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Sleeping Beauty. Tips for sleep and acne

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Try putting acne cream on your face at night with more than usual amount so that you know more medications is going to that spot and help fight it before you go to bed. Try not to let your face touch your pillow b/c your hair has a lot of grease in it and if you put your face on the pillow, it just make ur face worse.

More sleep for you the better(8hrs+) and try not to be stressful(RELAX!!!!!!!).Avoid the sun unless you have sunscreen!!!!!

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Good idea Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
Your idea is good. Depending on the acne treatment, a lot of them tend to dry out skin, especially if you put on more then the usual amount. It will dry out the skin and cause your oil glands to produce more oil which will make you break out. It is generally a good idea though, and it should work. Again depending on the acne treatment.
ya Comments By: anon on 2005-08-29
yea i put topical acne gel on before i go to sleep except i wait til it is almost dry and put a mousterizer on it my face looks great !!

It works Comments By: Gina on 2005-09-27
It really works for me! I was very happy with the results!

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