yes, I am telling you guys the truth.
THE TRUTH!! Comments By: Adriana on 2011-06-29
I was just reading the comments and nooo.... castor oil IS good!.
At first, they might fall or may appear to be thinner, but they will grow back thicker. I just used it for 2 months and i have wonderful results. i love castor oil and it is wonderful.
Apply it with a Q tip instead of your fingers, since your fingers might be too rough for the base of your eyelashes.

Castor oil works for most of people. Comments By: Dana on 2011-07-17
It does work for most people. But obviously not for everyone. You are supposed to use it at night and wash your face in the morning, if not been washed off i think is possible to make your eyelashes fall. Is a carrier oil that always works but you have to keep trying as we all have different kind of skin and hair.
It really works if is the right one, lots of people get fooled and buy the expensive refined one which is not good for you, you need pure cold pressed castor oil.

Eyelashes? eh. Eyebrows? YES!! Comments By: TheSilentPhotographer on 2011-08-17
It really depends on the person, but I fell into the "teenie tiny eyebrow" rave and plucked my eyebrows, even threaded them, to the point there was almost nothing there. I've been using Castor Oil on my eyebrows now for about 2 months. And honestly I saw results in a week. Now it wasn't HUGE, but definitely an improvement there. Now 2 months later I have nice, think, strong eyebrows that look fantastic. There's a small spot on my eyebrows that hasn't grown yet, but its not noticeable. I'm the kind of person who doesn't follow a routine well, so I'd end up skipping a day, to a week or two at a time. For eyebrows I do recommend keeping a routine the first few weeks, but then it doesn't matter. People claim your eyebrows will fall out if you stop, but that hasn't happened to me.

Every person is different, Castor Oil works for me, but someone else may need a top dollar product to gain regrowth.

I'm not sure if I would recommend this product for your lashes as entry to the eye is a given, and as others say, it can cause blindness, eye irritation, and puffiness.

Obviously it is your choice, but I would DEFINITELY recommend giving it a try on eyebrows, but not so much on lashes.

Okay TO EVERYONE Comments By: Jess on 2011-07-21
Castor oil does workand yes only for some people everyone is different and plus there are many different kinds of Castor oil ones with alcohol some with out all the nutritions some with flavoring you need the clean all natural cold pressed castor oil and if using it on the eyelashes please do it carefully using an old masscara brush and be patient EVERYONE is different okay ?
and remeber to clean the masscara brush after every use your eyes are really dellicute I remeber i used Vasline on the them my eyes got so puffed up the next morning so be carefull !!

I think the Olive Oil is great! I guess everybody is different Comments By: wafaa on 2011-07-24
I think the Olive Oil is great! I guess everybody is different
WOOOOO! Comments By: dianna.m on 2011-07-30
I've been using castor oil for a year now (on and off), and within the first month i saw results. Within the first 3 months, friends were noticing that my eyelashes have gotten longer and fuller. Obviously the results of castor oil vary on different people, however for girl who naturally had straight, shorter lashes..castor oil did wonders for me. not bad for a $3 drug store product. Spending alot of money on a high end product that may not even work on me is not my thing. TRY castor oil. I had no negative "side effects"
Castor oil does works! Comments By: Krystal on 2011-08-13
My eyelashes were short and thin and one day my hairdresser suggested me to use castor oil every night before going to bed.I tried it and a few months later I started seeing results. I have been using it for more than 10 years and my eyelashes are long and thick. Most of the people I know flatter my eyelashes.
Menopause Comments By: Eva on 2011-08-25
Has any post-menopause women tried the CO treatment and had success. My brows thinned substantially after mp.
Arrrgh! Comments By: Disgusted on 2011-09-01
Do any of you people speak English?!?!!?
ALL eyelash treatments contain castor oil Comments By: Vane on 2011-09-19
ok calm down pppllll alllllll lash growth serums have castor oil in it!! check for yourselves. thx

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