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Burns. Treating a burn with potato

Submitted by Barry Walters

Take a potatoe cut it in 1/2 then get a spoon and scrape the cut side with your spoon until you get enough to cover your burn. This works great. It was done for me by a 90 year old lady and I can tell you see knew her home remedies.

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who ever thought Comments By: am on 2004-11-09
I burned my finger a couple of hours ago while cooking stir-fry. My ice pack finally melted and I was ready to go to sleep, but my finger started to throb. I tried toothpaste to no avail, and since I'm a poor college student I didn't have the makings of many of the remedies. Fortunately, I did have a potato, and so far so good. It still hurts a little, but the throbing is gone.
mash the raw potato Comments By: acvaughn on 2009-07-05
You have to put the potato through the food chopper and mash it into a paste. Holding a raw potato just isn't as good. My hand still hurts but it doesn't throb, the pain is manageable. Thank you for sharing this remedy.
Yep, potato works! Comments By: Rob on 2009-07-08
How 'bout that! Nearly boiling soup spilled on girlfriend's thumb: After cold water for 2-3 mins, then tried toothpaste: it worked, but only for a few minutes, then stinging complaints. Applied scraped raw potato: reduced pain "80%" immediately, and pain continued to subside... still working after 20 mins. Now, potato rinsed off and no more pain (30 mins and counting)
Hot Food Sore Lips Comments By: AJ on 2009-12-26
I was eating a hot pocket and the sauce fell on my lip and chin. I tried water then mustard and finally the potatoe. While the mustard helped it was a real mess and I wasn't thrilled at the idea of yellow lips for 2 or 3 days. The scrapped potatoe worked wonders. It was easy to form to the weird burn pattern and it stayed cooler much longer than the mustard.
no scar Comments By: sha on 2010-05-03
i scar pretty easy but after i had put the potatoes on my stomache, burn area, i started applying cocoa butter daily and often and it looks as if i was never burnt. im positive it was the potatoes because ive been burnt before and just used cocoa butter and the scars remain.

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