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Lip gloss. Make petrollium Jelly lip gloss

Submitted by Rachel

Buy Petrollium jelly from the dollar store (usually a dollar for a big container)and put 2 tablespoons of Petrollium jelly in a microwavable container. Melt it until it is really soft, but not all the way liquid.

Next, put how ever much color of kool-aid mix and mix it together until it is smooth. Wait for it to cool and dry solid and badda bing badda boom!

Never heard of kool-aid?

Visitors comments

Ghettofabulous Comments By: Been there, done that on 2005-04-08
Ghetto lipgloss. works wonders.
You can also use eye shadow to mix with the vaseline Comments By: Shannon on 2005-04-22
use eye shadow in the vaseline to make cool pearlescent colors,and you can add vanilla extract to make it scented and flavored,mint extract to have sweet breath.
Glitter if you are feeling creative too.

Not expensive Comments By: Candace on 2005-06-20
You can do the same with vegtable shortning
Super Cheep Comments By: RoadRunningVixen on 2005-08-20
VERY GHETTO. But I'll try it anyway. I always keep vaseline around and koolaid is like a quarter. Cheeper than paying 8 bux for a tube.

YES! Comments By: DB on 2010-01-11

Honestly, my lips can't handle anything other than vaseline because normal lip gloss and chapsticks dry them out after 1 day of using 'em.

I've had to ban lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick from my makeup collection because of this...so now I know a way to use vaseline with color!

Love it, Haven't tried it with kool aid yet but I'm really excited to!

stupid Comments By: shereen on 2010-04-02
what on earth is a koolaid? i cant find it anywhere in stores they all say they havent heard of it, please dont make up ingredients!

TipKing says: It is a US drink


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