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Liquid Eyeliner better than regular eye pencil

Submitted by Meera

It's better to use liquid eyeliner than the regular eye pencil. Prestige is what I use and it works really well. I bought it like a year and some months ago and it still didn't run out yet (I use it everyday!).

The color is more visible and it will last really long until you wash it off. It's really easy to wash it off too.

Visitors comments

I agree Comments By: Terry on 2005-04-08
I agree but in my opinion If you are just going to line the bottom part of your eyes you should use regular eyeliner.
Been doing it years Comments By: Amy on 2005-05-15
I agree..I have been using liquid since I was 14 and Im now 26. Its even better when you put the liquid black on top and then over it use a reg black liner stick...makes the eyeliner last longer and gives u a more sexy bedroom eye look!
Liquid is definately the way to go Comments By: Lisa on 2005-06-04
I have been using liquid eyeliner since i was 15 years old and now I am 31. I use liquid on top and bottom and have never used a stick. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes and my make-up everyday, I normally use expensive make-up, but the best liquid eyeliner I found was Artmatic, I found it in a dollar store in Philadelphia, I can't get it wheere I live now so I use the new one from WetN-Wild, which is like $2. Maybelline makes a waterproof one that works good if you are going swimming, but the brush is not long and thin like the one I use, so I use a different brush to apply it.
agreeable Comments By: Holly on 2005-07-24
Yes, i love liquid eyeliner also. I just recently just bought some and i like it way more than an eye pencil. and yea, it draws more dramaticification to your eyes.
Fantastic Eye Liner Comments By: Wendy on 2006-08-19
Have been using it for 10 years (here in Australia) unfortunately can't find a local distributor - any suggestions?
Try a gel, I love it !! Comments By: Vicki on 2007-01-30
I sell Avon and they have both liquid & pencils, of course, but they came out with a
gel (which isn't really a gel, it quite hard). It's called Daring Definitions, give it a try !! Buy the brush also, it's great for this product, and it stays on for hours !

mark Comments By: candice on 2008-03-18
omg i do Mark and they have wonderful eyeliners and mascaras and i love love love them..
if you would like to order something..im right here...or any other questions on makeup

VerY tRuE Comments By: mS. maKe uP on 2009-01-24
Its true that liquid liner stays on.. BUT it takes practice b4 u master the applying it part.. For the bottom lid I always use pencil its easier n less messy.. A lil hint.. If u put a lil heat on ur pencil b4 applying, the color comes out more smooth and vivid.. By a lil heat I mean a sec or 2.. NOMORE then that.. Does miracles and hey its easier then liquid!

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