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Get white teeth with bicarbonate of soda!!!

Submitted by Lorna

Add drops water to a table spoon of bicarbonate of soda to make a thick paste. Use this paste to brush your teeth. You will see instant results!!! However, only do this at most twice a week as it can make your gums sensitive. I think it's a great way to brighten up your smile instantly!!!

Visitors comments

Dont Do It! Comments By: Sam on 2004-09-07
It doent work. Also, It disolves your enamel so your more prone to tooth decay
IT'S GREAT!!!!!!! Comments By: Ellen Davis on 2004-10-25
it works well and instantly!!
i love it!!

Instant Results! Comments By: Amy on 2004-11-12
Your teeth feel great afterwards and you can see instant results, but the baking soda tastes horrible.
JUST TRIED IT!!! Comments By: HawainT on 2004-11-27
I like it... hehe prepare for AWSOME results and clean teeth... but the taste is AWFUL but worth it!!! ooo yeahhhh
It's ok... Comments By: Emily on 2004-12-21
I agree. I'd imagine it'd wear down teeth quite a bit. I think instead of putting it directly on your teeth, choose a toothpaste with baking soda in it.
ya Comments By: anon on 2005-08-29
or if you dont want to buys toothpaste with it then mix it with a teeth stregthening toothpaste
????? Comments By: beccA on 2006-03-23
Is baking soda the same as baking powder?
or are they different?

TipKing says. Baking soda is different from baking powder.

Can i use baking.. Comments By: Becca on 2006-03-25
Can i use baking powder instead of baking soda to whiten my teeth then?

TipKing says: No, it will not do anything.

Sensitive gums Comments By: Caps on 2007-12-05
My wife has sensitive gums. Do you think we should try the Bi-carb idea to whiten her teeth or is it likely to cause ptoblems. Thanks in advance.
Well.. Comments By: Alison on 2008-03-29
It works really well to make your teeth white. But I wouldn't do it unless you want decayed teeth and no enamel.
Lemon juice and toothpaste Comments By: Shayne Owen on 2008-06-26
Try adding a squeeze of lemon juice into a cup then swill around your mouth for approxamately 30 seconds spit it out into the sink to get rid of the germs and bacteria and then brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Also floss and brush regularly. I must say ive tried this and now i have a fit blonde as my girlfriend becauase of my pearly white smile :) Good Luck
Great Comments By: Luke'us Puscus on 2008-07-08
Great although i think you only notice a difference if you have badly discoloured teeth....i just tried it and although it tastes bad...i can see a slight change...the top of each tooth is slightly whiter =)
Bad. Comments By: Dr.Penski on 2008-10-03
I consulted my dentist on this; and he told me it will give me really bad decay and it only works if you use it for over a month. People think they see a difference but they are only imagining it because thats what they want to see. Also i tried this and does NOT work at all.!
i need to make my teeth a bit whiter Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-11
i need sum advice on whether i shud make my teeth whiter with the bicarbonate of soda coz i dnt want 2 make them even worse tht wud be a nite mare so plz giv me sum advice whether i shud or tht i shudnt use it thanx
mmm Comments By: hi on 2009-05-31
does it actually work because i want whiter teeth but iam worried if it weakends my enamal???
doesnt work Comments By: amy on 2009-06-27
this doesnt work at all it tastes horrible too and there is no difference
:o Comments By: Marie on 2009-09-13
I Hadd Gum Disease When I Was Little And Thought i Would try This So I Did It Once Every 2 Months So I Wudnt Weaken My Enamel And My Teeth Have Never Been Whiter!!
Its The Best Product Andd ( Cheap )

Try it Comments By: Lisa on 2009-10-01
My family and I have been doing this for years it work very well you should try not to use it more that once a week/fortnight, always brush before and after using and try to avoid the gum line as it can make it a little sensitive for a few days.
A TIP for the taste, put a few drops of peppermint food flavourings into the soda, I prefer almond but it really helps

