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Warts and potassium

Submitted by Debbie M

I have been plagued with warts for 9 years, tried every remedy possible. Have recently used the duct tape method which worked quite well but still did not completely clear them up. My husband recently purchased a water filter kettle and since drinking the filtered water have discovered that the warts have just disappeared. Apparently the filters contain small amounts of potassium and I read somewhere that warts are a problem because of this mineral deficiency.

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Is this true Comments By: Marie on 2005-08-04
Is warts due to a deficiency in potassium? Where's the backup facts that this statement is true?

A family member suffers from warts continuously on his hands. What is a remedy with the highest success rating. I know he wouldn't mine trying all of the remedies to find a cure, but to save time; which remedies work the best?

True Comments By: Happy Again on 2007-04-01
I've been suffering with a wart on my nose for about a year and a half. It's horribly. I also read about a potassium deficiency will cause warts.
I started drinking vinegar and honey tea daily and it went away. I tried everything possible prior with no results but scarred skin around the wart. Try it.

help about warts Comments By: george on 2009-08-26
im only 10 years old and have had 3 warts on my thumb or about a year and i have tryed loads of these methods so can somone please tell me what is a painless way to get rid o warts with house-hold products and wont blister?
Banana's... Comments By: Banana Man on 2010-01-21
Banana's are incrediblely high in Potassium, rub the inside of the skin and leave it over night, within a week... all gone

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