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Castor oil will thicken eyebrows & eyelashes

Submitted by kimberley

Castor oil applied to the eyelashes at bedtime three times a week, will thicken them and make them grow longer.

Visitors comments

castor oil will thicken eyelashes.... Comments By: Ashley Vangordor on 2005-03-09
This castor oil only made my eylashes fall out more. I do not recommend it at all. It'd be better if you tried vaseline.
not sure Comments By: 123 on 2005-03-18 trying this castor oil..and it has been probably 4 days and i noticed that my eylashes fell out too..but im not to still going to go with it for 3 weeks and see wat happens
works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2005-08-29
they fell out but grew back SO much thicker its works better than vasaline!!!!
Works for me!! Comments By: Kim on 2006-02-22
I learned this about 10 days ago, have applied it nightly and am seeing miraculous results! Now, I am researching it online to hear what others have to say.
Only for a few days... Comments By: Hi on 2006-12-23
I've had castor oil only for a couple bottom lashes are growing out longer and they're very noticeable. Also, out of sheer boredom I cut my eyelashes (I shouldn't have), and they've had an "evenness" to them but they're been remarkably longer and irregular shaped now, that's a positive thing! I'll probably post results after a few weeks.
Castor Oil and Myths Comments By: Olga Dereniti on 2007-04-04
I am Olga from Greece and a couple of months ago a friend of mine told me that castor oil makes eyelashes bigger.I bought a bottle and started using it and after 1 month I realised that my eyelashes had become straight and thin(much worse than they used to be).I immediately consulted a pharmacist and she told me that it is a myth that Castor Oil makes eyelashes bigger!On the contrary,it is a product that should not be used on eyes as it can cause even blindness.In addition,it can make eye wrinkles very intense especially if we use it regularly.So be careful girls,and never do what others say before taking first a specialist`s advice.
Castor oil Comments By: Mary on 2007-04-20
Please, never use Castor merely gives u the impression that eyelashes become thicker, but if u use it regularly, u will soon destroy your eyelashes. I made the mistake to use CO and my eyelashes r now thinner than before.
NO DOUBT THIS WORKS Comments By: Sarah on 2007-10-27
Castor Oil applied to the eyelashes nightly WILL amke them grow longer.
Some people will claim this is ridiculous, but they have neither tried it nor understand why it works.
The reason it works is that nearly nobody's eyelashes have grown to their maximum length and thickness. Castor oil just ensures that they grow all the way. My Outer lashes are now actually nearly a cm outside of my eyes to the left and to the right (Respectively for each eye) which means the whole look of my eyes is soooo much more improved and well from what people tell me.. 'sexy'. TRY IT. THIS WORKS.

Stay Away Comments By: Emmalina on 2007-12-08
I to fell into the trap that castor oil makes your eyeslashes longer and thinker but it is quite the contrary. My lashes were thin and fagile looking. I've noticed that when I just leave my lashes alone (no mascara, oil,or touching/pulling) they become so much more lovelier. STAY AWAY FROM CASTOR OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh ym god peopel Comments By: wants to know something to make my eyelashes grow! on 2008-01-28
get your story straight

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