IT WORKS Comments By: tim on 2009-10-31
well, it works. very very well. i was reluctant to try it due to all the people who said it didnt work, and so i did some more research. it would take QUITE a bit of baking soda to destroy your teeth enamel completely, months of repitition which i doubt anyone would put themselves through anyway. i used it four times in a 20 day period, once every five days. my teeth whitened by at least two shades.
i didnt work Comments By: jack on 2009-11-07
i tryed it but i didnt work i done 1 table spoon and little bit of water to make it thik but it just didnt work so dont try it
Works amazingly Comments By: Mt Azee on 2009-11-25
As a heavy coffeee drinker and long term smoker, my teeth have been somewhat unattractive for the last 3-4 years. I've tried everything available on store shelves and wielded little to no results. I was very wary about trying bicarb of soda as I know it will over time damage your teeth, but i finally took the plunge and am SOOOOOO happy i did. Within 2 minutes of brushing, my teeth started shining a nice pale white colour that I haven't seen my teeth look like in so long. I use once a fortnight now, just to keep my teeth white from the damage the coffee and smoking normally causes. Great, cheap and efficient quick solution :)
It works! Comments By: Drew on 2009-12-18
It worked wonders! I also crused a polo into mix!
your teeth will fall out Comments By: Dr Christian Sheen on 2010-02-08
Listen to me im a dentist and im telling you if you brush your teeth with bicarb your gums will receed and your teeth will fall out. I am fed up with idiots asking if this works,it doesent,you wouldnt brush your teeth with sand would you?,if you do this you are mad!
Im Trying Comments By: Peter Bradley on 2010-02-22
I was told on yahoo that you should get 1/4 of a cup full of water and add half teaspoon of bicarb and i tried it a min ago for my first time , i havent seen no difvference yet lol but i hope i will should i try the half tea spoon and a couple of droplets to make the thick past or the yahoo answer ?? , i smoke frequently and realy want to make my teeth as white as my dentists apron :D
not an every day thing Comments By: sara on 2010-03-27
use it 2/3 times a week.when i started using it i was doing it everyday,after the 4th day my gums started to tingle a does whiten your teeth but could damage the gums if used every day.make sure you dilute with water into a paste first.i still use it but only 2/3 times a weak,i dilute into a paste then add a little of my reg toothpaste,im a smoker and a fan of coffee, my teeth were quite yellowish,after the first few times i saw a huge change,my teeth are now a nice white colour,not afraid to smile any more.give it a will see a change after the 2nd time
I have seen the proof Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-31
I met an American woman and have never seen such brilliant white healthy looking teeth. Immediately I commented on them and said 'Do all of you get your teeth done'? She said she had not been to a dentist in 7 years until recently, he told her her teeth were fine and whatever she had been doing to keep it up. She cleans with bicarbonate of soda it one every fortnight. I tried it and my gums bled, went white and shrivelled up, bit scary and left me with a wierd feeling in mouth now. Will this undo all my sensitive toothpaste cleaning?
Id rather not Comments By: Jade on 2010-03-31
Honestly.. I think that you should just brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. My teeth are really white and thats what i do, and i smoke x
Really, really works! Comments By: G on 2010-05-23
Incredible! As a smoker, I sometimes look in the mirror, take one look at my teeth and go 'errgh'. I tried bicarbonate of soda on my teeth ONCE - brushed for about 30-60 seconds and they're now off white, instead of the deep yellow they were before!! Thank you for the tip, I may try it with some peroxide next time :)
Bicarbonate of soda Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-27
bicarbonate of soda is actually less abrasive then most leading toothpastes (it does less damage to enamel then colgate etc). Just leave it for about 20 seconds on a toothbrush before use and rinse well after use (water reacts to neutralise it, the reason you want this to happen is it will leave a very dry feeling on gums, tongue etc).

its a very good to whiten teeth with, ask your grandparents, they prob' used this method most of their lives or used this instead of toothpaste as children due to cost.

yes bi-carb of soda is an abrasive, and can be good to clean off grease on stoves etc, but it is less so on enamel, which is why its a good use for cleaning your sinks and baths with.

I used it for 6 months Comments By: Kerry on 2010-06-30
I used it for 6 months twice a day and my bottom teeth that were fine before I used it, one has just rotted away, a lump has just dropped off. I put my tooth brush in it and scrubbed them with it thinking they would turn nice and white, tastes foul but I thought it would be worth it, take my advice never use it because it does rot your teeth.
It works and ... Comments By: josiah on 2010-07-22
Its important to use PURE bicarbonate of soda NOT baking powder. Baking powder contains tartaric and sometimes other acids along with bicarbonate of soda. Long term use of baking powder can erode enamel. Bicarbonate of soda alone is what you need.
works 4 some Comments By: kerrie tyson on 2010-07-23
i had a brace and my teeth were white when they got taken off.. but after six months they started turning yellow i use a toothpaste with the bakin soda in and brush my teeth twice a day with it and i also use bakin soda on a toothbrush before i use the toothpaste my teeth are gettin whiter by the day.
i don't know if i should do it!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-23
Lots of people say it works gr8 some say it rots away your teeth,i just want my teeth to be healthy and white...what should i do?????
I just used it Comments By: Sarah on 2010-10-08
Well I just used it and there is a little bit of difference, they have gone more whiter but as the people say after the second try it will show even more difference. I do recommend it to you guys and so far my teeth are fine. Im going to use it once a week and that is every friday. So give it a try you never know what it does till you try.
honestly? Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-01
Do not do this. I read about it and started trying it a 2 months ago. I already had great teeth, just wanted them a little brighter. My dentist and I couldn't figure out the reason for the sudden softening of enamel and need for 4 fillings until I asked about this. Big regret.
Awesome but ........... Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-20
This worked but i made a remedy up myself thats really good ! all you do is get some toothpaste and cover you teeth in the toothpasste then get a bit of mouthwash a gurgle it for 2min (with toothpaste on teeth) then spit and use your tooth brush to take of remaining toothpaste and then BOOM white teeth !!
Good Comments By: hay on 2011-03-04
Its AMAZING.... works so well, tastes bad but is so easy to use. after i use it i make sure i clean my teeth again but with normal toothpaste just so it tastes better :)
Any Change at first brush? Comments By: flavio on 2011-03-07
Alright it is my first time ever using a bicarbonate soda as my tooth paste so i did use it and i havent seen a change in color by like a bit and i felt a bit of gum pain , all i did was i dipped 4 drops of water on to a spoon and bicarbonate soda so it dissovles into a thick paste , i wonder if iam doing it in a right way or not. Or will the result show after a monnth or so? . thanks!.
Crazy to risk it! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-08
I'm sorry but I don't understand why you would risk this? Dentists say how bad it is for your teeth. You only get one set. Grandparents may have used it, but most of them now have false teeth... Either use toothpaste with it in or go to your dentist for recommendations!
Dont use it!!! Comments By: anom on 2011-03-20
okay yes it works, but its really bad for your teeth! after just 2 weeks of using it my teeth are starting to decay so im back to using toothpaste! really dont use it!!!
listen listen Comments By: anon on 2011-03-22
I want to try this. BUT I dont think anyone should risk it and lets face it it is a RISK.!!!!! If you want to whiten your teeth then go to the dentist or look on the internet there are some really good deals on tooth whitening treatments.
Nothing happened Comments By: Gaucho on 2011-03-23
3 weeks of brushing my teeth with Bicarbonate of soda i can barely see any difference :/ , i mostly brush my teeth with Bicarbonate of soda and tooth paste , and my teeth hasnt changed at all :/ any idea please hlp me!
it's fine for your teeth Comments By: maggie on 2011-03-25
using baking soda with a soft bristle toothbrush and then rinsing with hydrogen peroxide is FINE for your teeth. super hard scrubbing is NOT good for your teeth, no matter what is on the toothbrush. just remember, that neither soda nor peroxide contain sodium fluoride -- which is what fluoride toothpaste contains. sodium fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel which helps to prevent tooth decay.
wag1 Comments By: safia kahn on 2011-04-05
ahhhh my gums hurt. But atleast i got whiter teeh lol :)
Im not even mad this is awesome Comments By: Garrison Ness on 2011-04-11
yes it works. its an ingrediant in tooth paste. so DO IT UP!!!
its ok Comments By: lydia kirk on 2011-04-23
it made my teeth bleed quite a bit but after it i could see a wee bit of a difference.After all beauty costs!

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